Mornhinweg says Jets can get by without an accurate quarterback

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Among the many problems for the Jets’ offense last season was that quarterback Mark Sanchez completed just 54.3 percent of his passes, ranking 30th of 32 qualifying quarterbacks. But new Jets offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg says that’s not necessarily that big a problem.

Asked in an interview on the Jets’ website if there’s a certain completion percentage benchmark that he’ll need his quarterback to reach, Mornhinweg answered, “No, absolutely not.”

Mornhinweg went on to say that he has seen quarterbacks have great seasons without great completion percentages.

“Some of the great ones have really not thrown for such great accuracy,” Mornhinweg said. “Steve Young was astronomical accuracy-wise. Brett Favre wasn’t. Brett Favre, I believe won an MVP two different times out of the three times that he won it, throwing 58, 59, 60 percent, somewhere in there. So they all come in different shapes and sizes.”

For the record, in the three seasons that Favre was MVP he completed 63.0, 59.9 and 59.3 percent of his passes. In four NFL seasons Sanchez has never completed more than 56.7 percent of his passes. So even if Favre wasn’t known for great accuracy, Sanchez still has work to do to get to Favre’s level. It’s also important to note that NFL passing offenses have changed significantly in the years since Favre was winning MVPs. Favre’s 59.3 percent completion rate in 1997 was tied for sixth in the NFL. In 2012 there were 20 NFL quarterbacks with a better completion percentage than that.

And, of course, if your completion percentage is going to be low, you’d better be making big plays downfield. Sanchez wasn’t: He averaged just 6.4 yards a pass and threw just 13 touchdown passes last season. Mornhinweg acknowledged that a less accurate passer needs to make up for it by making more big plays.

“Those guys that throw for a little bit less accuracy typically are generating a little bit bigger plays on occasion. There’s a little bit of a tradeoff there,” Mornhinweg said.

Overall, Mornhinweg said the Jets are going to have an agressive, physical offense this year.

“We’re gonna go after people,” Mornhinweg said. “There are different ways to go after people, but we’re going to go after ’em and we’re going to play to our players’ strengths rather than concerning ourselves too much about their weaknesses.”

It will be easier to do that if the Jets are completing more than 55 percent of their passes.

132 responses to “Mornhinweg says Jets can get by without an accurate quarterback

  1. Warning to all Jets fans : Youre annoyance level with your Jets is about to peak when you see what Marty has in store for your offense. Sanchez will be throwing 55 times a game and in situations that make no sense to throw. Good luck guys. Youll need it.

  2. Seriously? You don’t need an accurate QB to run a west coast offense? C’mon man. Only somebody from the Jets organization could make such a stupid comment that gets published on the team website… And I’m a Jets fan. Going to be another long year…

  3. This Eagles fan weeps for you in NY. Marty is horrendous. Get ready to gain 400 yards a game, run the ball 6 times, and lose by two touches. Then Marty will tell you how “balanced” the offense is. I feel for you all.

  4. Said in the dunce voice of the cartoon character that famously said, “Which way did he go, George? Which way did he go??”

  5. Asked in an interview on the Jets’ website if there’s a certain completion percentage benchmark that he’ll need his quarterback to reach, Mornhinweg answered, “No, absolutely not.”
    Translation: “Sanchez is not accurate.”

    Marty obviously taking a page from the book “How To Tactfully Throw Someone Under The Bus Without Them Realizing It”

  6. He should know with all those wins in Det. It worked out great there.Oh wait we were 5-27 I was miss read I thought it was 27-5.

  7. “We’re gonna go after people,” Mornhinweg said. “There are different ways to go after people, but we’re going to go after ’em and we’re going to play to our players’ strengths rather than concerning ourselves too much about their weaknesses.”

    So I guess that means they will throwing the ball all over the field, oh wait that’s not a strength. Ok so what they will do is run the ball down the other teams throat with the ground and pound, oh wait that’s not a strength either. Damn the Jets are screwed!

