Osi wants to win games, and player of the year honors


Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora is hours away from listening to offers in free agency for the first time.

But he has high expectations for the process, and himself.

Umenyiora said he was looking for a team that could win, where he could be the best defensive player in the league.

“It wouldn’t have to be a playoff team,” Umenyiora told the NFL Network, via Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger. “It could be anybody pretty much anybody who would need me to help them win, and anybody who I think is going to put me in a situation to win Defensive Player of the Year, which is what I’m going to do this year.”

Oh, if that’s all it takes.

Umenyiora insisted there was a chance he returns to the Giants, though that seems unlikely at this point, with several playoff ready teams looking for pass-rushers.

Umenyiora called the process, which begins tonight with an 87-hour negotiating period, “a little strange.”

“My phone is on. I’m not turning my phone off. I’m open to pretty much every situation right now,” Umenyiora said. “I’d like to go to a situation where I’d be able to win. Everybody likes to say that, but I really mean that. Wherever puts me in the best situation to really go out there and showcase my skills and help them win, I think that’s where I want to go.”

He’s done that in New York, but he finally has a platform to see if someone else thinks he can be the player of the year, considering the Giants don’t view him as a starter any longer.

25 responses to “Osi wants to win games, and player of the year honors

  1. He’d look good in purple and gold on other side of Jarred Allen He’s a winner and that’s what we need!

  2. Osi, if you want to win, go to Seattle.
    If you want another championship, go to Seattle.
    If want multiple titles, go to Seattle.

    They have the best Head Coach in the NFC, the best QB in the NFC, best defense in the NFC, best fans, and best CB.

    BUT………………..you will not win DPOY if you go to the Seahawks. That honor, rightfully belongs to Mr. Richard Sherman

  3. Osi, please go to the Redskins the team that finished first last year will finish last this year. I love skins fans worst ever….LMAO

  4. I dont think this guy is going to get paid at all.

    I’d rather have Freeney.
    Osi is a 1 trick pony, a good 1 trick pony at his specialty.

    Problem is he just sucks on running downs.

    GO BIG BLUE!!!

  5. My phone is on, too. I willing to go to anybody who I think is going to put me in a situation to divorce my wife, have Gisele divorce Tom, and have me marry Gisele and live a life of luxury enjoying her millions. Me & Osi have the same chance of having our dreams come true – absolute f’ing zero.

  6. Osi, PUH-LEASE come to Jacksonville! You would instantly be the biggest name in town, you would lead the team in sacks (shoot, I almost did not playing this past year), you’d have a great tax-free area to live in, no one would hassle you, and the place would go nuts for your star power.

    Say what you will about Osi, he brings it and if used properly will dominate here. Vet leadership, a good example off the field, man- what’s not to love!


  8. Seahawks need a pass rusher. It’s doubtful Clemons returns to his old self after the ACL injury (thanks, FedEx Field!). But Osi doesn’t seem like a guy Schneider and Carroll typically target. They’re more likely to find an overlooked stud DE in the 5th round who will be all pro his 2nd year in the league.

    Besides, the Seahawks are in more need of an interior pass rush than anything anyway.

  9. dadsource says: Mar 8, 2013 11:17 PM

    Say what you will about Osi, he brings it and if used properly will dominate here.

    How do you ‘misuse’ a pass rusher? Osi, outside of running a straight line at the QB, is a huge liability. He will never again dominate because he is worn down, has no lane discipline, couldn’t tackle a RB if his life depended on it, and he certainly doesn’t ‘bring it’ on every play.

    I’m a lifelong Giants fan. Believe me….I know what he can do, and what he wont do.

  10. NFL players get screwed over more than anyone else in sports. Anquan Boldin and Jacoby jones took over the superbowl and they get absolutely no credit, while joe flacco gets a big fat contract. Most of salary caps are gonna go to QBs, But the greedy owners in the nfl arent gonna raise the salary cap, so the obvious solution is for everyone else to take a pay cut or be cut. Its gonna get to the point where if you want a CHANCE to win a championship you better expect to be very underpaid and be cut as soon as you show a HINT of slowing down, or you can get paid well by a cellar dweller.

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