Get ready to stay up late

Yes, free agency technically opens on Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. ET.

But with the league opening a three-day tampering window as of Saturday at midnight, free agency begins soon.

We’re not quite sure what to expect, so we plan to stay up late and monitor the text messages and emails and tweets and other reports and information for evidence of teams talking to agents about players who will be free to sign elsewhere on Tuesday.

The challenge will be to separate fact from fiction.  Some agents will be tempted to put out false (or at a minimum embellished) information about negotiations with a team in order to generate interest elsewhere.  Some teams will be tempted to engage an agent for one player in negotiations publicly, in the hopes of concealing the talks with another.

Regardless, since the NFL is an industry where most of the participants work at full capacity because they assume everyone else is, we plan to be at full capacity tonight under the assumption that the news will be flowing.

We hope you’ll fire up the coffee pot and join us.  Unless you’re not curious about where these players may sign.

14 responses to “Get ready to stay up late

  1. I doubt the 49ers (or most teams) make any big splash signings. I just want to see this ridiculous Alex Smith trade go through and I don’t believe that will require staying up late.

    Time to rest up, after all we’ll be losing an hour this weekend!

  2. We hope you’ll fire up the coffee pot and join us. Unless you’re not curious about where these players may sign.


    Or we could just wake up tomorrow and see the same thing.

  3. This annual “free agency extravaganza” is a very over rated time in the sense that the best acquisitions are rarely the ones talked about. No good teams year in and year out depend on “big splashes” Most of the talked about moves are overpaid signings that turn out to be bad and many you don’t ever mention turn out to be the best for that team. For example, the Ravens best pickup last year was without a doubt cornerback Corey Graham based not off of his name but based off his all around contributions all while making 3 mill. When’s the last time you’ve seen good teams year in and year out make “the big splash”?

  4. I am a Charger fan. It doesn’t really matter what they do (if anything), they are bound to screw it up anyway.

    I was hoping they would put old “noodle” arm on the block and go in full rebuild mode. Maybe fleece a team like the Jets out of two first rounders. That most likely won’t happen. I can sneeze farther than he can throw.

    I hope you guys are on the ball when it comes to player moves. No running out for milk, because old wifeypoo asks you to go.

  5. Already going to lose an hour due to daylight savings combined with having to work Sunday morning means this man will be getting ready for work watching the NFL channel to see the big news if there even is anything!

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