  8. People will say this is crazy, but If I just read the comments and do not look at the pictures, it sounds to me like he is describing Tim Tebow, not Mark Sanchez.

  9. Then if you consider that Mornhinwegs son is a Freshman QB @ Florida and is being described as a right handed Tim Tebow – perhaps the door is open just a crack.

  10. I’m not saying I like or agree with Pete Carroll, ever. Maybe Sanchez could’ve used another year of college ball.

  11. Ok Jets, we’re going to go out there and lose ! We’re going to lose big ! And you’re gonna like it !

  12. Lmao, seriously only the jets franchise, can say that, whats next, they can win games without having to score fg or td. Stupid is as stupid does.

  13. Marty is right because Mcnabb and Vick weren’t the most accurate QB’s in the world but they were better than
    55% completion rate. That has to get better.

  14. I really try to see the competence some NFL coaches “must” have to keep getting hired. However, I just don’t understand why Marty keeps getting jobs.

    He must be the friendliest guy in the world, or have incriminating evidence on owners and GMs.

  15. Its not that Farve wasnt accurate, he was just a bit “wild” and and had a habit of forcing plays into tripple coverage because he could. That was his style of play.
    Sanchez just sucks.

  16. nflsucker says:
    Mar 8, 2013 7:34 AM
    In other words: “We have a woefully inaccurate quarterback.”


    Actually, what that means is that the Jets have a woefully expensive and inaccurate quarterback… That does seem to open the door for Tebow though. I mean, if you’re going to have an inaccurate quarterback, you might as well go with the cheap one… Right?

  17. I’m sure the Chiefs, Eagles, Arizona (should I really keep going?) all thought that too last year . . .

  18. Marty Morningweigh is an inept coach. Every QB who plays for him gets slaughtered. It speaks volumes that after serving as Andy Reid’s lap dog for eight years he didn’t join him in KC. When your known as “take the wind Marty” it’s a problem.

  19. ” Jets can get by without an accurate QB” …. well, the problem’s solved then, that’s what they have in Sanchez.

  20. Are we really comparing Mark’s first 4 years as a starter to Favre??

    Sanchez career completion percentage (through 4 seasons in the NFL): 55.1%
    Favre completion percentage (first 4 seasons): 62.6%

    Now, Mike Vick completion percentage through his first 4 seasons: 51.37%

    Vick career completion percentage: 56.3 — one whole percent better then Sanchez!!

    Vick & Sanchez are a much better comparison through 4 seasons, with Sanchez being 4% more accurate. And for their career, Mark & Mike are very similiar with their completion percentages…and Vick is mobile & can use his legs to buy time & get out of the pocket, Sanchez can’t.

  21. What’s the guy supposed to say? There are literally no other qbs available. Sorry Jets fans but you are going to have to deal with another year of The Sanchize.

    There has never been a worse time to be a qb needy time, between the draft and free agency there is bupkis

  22. OOO K. Great job Marty. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt but you’ve officially been Gang Green Offense Coordinator now what less than 2 months and it’s only March 8th where you’ve just managed to give me that quesy uneasy feeling like I get in my gut whenever the Jets offense snaps the ball during a regular season game.

    Super work there on that!! Its looking like its going to be a loooong offseason.

  23. If Tebow and Sanchez are about the same in accuracy, and you don’t mind that, why wouldn’t you give the ball to Tebow who is much less inept through the course of a game?

  24. If when you say “get by” as you do in the headline, you actually mean lead the league in turnovers, than yes, the Jets will get by just fine.

  25. This guy is a real piece of work…what he fails to mention in his little comparison run is that Farve and Young had decent running games to support them and the coaches actually called running plays!

    As a Raider fan I’m happy to say that my boy Blanda may not have the single season inteception record (42) much longer. These 2 are a match made in NFL heaven.

  26. This statement from the former HC of the Detroit Lions who thought it made sense to defer the kickoff in sudden death OT.

