Lions bringing Louis Delmas in today for a physical


The clock is ticking on teams to have exclusive access to their own players, and it looks like the Lions are trying to take advantage.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Lions are flying safety Louis Delmas in today for a physical.

Given that Delmas has played for them for four years, and he’s about to be a free agent, it doesn’t take much dot-connecting to think something could be happening for him before the deadline.

Delmas makes a difference for the Lions when he’s well, but he hasn’t been lately, missing eight games last year and five in 2011 with knee problems.

11 responses to “Lions bringing Louis Delmas in today for a physical

  1. this is good for the Lions, if Delmas is healthy and with the deep safety market, they could add another impact player there and not be unbelievably awful in the secondary, just “not that good” which is quite an improvement.

  2. I say sign him to a cheap conditional contract (if healthy), cause you can tell the secondary is different with him on the field. In addition, sign or draft another guy to fill his shoes if he’s injured.

  3. This should obviously come as no surprise. While Delmas has been a great player for us, he is becoming a liability- in much of the same way as Jahvid was last year. Our coaching staff was still clinging to hope that at some point in the year Jahvid would be cleared and we would get our explosive runner back. We all know how that ended up.

    There is no question the defense is better with Delmas, but thats exactly the problem. There have been far too many games in the last two years (13, as the article points out) where Delmas has rode the bench with knee problems. That’s almost an entire season of not having him around to improve the defense. And with a faltering Lions team coming off a disappointing season, they won’t be keeping players around that can’t contribute without some sort of conditional provision for staying healthy. That’s all this here is.

    Our coaches need the very best this season; their careers depend on it.

  4. One of the worse secondaries in the league! So for the Lioins it makes sense to re-sign people. What a dumb franchise.

  5. If they sign him, I can’t wait for another season of watching him overrunning plays and taking poor angles.

  6. @staffordsrightbicep: so, what’s your point? they should sign him or they should let him leave?

  7. Lions fan here & IMO:

    The guy has swagger and that’s it! He is awful in coverage, takes poor angles in pursuit and misses tackles more than makes them!

    We should not resign him, he’s Bob Sanders all over again. I read an earlier post suggesting we should go after Kenny Philips, yeah, that makes sense, have two one legged S’s that play half a season?

    While majority of people will disagree, I suggest they trade Suh to NYJ for Revis and conditional pick. That would unload one of the last true sizable contacts from the old rookie scale, create much more cap room (after Staffords restructure we will be sitting around $15-$18mil) and add his cap space we can rebuild entire D.

    Sign Gholston at S, sign another corner or resign houston to go w/Revis = Secondary done (add a S from draft or FA). A DL is much easier to replace. Fairley/Williams/Hill? I’m fine with that and the secondary all set, regin LoJac and Willie, draft Ansah at 5 and take Margus Hunt in the 2nd.

    Last but not least, NO REGGIE BUSH!!! We can get the same rb in Chris Ivory for much less and is waiting for that opportunity to go off. Levitre should be a priority, would allow the rest of our Draft focus on WR & D.

  8. @rhoneyman My point is that they are bringing him into see how his health is holding up and will more than likely rework his contract to award the bulk of his salary if/when he stays healthy. The Lions organization is in love with this dude and rightfully so; he’s had some great years. But the last two don’t fall in that category and the team can’t afford to count on players that aren’t durable.

    I can see the Lions bringing him back for sure, but the slope is getting steeper for him if these problems continue.

  9. Resign delams and bring in Charles woodson. I hoping they do something like that. With him and woodson as our saftelys it would quickly turn one of our weakness into a strength and neither of them would really break the bank either.

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