Saints tender Chris Ivory at second-round level

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The Saints have one of the NFL’s deepest backfields, and they have moved to keep their strong depth intact.

According to Larry Holder of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, the Saints have tendered restricted free-agent running back Chris Ivory at the second-round level.

Ivory, who doesn’t turn 25 until March 22, was an undrafted free agent, so the Saints had to give him one of the higher RFA tenders to get any draft-pick compensation if he were to depart New Orleans. By giving Ivory a one-year contract offer, the Saints retain their right to match an offer sheet to him.

Ivory (6-0, 222) has flashed potential in his first three NFL seasons, gaining 5.1 yards per carry. His age and relative lack of work (256 regular-season carries) are assets in a game tough on its running backs. That said, he has battled various injuries in his pro career.

26 responses to “Saints tender Chris Ivory at second-round level

  1. Pretty bad job on thios CBA by the players.

    Cap seems too low, rookies getting less..

    And now players like Ivory can’t even go find a place to play.

    This guy could start on many teams and he is stuck on their bench..

  2. No offense, but I would much rather have a 2nd round pick this year than Chris Ivory. There is more than a handful of running backs that you could get in the 2nd round this year that are far more promising than Ivory.

  3. This guy is worth every cent he gets. It’s true he can’t stay healthy 16 games a season because his running style is reckless and if you don’t learn to run away from would be tacklers vs. aiming right for them on purpose you eventually get hurt. What he does is perfectly fine because the Saints can’t just outgun every team they play. They need a guy like this a couple of games a year when they need someone to play physical. Last season he would have been great vs. San Fran but Brees didn’t get the memo and figured he would chuck it up a zillion times. When you have a player like Brees the temptation is there to just throw and throw some more. Ivory gives them an option to grind it out and it’s a role that P.T. and Sprolls can’t fill as for Ingram I don’t know what he is yet. I know all of our backs are great and each one plays a part thank god Payton is back because he actually uses all the parts vs. just living off Brees’ right arm like Carmichael tried to do last year but then when you can’t force a punt you gotta do what you gotta do.

  4. The Saints should cut Ingram and elevate this guy. He runs with desire and delivers a pounding every time.

  5. over 2million for a 4th string RB? getting paid the same as Pierre Thomas and more than Ingram.

    for a cap strapped team like NO this makes absolutely zero sense. they need to be saving cash to bring in guys that can play the 3-4 defense. that should be the priority here. not blowing all the money on RBs

  6. The saints backfield has been crowded for a couple of years and I figured someone would be on the way out, I have really been hoping Ivory would be headed out of town and Falcons could snag him… In my opinion probably the best FA running back available this year. He would be a great fit here. Aggressive, young, and low mileage is just what we need in our backfield.

  7. canetic says: Mar 8, 2013 9:33 PM

    The Saints should cut Ingram and elevate this guy. He runs with desire and delivers a pounding every time.
    Amen, brother. I have never understood their fascination with this guy since the minute they overpaid to get him. Should have cut him last year and given his carries to Ivory and Thomas.

  8. I understand that Ted Thompson values every pick, I do think that Ivory in the Packers scheme would thrive.

    Personally I think parting with a late 2nd that GB has, would be worth getting Ivory.

  9. Well, the Saints really could use a 2nd round pick. But I kinda think I’d rather have Ivory.

  10. New Orleans Saints I can’t make the calls for them but I would keep Chris Ivory for 1st down yardage, but Sean Payton is the head coach. I don’t think he’s going anywhere because without Chris Ivory playing Mark Ingram not going to perform, without a veteran player. Mark Ingram is learning from Chris Ivory to be a runner like Ivory keep Ivory with the Saints for a few more years.

  11. Anybody that thinks he is not worth a second round pick obviously has not seen him play. To quote Drew Brees “he’s a beast”…I agree with all who places him in front of Ingram, if they could get a second round pick for him, then do it but I doubt any team would give it up….

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