  27. Comparing Mark Sanchez to Brett Favre is like comparing Honey Boo Boo to Jessica Biel.

    You don’t need to be accurate? Okay, fine. Could you at least throw a deep ball? Oh, you can do that either? Well, then. Um. What’s left?

  28. Hilarious.

    We’re just trying to win NFL games, so it’s not like we need a QB who can hit his target more often than not.

    In other news:

    “Guy trying to pick up Kate Upton in a bar says he can get by with a beer gut, his receding hairline, and his 2004 Accord parked ’round back.”

  29. It’s weird he didn’t mention McNabb who was dreadfully inaccurate short to midrange which doesn’t jive with WC offenses. It was astonishing when McNabb got to 60% completions for a year. It didn’t happen a lot. Five times in 13 years to be exact.

  30. You may be right, CKL, but that’s 5 times more than Mark Sanchez has managed to do it.

    The BOTTOM LINE here is that here ia another outlandish comment from a Jets coach to add to the myriad of other incredibly stupid comments made by that organization.

    Right off the bat it doesn’t bode well for Jet fans. The good news is that it looks like Jet fans aren’t going to have to give up their favorite pastime, which is blaming the OC for all their problems and not the HC. lol

  31. He just made a case for giving Tebow a shot. Why not. At least he’s a gamer. Sanchez can’t get it done.

  32. Now I am really confunsed. Last year was a train wreck with the Tebow/Sanchez garbage. I was under the impression they werent going to play that game this year. But after Marty’s comments, is he saying that they can win with an inaccurate Sanchez, or are they saying they can win with an inaccurate Tebow??? Because they both have the same ability to throw… With that being said, I would rather have Tebow if I was a Jets fan

  33. Sanchez’ game seems to be built on his confidence and as his confidence has waned he has gotten worse. I don’t know if he can ever get over the buttfumble.

  34. Marty is so off the mark it’s not even funny. MDS pointed out that Favre ranked 6th among QBs even though his completion percentage was low by today’s standards. And there’s a reason for that: today’s game is so geared in favor of QBs (pass interference, illegal contact, etc) that you’d really have to be a bad QB to have a low completion percentage – like Mark Sanchez.

  35. A quarterback that can’t throw and receivers who can’t catch sounds like a recipe for successes.

  36. A QB needs to be able to do two of the following three things to keep an offense rolling:

    1. be accurate (at least in spurts)
    2. be mobile (at least enough to escape sacks)
    3. complete deep throws

    Sanchez can’t do any of them.

  37. @mancave – As a Jets fan who suffered through last season watching my team not only lose, but look atrocious while losing, and knowing that this season we’ll be one of the worst teams in the league, I would be “happy” watching a team that could gain 400 yards a game, even if we lose by two TDs each time. Beats watching them go three and out on four of every five possessions like last year. Time to invent some catchy slogans for Clowney like we did with Suck for Luck….Lay Downey for Clowney? Help me out here….

  38. “Mornhinweg went on to say that he has seen quarterbacks have great seasons without great completion percentages.”


    Yes, it was called “the 1970s.” And the reason passes were incomplete was that d-backs could grab and push receivers all over the field, it wasn’t because the passes were uncatchable which is Sanchez’s problem.

  39. JETS don’t have the running back or the defense to overcome the deficiencies at QB.

    Marty should be fired on the spot for that comment (unless he’s just towing the company line) because that comment shows total incompetence.

  40. Yeah, it’s been said already, but as a Lion’s fan………………….remember, folks, this is from the guy who decided to ” take the wind”! Thats all that needs to be said. Good Luck J. E.T.S fans!

  41. I wouldn’t expect Marty to say anything different. It is a defeatist attitute though.

    He basically said, we are stuck with this crappy QB, so we have to do something to keep him from damaging our efforts.

  42. Title should read:

    “Mornhinweg says Jets can get by without an accurate quarterback because they have no other choice.”

  43. He’s gotta say that – cuzz he’s got to play the hand he’s been dealt, no accurate QB!

  44. xli2006 says:Mar 8, 2013 10:21 AM

    “Please keep Mark Sanchez as your #1 QB!”


