Dolphins didn’t leak new logo during Hartline signing

A photo is making the rounds of a conference table at which receiver Brian Hartline sat last night while signing his new six-year, $30.775 million contract.

The image shows a portion of what many believe to be the team’s new logo.

It isn’t.  It’s the old logo.  The Dolphins have sent an image of the table.

And why, you ask, are we taking the time to post this?  First, it only took a few minutes.  (Coffee makes me type fast.)  Second, I’ve received at least 50 emails this morning asking about the new logo contained in the Hartline photo.

26 responses to “Dolphins didn’t leak new logo during Hartline signing

  1. I’m surprised you haven’t changed your email since you got all big and famous. At least you got a (slightly) better haircut.

  2. Aren’t fans usually a little excited to see their team’s new logo/uniforms? I mean, there was an article on here earlier about Darrelle Revis running on a treadmill. I don’t see how this is any more superfluous than that.

  3. Boy, talk about jonesin’ for football. When a logo merits excitement from fans that miss seeing their team play. I, too, can’t wait for the season to start.

  4. Ah, the slow time between the Combine and the start of free agency… we are so desperate for anything NFL we will analyze every photo, tweet and e-mail for hidden signs and meanings!

  5. You’d have to be legally blind to not see that’s the last logo they’ve been using.

    I’m curious, what about the logo in this photo looks new? And if you say there is an extra point in the sun or more shading in the tail, I’ll find you & smack you.

  6. Well, the Jags just changed their logo and I’m still trying to figure out what exactly they changed, so maybe the old logo is the new logo.

  7. C’mon Dolphins! I’ve been on the edge of my seat for weeks now waiting to catch a glimpse of the new logo. Let’s do this!


  8. The tail goes behind the sun for some reason. The fact that the Dolphins responded by sending a picture of the entire table proves its not the new logo, but it’s different from the current logo too.

  9. So, let’s see…..this story is about a “maybe” logo that cant be published, and isnt a new logo, but the old logo. Wow! there is a Pulitzer waiting for you on this one.

  10. Makes no sense to have that “fish” wearing a hat; it doesn’t even fit right and it’s covering his blowhole. I’d lose the helmet and put him in a nice jersey and pads with some nice football pants– oh wait, he doesn’t have shoulders, or legs for that matter. Never mind.

  11. Only Dolphin Fans know the Mammal is jumping in front of the Sun… It is not diving through a Ring of Fire ( hence the tail behind the ring) LOL…. I just pointed this out to 2 diehard know every stat rabid NFL fans and they didn’t know this. As a Fins fan for over 40 years, all I want is a more modern version, but nothing over the top or too SeaWorldish… Add some Navy highlights and maybe alternative Helmet in Aqua/Teal. I have seen many High School Dolphin mascot stuff and it can go horribly wrong…

  12. And why, you ask, are we taking the time to post this? First, it only took a few minutes. (Coffee makes me type fast.)


    Coffee makes you able to write 99 words…in a few minutes? That’s 33 words per minute at best. That’s not fast. At all.

  13. The photo PFT posted above was not the one going around the Internet this morning people were speculating about. If it was, there wouldn’t have been any doubt.

    The photo going around this morning was a low-angle shot of Hartline signing his new contract on that table. You could only barely see the Dolphin tail in the picture.

    Don’t worry – I don’t think this is really newsworthy either.

  14. Maybe the Islanders will loan you the use of the Morten’s Fisherman for you new Miami logo…

    …There. You’re welcome.

  15. … so you delete even the sincere compliments from me now? lol

    someone around there has ABSOLUTELY no sense of perspective … or humor either, for that matter.

    & Joe Flacco simply looks like Oscar the Grouch … you can’t say he doesn’t!

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