Matt Hasselbeck understands it’s pay cut or be cut


Add Titans backup quarterback Matt Hasselbeck to the pay-cut-or-be-cut club, and at least the veteran passer understands exactly what’s going on.

Hasselbeck said his agent and the Titans are still talking about what his contract will look like, understanding it might not necessarily be the $5.5 million on base salary he stands to collect now. If they can’t agree, he figures he’ll have to look elsewhere.

“Well, yeah, if we can’t come to an agreement, I guess that’s what they’d have to do. That’s just how it goes,” Hasselbeck told John Glennon of the Tennesseean. “Right now I’m working out hard, getting prepared and ready, trying to have the best year I can. Again, I’m really hopeful that it’s here, but I understand that some things are more out of your control.”

Unlike when he walked in the door two years ago, he’s entrenched as the backup behind Jake Locker, and the Titans are leaning toward the compensation matching that status.

“I believe in what we’re doing. I believe in [general manager] Ruston Webster and [coach] Mike Munchak. I believe in my teammates like Jake,” Hasselbeck said. “But , . . . anything can happen. Surprises come. We’ll see. I don’t know. Some of it is out of my hands, and some of it is in my hands.

“I’m really wanting to be part of something special, part of something good, something I can be proud of and things like that will far outweigh salary or whatever. My feelings for wanting to stay haven’t changed. My feelings for how easy it’s been for us to plug into this community in Nashville haven’t changed.”

While he’s not going to play for free, Hasselbeck’s approach to this makes it more likely a deal gets worked out that keeps him making a living wage, while the team re-adjusts the books to reflect his status on the depth chart.

12 responses to “Matt Hasselbeck understands it’s pay cut or be cut

  1. I’ve scratched my head at quite a few moves the Titans have made over the past year and a half, but have held out hope they know what they’re doing.

    If they get rid of Hasselbeck, I’m jumping off the bandwagon.

    Hass likes Nashville and Nashville likes Hass. He’s a great guy for the community and only improves Locker’s chance to succeed in the NFL.

    Bring em Beck.

  2. Hass has always been one of my favorites and I like Locker too. I still think it would have benefitted Locker to sit as much as possible for two years. I know that’s not how it is these days, but when a kid is as raw as he is, I think it can be more damaging to him if he starts early.

  3. Fans in Seattle and Nashville agree, this player/coach is a total class act. I’m hoping he can beat the odds and extend the twilight of his career with the same effectiveness that Neil O’Donnell and Kerry Collins did for the Titans.

  4. That’s one back up you pay to have. He’s extremely smart QB but got cut short from so many injuries thanks to a bad Seattle O line

  5. He should stand his ground and refuse the paycut. There is a great chance Jake Locker gets hurt again and Matt Hassleback is a better backup quarterback option than anyone else on the market.
    Given the pressure on Mike Munchak to win at all costs this season, he would have a better chance at winning by starting Matt Hassleback over Jake Locker.

  6. I love Matt, but part of me hopes he does leave so he can earn a starting position somewhere else. When he is on, he is scary good. His whole carrer he has fought being streaky – which I realize many QBs are, he is just a bit more streaky than most.

  7. Nashville tends to surprise transplants as being a more well-rounded and comfortable place to live than you might expect, and a nice family town. Not surprising he might prefer to stick around rather than uproot the family again. Could work in the Titans favor, at least to a point.

    Like him a lot (awesome guy to have in your locker room) and hope they can work it out. Still, they probably haven’t held a 3rd QB roster spot for Rusty Smith the last couple years without believing he’s got legit upside at least as a backup. So that’s a chance for them to get younger if they can’t find middle ground with Matthew.

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