    The Rest of the NFL


    Really? Even the teams we don’t play and aren’t in our conference want Sanchez to be our quarterback? Thanks for the info!

  45. That quote probably made Jet fans throw up. If accuracy isn’t an issue put Timmy out there. He can hit the big pass 1/5 times and can move the chains with his legs. I have no clue how Sanchez has a job fumbling/throwing picks at record levels. Must have the goods on Johnson or Rex.

  46. ‘“Icebergs really aren’t a problem,” said the captain of the Titanic.’

    Far and away takes the cake for best response i have seen on PFT…well played.

  47. “Some of the great ones have really not thrown for such great accuracy”

    “we’re going to play to our players’ strengths rather than concerning ourselves too much about their weaknesses”

    ““Those guys … typically are generating a little bit bigger plays on occasion

    He honestly seems to be making a case not for Sanchez but for Tebow. Has the thinking changed in NY?

    Will TEBOW start in NY???

  48. Jets- Enjoy that awful goaline shovel pass that ALL defenses were ready for vs. the Iggles…

  49. Yeesh! This reminds me of that scene in CaddyShack:

    “I’d keep playing…I don’t think the heavy stuff will come for quite some time…”

  50. Poor Jets fans. They go from an OC who has no clue how to run an offense in Sparano to one that thinks that accuracy isn’t important. Somewhere Brian Shottenheimer is laughing his butt off.

  51. If they can win with an inaccurate QB, I don’t want to see what they could do with an accurate QB!!!

  52. LOL. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I may actually feel bad for Jets fans this season. As an Eagles fan, I’ve had the… “pleasure” of watching Marty call games for a while now.

    “Sanchez drops back for the 50th time today, and it’s intercepted again!”

  53. Great news! The fireman/cheerleader is working out with Joe Willie. There are your 2 qb’s next year. Marty M has never held onto a job…wonder why?
    Sanchez will be on Bachelor season #20 as a washed up ex-nfl qb…that’s all he’s good for!

  54. “Overall, Mornhinweg said the Jets are going to have an agressive, physical offense this year.

    “We’re gonna go after people,” Mornhinweg said. “There are different ways to go after people, but we’re going to go after ’em and we’re going to play to our players’ strengths rather than concerning ourselves too much about their weaknesses.””


    The only way Marty knows how to be aggressive is to throw it deep the first play of the game, and when that fails throw it deep again. You thought Shotty was predictable? You haven’t seen nothing yet Jets fans 😉

  55. He’s kind of right. Can you imagine what the Jets could have been if they had anything that resembled even an average quarterback? The Jets made 2 AFCCG’s with Sanchez turning the ball over like nobodies business. Competence at that position could make the Jets scary.

  56. No one is more accurate between the 20s than Ben Roethlisberger. His completion percentage is always high, and his yardage totals are always impressive. Yet he averages only about 23 TD passes a season.
    Not throwing many TD passes only works when a quarterback plays on a team with a defense that allows the fewest points in the league. Sanchez has played QB with teams with such defenses, and the results were successful.

  57. “Sanchez still has work to do to get to Favre’s level”

    If that’s not the understatement of the century, I have no idea what is.

    My God man. SMH.

  58. Jets fans, you may as well call it a season. The moment the team thought MARTY was a good hire, is the moment they gave up on everything. Marty Mornhinweg is terrible, him as the Eagles OC made me mad every single game. Sucks as a head coach, sucks as a OC, sucks at everything.

  59. I think anyone who counts Tim Tebow out as a potential starter for the NY Jets this fall may be doing so at their own peril. Everything from Rex, the new GM, and now Mornhinweg is pointing to a competition for the starting QB position and Mark Sanchez by no means has a lock on it. If Tim Tebow BRINGS IT at training camp, along with his athleticism that could probably run circles around Sanchez, don’t be surprised if he doesn’t get the start.

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