Matt Moore staying with the Dolphins to be a backup


The Dolphins are working quickly to keep the pieces they want before the market opens, and apparently just did another bit of good business.

According to Jeff Darlington of, the Dolphins have reached a deal to keep quarterback Matt Moore.

That gives the Dolphins a better-than-solid option behind starter Ryan Tannehill, as Moore has piloted the team through rough stretches before being replaced by the first-round draft pick. And it almost suggests that someone might have communicated to him that there wasn’t a starting job out there for him, though tampering doesn’t start until midnight which would make that illegal.

Along with the re-signing of wide receiver Brian Hartline, it gives the Dolphins a few good components, to go with the expected splash free agent receiver that the world expects them to bring in.

UPDATE 10:31 a.m. ET: Darlington updated his report, saying it’s a two-year deal worth $8 million. That’s premium backup money.

21 responses to “Matt Moore staying with the Dolphins to be a backup

  1. As a Panthers fan, I was open to having him return to Carolina to back up Newton. Had he waited though he might have had a legit shot at being the #1 guy somewhere else. Staying in Miami though isn’t a bad consolation.

    Anywho, good luck to him.

  2. Better starter than 9 teams have I’d say. But he’s in that nasty position where teams won’t sign him to start for them as teams would rather try to sign someone with some boom, mostly bust, possibilities. They feel confident Moore won’t ever be their guy and would rather try their luck on someone like EJM

  3. He’s basically Ryan Fitzpatrick with a better arm; a player who can step in for the short term to win some games but likely won’t ever be the guy to lead a team to the postseason if forced into a long term starting job.

    He probably received 1/10th of the idiotic contract Fitz signed a couple years back, so all in all a good signing for Miami as it gives them depth at QB, which is always important.

  4. Good move by the ‘Phins, but sadly I can now quit picturing him as Jay’s backup in Chicago.

  5. I’ve liked the kid since he was a JR in college. Thought he could be a starter, but it looks like he knows and has accepted he’s a great backup. He has a great personality for it too, very laid back and easy going.

  6. Very underestimated move…Matt Moore may seem unorthodox when he plays, but it gives all Dolphin fans some peace of mind knowing we aren’t doomed if our QB goes down to injury. I was at the Miami Jet game when Tannehill went down early, and could happily say “thank god we’ve got Matt Moore!”

  7. Maybe I’m the only one, but I thought Tannehill’s first year was overrated. Never went to his second read and could only make plays out of the pocket. We’ll see what year two brings…

  8. Who cares, you’re talking about the back up QB of the Dolphins! It doesn’t matter who throws the ball on that team, they have no one to throw it to, and they stink! They just paid $6 million a year for Brian freakin’ Hartline! This organization is a joke! Thank god the jets are in thier division, otherwise they would be the laughing stock of the AFC East if they aren’t already!

  9. “Maybe I’m the only one, but I thought Tannehill’s first year was overrated. Never went to his second read and could only make plays out of the pocket. We’ll see what year two brings…” I agree with you and will take it a step farther to say that I think Moore should have started. My advice to Moore is take pleasure in knowing that when you retire your body won’t be broken up and you might have a brain that will last you for a while.

  10. I don’t get it. Two years ago Moore finished the season strong as a starter, winning games, making all the throws, 2 minute drill, the works.

    Next year, they take a run at Payton Manning, Alex Smith, and Matt “Career Backup” Flynn, bring in David Garrard, declare “open competition”, and try to trade Moore for a stick of gum. And then in the draft, they reach for Tannehill to be the frachise QB.

    Now, two years later, after making every possible move in the other direction short of waiving the guy, they pay him Matt Flynn money to hold a clipboard in case Tannehill gets hurt.

    This is just more proof to me that your front office is out of their collective freaking mind.

  11. I guess Matt Moore finally realized he was never going to be a starter elsewhere and settled for slightly less money to stay in a comfortable place (Miami). The length of the contract may be another factor. If he gets 2 years, then it means he’s willing to learn behind Philbin & Sherman to make himself more marketable as plug starter at age 30-31 (he’s 28 now).

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