Ex-WWE wrestler Andy Leavine works out for NFL scouts

Hall of Fame coach George Allen once considered asking Andre the Giant to try out for the Redskins. That idea never went anywhere, but another pro wrestler is now trying to get a shot in the NFL.

Alex Marvez of FOXSports.com reports that Andy Leavine, who won the WWE’s Tough Enough reality show in 2011, participated in Florida International University’s Pro Day workout on Thursday.

The 6-foot-4, 307-pound Leavine was a left tackle at Florida International from 2006 to 2009 and spent some time in training camp with the Dolphins in 2010. After the Dolphins cut him he decided to try his hand at pro wrestling, and although he had some success in the squared circle, he was released from the WWE in 2012. That’s when he decided to get back into football shape.

“I haven’t played for three years but I know what I can do athletically,” Leavine said. “I know if you put me in front of somebody I can tear them apart. I’ve still got it in me. You never know what door is going to open when one closes. We’ll see what happens.”

If Leavine wasn’t good enough to make an NFL roster in 2010, three years away from the game probably didn’t get him any more ready to play in the pros. But there’s a long tradition of NFL players transitioning into pro wrestling, from Bronko Nagurski to Bill Goldberg. Maybe Leavine can make it work in the opposite direction.

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  1. Let’s not forget Reggie White who teamed with Kevin Greene in the 90’s against the Four Horsemen I think.

  2. Manny Fernandez went from being the REAL Super Bowl MVP to a great pro wrestler.

    I’m not sure it can work the other way around.

  3. This article fails to mention that part of the reason he was released from the WWE was because of a “Wellness Policy Violation”.

    aka a failed drug test.

  4. Lesnar never played football before though (maybe HS or lower but never college), at least Leavin played in college and isn’t too far removed. He has a much better chance than that chick that tried to be a kicker

  5. Gotta love people mentioning Brock Lesnar as a reason for this guy failing.
    Lesnar had never played football before trying out for the Vikes, at least this guy played college ball and was decent enough to have made an NFL camp.
    Saying that, the guy didn’t make it back then and based on how stiff and clumsy he looked on Tough Enough it’s very doubtful he gets any calls after this workout.

  6. Lesnar was at least 25X the athlete as this dude and he couldn’t crack the Vikes squad… Good luck with that one Andy

  7. Wahoo McDaniel
    Golden Richards
    Ernie Ladd

    Just to name a few of those who made a decent transition from the NFL to “pro” wrestling. But, I would imagine that are tons of “couldn’t cut its” as well, like;

    Kevin Greene
    Steve McMichaels

    Really too many to name.

  8. logicalvoicesays says:Mar 8, 2013 4:29 PM

    I bet he won’t be “Tough Enough.” He has ZERO charisma and a big stiff. In other words, the Cowboys, Eagles and Giants are on the phone.

    Andy is a perfect fit for the Redskins. I mean being you have cap issues he would be a cheap pick up 😉

  9. goldrush36 says:Mar 8, 2013 4:48 PM

    Lesnar was at least 25X the athlete as this dude and he couldn’t crack the Vikes squad… Good luck with that one Andy

    Funny thing is he then became a UFC champion. two different sports… Lesnar could crush any vikings player in a real fight no questions asked but in a game of football he just couldnt keep up.

  10. Just to clarify, the Manny Fernandez that nearly won the MVP in the Super Bowl with the Dolphins was not the same guy who wrestled as the Raging Bull Manny Fernandez. Of course, there were times that wrestling would have liked you to think they were the same person.

  11. I’m a WWE fan but this guy couldn’t even cut it in a business where the action is choreographed and the outcome predetermined. I don’t like his odds in the NFL.

  12. Considering his drug issues, and the fact he only won the “reality show” he was on because the other guy (although massively more talented all around) was a complete prick, he’ll likely go nowhere. Much like his WWE dream, this too will likely end up with him using meth in the Tampa Bay area again shortly.

  13. He’d better pack a foreign object or two and look for a coach who’s good at distracting the refs.

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