PFT Live: Kenny Stills, Ravens/49ers to-do lists


Free agency is first and foremost in our minds right now, but it won’t be long before the draft takes that position.

For some, it already is the only thing to think about. Oklahoma wide receiver Kenny Stills is part of that group. Stills is preparing for visits with teams and the rest of the process that goes on every year for the players hoping to join the NFL. He’ll take a break from that to join Mike Florio for a chat on Friday’s edition of PFT Live.

And we’ll also wrap up the last day before teams can start negotiating with free agents by putting a bow on the series of offseason to-do lists. It’s the two Super Bowl participants and Florio will let us know what they need to do to give us our first Super Bowl rematch in 20 years.

You can watch it all live at noon ET.