Louis Delmas leaving town without a contract


When word broke that safety Louis Delmas was heading to Detroit for a physical at the Lions’ request, it was natural to assume that there was a chance of a deal being struck that would take Delmas off the market before free agency began.

That’s not the case, however. Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press reports that Delmas is leaving town on Friday and does not expect to have a contract done before he’s free to talk to other teams. Delmas said if something was going to get done on Friday, it would have gotten done “two months ago, during the season.”

Delmas told Birkett that he expects interest from at many as eight teams come Saturday morning, but also said his first choice would be to remain in Detroit. He came up with a creative way of explaining how he feels about the entire situation.

“I almost feel like a girlfriend waiting at home that’s got a boyfriend that’s cheating on her. But it is what it is. I’m trying to see if I can stay at home and get a couple more years out of him,” Delmas said. “The Lions are cheating on me. They’re going to the club every damn night and staying out late night, trying to come back home to Daddy. But it’s all right. I do (still love them). That’s why I’m still here, I’m stuck with them.”

And you thought there’d never be a way to turn NFL free agency into a Lifetime movie, didn’t you?

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  1. Yea, most women in that situation get thrown to the curb for a new, younger woman.

    I guess it is a perfect analogy.

  2. His comment “I’m stuck with them” tells you how he really feels. He’s too injury prone, which makes him too risky, time to go to the dance with a new date.

  3. The Rams should seriously take a look at him. Their new DC is Delma’s old coach and the Ram’s dont want to pay an older Quinten Mikell 9 mil

  4. Who’s cheating who? Missed 8 games this year, 5 the year before and that doesn’t count the games you got hurt in or thought you were ready to come back until you pussied off to the sidelines.

  5. I love the analogy except that he forgot to mention that the girlfriend is always in the hospital and the boyfriend has been waiting for a while now and he can’t hold out any longer.

    When healthy he isn’t great in coverage, but he is somewhat interesting to me because the 9ers will have to do something if they can’t resign Goldson. He is young enough and has room to grow; hopefully his injury woes are behind him.

  6. They are a cute couple. Besides, Delmas does things in the bedroom (field) that most others can’t. (S)He just hasn’t been in the mood the past couple of years because of injury.

    They’ll kiss and make up. The Lions will get their act together and see what a gem Louis is. If he goes elsewhere they’ll get jealous!

    I hope the Lions don’t give him the, “it’s not you, baby, it’s me,” routine because Delmas will make a nice team very happy someday. Delmas just has to be a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets-type. The Lions will come around.

  7. “I do (still love them). That’s why I’m still here, I’m stuck with them.”

    He only loves the Lions money!

  8. Like most women, If there is money involved, cheating or not, they always seem to find a reason to stay.
    If Delmas were to get a better offer from another team, all that loyalty goes out the door. He’d be gone in a split second.

  9. Delmas was a stud when healthy, and seemingly a great leader on the field, but he got bit with the Bob Sanders bug. It’s just unfortunate that Jahvid Best caught that bug too.

  10. How about a girlfriend who’s above average in the sack, but you can only have access to her goodies once a month? Isn’t that a more appropriate analogy?

    I am just a bit weirded out right now.

  11. Louis, it’s not like the Lions want to be in the club, it’s just that they’re afraid to put a ring on it…

    All the Men shout, “Say we want PreNup…We want PreNup!”

  12. I’d like to have him back for the right deal. Supposedly the Lions did put an offer on the table.

    I’ve been saying for awhile now that it needs to be an incentive laden 2-3 year deal so if he is on the field playing well he will get paid, and if not he’s cheap.

    Lou can’t stay healthy so we can’t rely on him.

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