Report: NFL, NFLPA “closing in” on HGH testing agreement

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Could HGH testing be in place for the 2013 NFL season?

According to Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports, that is very much a possibility. In a story published Friday night, Silver reported that the league and the NFLPA “seem to be closing in on a deal to implement the program in advance” of next season.

However, as Silver reported, there are still issues for both sides to overcome.  According to Silver, one major hurdle is the union’s wish for a wider range of appeals of player-discipline decisions handed down by the league to be handled by an independent arbitrator, including those that aren’t violations of the substance-abuse and PED policies. Also, the league wants to perform gameday blood tests for HGH, Silver wrote.

“That is absolutely never going to happen,” an unnamed union source told Silver.

Silver reported that the NFLPA and NFL could resume negotiations on the HGH policy after each group has its annual meetings in the next two weeks. The NFLPA will consider the NFL’s most recent proposal next week at its meeting in the Bahamas, according to Yahoo! Sports.

24 responses to “Report: NFL, NFLPA “closing in” on HGH testing agreement

  1. Even if they get this in for the 2013 season, (which they should) cheaters will always be ahead of testers. They will find ways to make sure it doesn’t show up during a test, or find new PED’s the league isn’t testing for. That’s the world we live in and players who make millions of dollars will do what it takes to keep themselves ahead of the game.

  2. it’s official. Goodell is a vampire!! He’s in league with Nicholas Cage.

  3. Closing in on an agreement? Hardly. Even though technically they already signed an agreement they are not testing. For testing to actually happen each side needs to agree to something they would never agree to. The league wants testing on game day and the union will never agree to that. The union wants to take away discipline authority/power away from the commissioner and that won’t happen…especially when it concerns areas not directly related to HGH testing. Neither side truly wants the tests. It can be reasonably assumed that many players are using and positive tests mean player suspensions and bad publicity for the league.

  4. I guess thats all we will be seeing or hearing of JJ watt , thats one dude i could easily tell was all roided up , and without the steroids he’ll probably just become an averge player

  5. What they really should work on is a system where injured/rehabbing players can use HGH to get healthy and recover. If you they can do that the league can institute stringent testing and monitoring fir everyone.

  6. If hgh was all it took to be AP, there would be a lot of APs and not an enormous gap between him and the next best RB. Im sure Bo jackson was on HGH when he ran a 4.1 weighing 230+ of muscle in the 80s. Just looks at APs family and where his genes come from and its easy to see why hes a freak of nature.

  7. @bluelifer
    I couldn’t agree more I also believe that Ray Lewis was notified this was coming so he retired to avoid the embarrassment and the punishment of not being able to be selected into the HOF…

  8. 75% of nfl players should be worried if they start testing. These guys need to recover from injuries to make a living. The size and speed of the avg nfl player today is crazy. HGH testing will lead to many more players missing games for fear of using HGH to recover.

  9. Like how the NFLPA is having its meeting in the Bahamas. Man, what a tough life these guys have, toiling for the welfare of the bourgeois.

  10. About time the NFL countered the bogus demands of the union with demands that are actually relevant to the issue at hand. Its BS for the union to think they can get an agreed part of the CBA to be changed while negotiating another part of the CBA that was really agreed to in principle- especially when they were the regime that signed the current CBA. IMO, I think the league should’ve brought this to arbitration once the union tried to pull some of their crap

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