Jason Campbell’s star rises, sort of

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With Matt Moore staying in Miami, the crop of free-agent quarterbacks quickly got crappy.


Advantage Jason Campbell.  The former Redskins and Raiders starter who backed up Jay Cutler in 2012 with the Bears is expected to generate increased interest, thanks to a bad market.

Hurting Campbell is the fact that, when he played last year for Cutler, Campbell didn’t play very well.  But his body of work will get him a chance to continue his career as a backup, with a chance to play if the starter is either hurt or horrible.

With the Vikings hoping to find a new backup quarterback quickly, Campbell could be a possibility.

Insert “but they already have a backup named Chrisian Ponder” crack here.

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  1. This guy is a joke. To think I wasted years in my life hoping this guy would stop throwing Checkdowns and become something more than mediocre. What RGIII did this past year trump’s Campbell’s entire career.

  2. did you watch the 49ers game? They tee’d off on him. Yea, that O-line was bad. But, he still stood there and took it. Didn’t get rid of the ball. Didn’t move it either.

  3. He would fit Haley’s Offense perfectly..and we all know Big Ben will always miss a game or 3

  4. Campbell will have a good chance of getting on the field if he backs up Ponder. The Vikings just might be the best spot for him.

  5. 808raiderinparadise says:
    Mar 8, 2013 4:03 PM
    What do you call when Tebow has a thought? ….

    A Chrsitian Ponder

    That was funny back when Florida played Florida State.

  6. Most Texans fans wish the Texans would not have extended Matt Schaub’s contract last summer so he could hit the free agent market. Under the non-exclusive franchise tag with the need for a quarterback in Arizona, Buffalo, Cleveland, Tampa Bay and Kansas City before the Alex Smith trade means one of these teams would have traded for Matt Schaub.
    I guess Rick Smith needs two more years to find out what I already know, you will go further without Matt Schaub than you will with him as your starting quarterback.

  7. hey gossip girl, was it necessary to take a shot at Ponder like that?… you could try spelling his name right at least. you dont know anything about football, leave the opinion out of your reporting

  8. calibear831 says: Mar 8, 2013 4:17 PM

    Did everyone forget his run in Oakland? ?! He was doing good until he got injured
    He had his moments, but he really struggled throwing deep, and he made some incredible mental errors. I hate to bash him, because he carried himself well, but he’s just not a guy that will win games with his arm or his head.

  9. did you watch the 49ers game? They tee’d off on him. Yea, that O-line was bad. But, he still stood there and took it. Didn’t get rid of the ball. Didn’t move it either
    He also got hurt in 4 quarters.

    Meanwhile, Cutler is somehow still alive after 4 years of that and has managed a winning record.

    That’s for all you “Quitler” haters.

  10. He played well in OAK because he checked down like a mofo and had DMC leading the league in rushing until they both went down with season ending injuries.

  11. Year 1 in Oakland Campbell was awful. Gradkowski was clearly better but kept getting hurt.

    Year 2 he played much better those first 6 games. I credit Hue Jackson for coaching him up and getting the most out of him. He was even throwing the occasional non-checkdown pass from time to time.

  12. Ponder had 6 games last season where he threw for less than 132 yards. McNabb only had one game where he threw for less than 132 yards.

    Perhaps the Vikings should consider just bringing in the best available QB talent they can find, and quit worrying about how it will affect Ponder’s self esteem.

  13. Locker, Ponder, Tannehill, Kolb, Sanchez, Gabbert all have homes and Canmpbell can’t play? Some of you really know talent when you see it

  14. I’d rather have Brad Johnson, Todd Bouwman, or Jeff George as a back up than Campbell. Hell even Dante “can only read a double coverage defense” Culpepper would be better.

  15. Campbell just isn’t very good. I saw most of his games for the Raiders and the best I can say about him is that he probably won’t lose you many games. But, he’s not gonna win you many either.
    He only sees half the field in any given play, has absolutely no sideline or deep ball, and doesn’t seem to be able to anticipate an open receiver.
    Check down to the running back or tight end is his specialty.
    Will always be a backup. And judging by last year, not a great one.

  16. Won’t win u a game, and usually won’t lose u one… Backup is where he belongs… Check downs and hand offs are all u can expect

  17. I think the biggest problem was that when Campbell took the field the rest of the Bears team didn’t realize their QBs could throw to anyone except Brandon Marshall.

  18. @jwcarlson:

    By ‘anyone except Brandon Marshall,’ you mean guys like Kellen Davis and Devin Hester, right?

    As for Captain Checkdown, he doesn’t ever throw downfield, so Marshall was not an option for him.

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