Anquan Boldin says Ravens haven’t reached out about reworking deal


The mystery of whether Anquan Boldin will return to the Ravens for the 2013 season deepened Saturday afternoon when the wide receiver told ESPN’s Adam Schefter that he was not aware of the Ravens yet reaching out to him about reworking his contract.

Earlier Saturday, Alex Marvez of faced a tenuous future with Baltimore if  he didn’t agree to a decrease in his 2013 salary of $6 million. Also, Jarrett Bell of USA Today, citing a “person with knowledge of the negotiations,” reported that Boldin had declined a salary reduction.

Boldin, according to Schefter, noted that it was possible he would be approached to redo his contract.

Boldin told Pro Football Talk in February that he had no desire to don “any other uniform” than Baltimore’s. However, USA Today, citing the source close to talks with the Ravens and Boldin, reported Saturday that the veteran wideout was open to playing elsewhere.

The 32-year-old Boldin played a major role in the Ravens’ path to and victory in Super Bowl XLVII, catching 22 passes for 380 yards and four TDs in four postseason games. Were Boldin to hit free agency, he would likely have numerous suitors given his toughness, productivity, skill and dependability.

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  1. The amount of flat out lying that goes on in a lame attempt to get a scoop on something that is not even that important is truly astounding.

  2. “Claims”? It couldn’t just be that the “sources” were wrong or even worse that someone was intentionally floating false rumors to force some action. Because we know agents never pull stunts like that. Either his agent is trying to force a contract extension, who wants to go into a season on a one year deal? Or the Ravens are playing it close to the vest and haven’t let their intentions for Boldin be known, and his people are tired of waiting.

  3. Ravens let Boldin test the market: “What are they doing??? Are they stupid?? You have to sign him omg!!!

    Steelers let James Harrison test the Market: “Wow! what a great decision by the organization! THAT is the way all teams should handle veterans!!!


  4. Boldin will stay a raven..Brady has made a ton of money of course he can do that flacco has not had his big money deal yet.Im sure he will be restructuring after the 3rd year..

  5. Since they got all their money tied up with Joe I suspect they can get reche Caldwell at rock bottom pricing! LOL

  6. Crabtree, Boldin and Manningham (when healthy) sounds solid to me. Boldin has been killing the 9ers his whole career, so get him on our side if the deal is right. He’s still a beast. Oz man might work his magic here; never take internet rumors as fact.

    How he made that catch in the picture, I’ll never know. Actually, I do: strong hands. That play on 3rd down was a huge play for the Ravens. Rogers covered it extremely well but Boldin was just doing what he does…Killing the 9ers. I’d love to see him in SF.

  7. I think when this all boils over they will sign him to a 3 year extension (2 additional) with cap friendly wages. Bring the cap number down from 7 to about 4 mil. Boldin paid signing bonus up front.

  8. I understand the Ravens cap issues… BUT… I have a hard time understanding management going to a guy that just dominated the final 2 games of the season, helping bring a championship to Baltimore… then asking him… Uh, hey… you mind giving some money back this year… He’s worth every penny of 6 million. Santana Moss is getting 5 million… Who would you rather?

  9. The media just makes we laugh. They put their opinion on things as if what they are saying has been confirmed.

  10. These are all unsubstanciated rumors. While I believe Boldin is worth $6M, he is a smart guy and will most likely end up playing wherever he wants, whether that be in Baltimore or elsewhere. To think he is not master of his own fate is laughable.

  11. The Ravens are signing Wes Welker…thanks Brady.

    And by the way….since when did the Ravens have Alex Marvez on their roster????

    He must be a “special” teamer…bwaahaahaahaahaa

  12. Responsible journalism alive and well in America!!!

    I think stats should be kept on journalists in sports and reported nationally on government sponsored website on responsible reporting. I’m tired of these clowns putting crap out just to be seen….

    In other news…with or without Boldin the Ravens have no one to challenge them for the AFC crown. They own the Pats, Peyton Manning in cold weather is like a Gator swimming in a frozen pond, and the Texans get thrashed by the Pats everytime they play….Boldin or no Boldin…Ravens returning to the Superbowl is simply a matter that they are the only team with an open window and a complete team on both sides of the ball.

  13. So tired of media with these sources. Are people afraid to put their name on the line or is the media lying? With that said can’t let Q go must restructure him. He is too important! Flacco the hundred million dollar man will go back to being the hundred dollar man…

  14. Bold in has always killed the niners exactly the reason why AZ should bring him back to the valley. To finish his career where he started along side Fitzgerald. AZ will give him that 6 mill. A year for three more years

  15. Where are the Ravens fans that were saying “he was only average in the regular season anyway”, now he is back to being great; until the news changes again.

  16. If it wasnt for this guy flaccos lucky toss ups all post season would have been worthless. Flacco is not good. I wish ppl would stop giving him credit.

  17. thesportsguy52: You’re right, the Harrison situation is exactly like the Boldin situation. Except for the small detail that Boldin was a key player leading his team to a Superbowl and Harrison has been injured large portions of the last three seasons.

    Only comparison at this point is their age.

  18. How about we all just wait until something is done before speculating how the team, gm, owner and everyone else is an idiot. I would call all these “credible sources” and “reporters” out before any of the teams or players.

    If they cut Q I don’t agree with it but its not because of Joe. His cap number is under 7 million this year.

    We all know by year 4 of Joes contract he will be restructured just like Roethslisberger has down every year.

    Amazing how similar the ravens and steelers are as organizations and how much both sets of fans say the stupidest things on every article about the other team.

    It’s not the end for the Ravens because of Joes contract and I do t believe the Steelers will be bottom dwelling rebuilders for years to come so stop the comments.

  19. Boldin deserves more then Wallace & that Guy Hartline..or whatever his name is..And Welker Killd the Pats in the Superbowl and in this years AFC championship game with those drops .DONT know why everybody on his bumper. Boldin is Complete Ratbirds are dead in the water without him

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