Dunta Robinson agrees to deal with Chiefs

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An hour before the deadline for legal tampering, we have a deal that could have been done a week ago.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Chiefs have agreed to a three-year deal with former Falcons cornerback Dunta Robinson.

Robinson was able to deal now since he was released by the Falcons, whereas unrestricted free agents whose agents can be dealt with tonight have to wait until Tuesday.

It’s probably smart for Robinson to get a deal in now, with veteran cornerbacks moving away from jobs faster than toward them Friday.

It also continues an aggressive offseason for the Chiefs, who have to wait until Tuesday for their Alex Smith deal to be finalized, but have re-signed wide receiver Dwayne Bowe and franchised left tackle Branden Albert.

34 responses to “Dunta Robinson agrees to deal with Chiefs

  1. Good addition! I think he can help our secondary, he can find the ball. Hes a former first round pick 10th overall in 2004 by Houston. He does walk the lines a bit with a couple of fines on Eagles receivers for illegal hits, got Reids attention! His age scares me a little at 30, but I think hes got a couple more years in him.

  2. I love the move now we just need 2 more spots to fill on defense ; de nd run stuffing lb tht can stop the run nd can can cover excited for next year i really am

  3. with this offseason the chiefs will move into 2nd place and my raiders will be left to battle it out with the dolts for 3rd haha remember when the “experts” always said the chargers had the most talent year after year now they are going to be the worst team in the worst division and that silence you hear is front running chargers fans going back to not caring

  4. So the start of the new ‘Dream Team’ begins. Best of wishes to the Chiefs and Andy Reid. I am sure you will do a lot better in 2013 and hopefully make the playoffs.

  5. Reid has nowhere to go but up with the Chiefs, they where 2-14 last year. if your a RB you don’t want to be in KC. Reis runs the 70/30 split west coast offense.

  6. Robinson isn’t bad…just don’t expect anymore than 2-3 picks and he’s gonna get burned here and there, and he rarely defends passes, and he did allow the 4th most yardage by any CB in the league last year…..wait he’s pretty bad.

  7. Will you idiots cut it with the “dream team” nonsense?

    Reid signs one free agent and all of the sudden he’s trying to rebuild the “dream team”? Do you guys have any idea how stupid you sound?

  8. Excuse me, but we Bills fans are appalled you are calling them dream team part 2. It’s part 3. We would like a little credit over here for also being able to haul the big names in the offseason and crap the bed during the real one thank you very much!

  9. slickster35 says: Mar 9, 2013 12:22 AM

    Ok Falcon fans. Does he have anything left?

    He may have a lot of wear on the tires but that is offset by the veteran experience he brings to the table. I think its a good move…

  10. As a Die Hard Chiefs Fan, I must say I Love This Move! I Love what John Dorsey and Andy Reid are doing. They aren’t looking to rebuild, they want to Win. Go Chiefs!

  11. Gotta love all the Philly fans dawging every move KC makes. Ran a great coach out of town & now have a college coach they hope can figure out how to coach in the NFL! Keep flapping your jaws Philly fans, we had to put up with a lot worse listening to Pioli’s crap….

  12. Never quite as good as his rep, but not a terrible player….you assume that Reid is quite familiar with him and feels that he can put him in position to contribute, I.e., keep him in zone coverage….

  13. I like Dunta, he never lived up to the money that the Falcons paid for him. Great guy in the locker room and a hard hitter. He does get burned a lot but he also can make a hit that can change momentum. I wish Dunta all the luck in the world.

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