Redskins cap issues could endanger DeAngelo Hall


With cap problems forcing them into some difficult decisions, it appears the Redskins may be about to tell DeAngelo Hall to “back up off them, bro.”

According to Mike Jones of the Washington Post, sources think it’s “highly likely” the Redskins part ways with the veteran cornerback.

The Redskins are over the salary cap, and as of Friday afternoon, hadn’t discussed any degree of restructuring. Hall is scheduled to make $8 million next year, making his deal a good place to start looking for room if they were so inclined.

That has his side nervous, and rightfully so. With players such as Chris Gamble hitting the market because their cap numbers had grown cumbersome, the market is going soft, which makes any veteran corner making money a bit vulnerable.

22 responses to “Redskins cap issues could endanger DeAngelo Hall

  1. DeAngelo Hall, thank you for your service in DC, noteably shutting down Dez Bryant almost every game. We wish you well in your future endeavors.

    Bruce Allen and Co. will work their magic and find better talent to replace him with. Hail.

  2. Ive never ever liked d hall but I gotta admit he played outstanding during the skins 7 game run. Gonna be hard to watch him go coming off of some great games

  3. The fact that DeAngelo Hall is/has always been vastly overrated is the reason he is endanger of being cut.

  4. If Deangelo would keep his mouth shut and play the game without all the trash talking and other antics, he may be worth trying to keep (though not at an 8m tag). As a Skins fan, though, I’m not real keen on his staying because of all of the distractions.

    That’s one thing about Meangelo, when he wants to be a shutdown corner, he can be as shown against Dez Bryant this past year but he’s like Chad Johnson or TO and lets his immaturity show far too much.

  5. This is a case where the “Mara penalties” might do the Indigenous Americans some good. Other than the last game vs. the Cowboys, DeAngelo did not play all that well last season.

  6. Played well late and it’s hard not to like the guy when you listen to interviews, but I won’t be tricked, I know this guy too well! Good riddance Angelo (no D[e]).

  7. What will Washington do for “veteran leadership” without him ? Be careful, Mike Shanahan !!!

  8. I’d like to see him restructure his contract and play the nickel position. It’s not like they have a plethora of CB’s behind him. They have Josh Wilson and Richard Crawford right now.

  9. The guy got voted after the 2011 season to the pro-bowl after giving up more yards than any other starting DB. Yeh he had one 5 pick game, but how in the heck does a guy go to the pro bowl after giving up more yards than anyone else? Yeh, that’s how over rated he is. Can get lucky in zone, but dead wood in man to man. Extremely over rated. Just ask him. He’ll tell you how great he is. Then he’ll get a stupid penalty.

  10. So everybody wants to see D. Hall Gone? With no cap space and limited draft picks,who will replce him???…I know he`s not the best DB but he is better than nothing! So be careful what you wish forThey could always get somebody much worse than D.Hal

  11. I agree with @jakkispeed. He’s not the greatest corner, but we don’t have many other choices. Our cap space problems prevent us from doing much of anything in free agency and we’ll be spending our higher draft picks on Oline and safety. Restructure.

  12. A restructuring of DHall’s contract should be the ultimate decision. Haslett should be flirting with the idea of having dhall taking reps at fs…shouldn’t be a flirt should be a slight love affair

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