Boldin rejects Ravens offer, prepares to go elsewhere

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Last month, Ravens receiver Anquan Boldin told Pro Football Talk that, if he’s cut by the Ravens, he’ll retire.

Once a Raven, always a Raven,” he added.

He may no longer be a Raven.

According to Jarrett Bell of USA Today, Boldin has rejected the team’s proposal to reduce his $6 million base salary.  The veteran is prepared to become an unrestricted free agent, if/when he is cut.

In hindsight, Boldin perhaps shouldn’t have said he’ll retire if he’s cut.  That comment surely emboldened the Ravens to take a run at creating some cap space by backing him into a corner.

At the Scouting Combine, Ravens assistant G.M. Eric DeCosta told Pro Football Talk, “Anquan’s a Raven.”  Asked whether he’ll be a Raven at a base salary of $6 million, DeCosta said, “We’ll see.”

The answer is, for now, no.  Once the Ravens realize that Boldin is serious about playing elsewhere, the answer could change to yes.

97 responses to “Boldin rejects Ravens offer, prepares to go elsewhere

  1. If he were the last piece of the puzzle I’d pay him the 6 mil. Obviously, the Ravens don’t see him that way. I’ll bet another team will pay him.

  2. As many have pointed out here already, Flacco owes his millions to Boldin’s ability to win jump balls when Flacco throws up those dying quails.

  3. He killed it in the post season and made Flacco look good. The Ravens gave Flacco way too much money and are going to lose some key players. I’d love to see him in San Fran, but he’d be a good fit for New England or Miami since they’ve got the money to spend.

  4. I have to say “Ditto” to most of the above comments. This guy helped Flacco get paid. Made some amazing catches in the Super Bowl. As a Browns fan I hope Boldin does split.

  5. Bad move by the ravens…he is well worth 6 million dollars..Boldin bailed out Flacco too many times with his strong and sticky hands; Flacco will struggle without Boldin..teams will double and take out Torrey…just a bad decision by ravens management.

  6. So for a 4 game run Flacco gets top dollar and for the same run Boldin gets told to basically go to hell

  7. Steelers lose a shell of his former self 35 yr old linebacker, ravens lose a 31(?) yr old WR who is their overrated quarterbacks favorite target, and who saved said quarterback on many wild heave throws in the playoffs…

    Something tells me ravens fans will say this is no big deal anyway. Kinda funny joe gets his goal accomplished of making the most money in the league, but that it causes him to lose their best receiver.

  8. Without Boldin the Ravens don’t win the Super Bowl or even make it through the playoffs. How do you cast off such a key piece? Flacco will miss his clutch catches. Flacco’s deal has put the whole team in a bind.

  9. He’s not a ton better than Nate Burleson who agreed to take a pay cut to stay in Detroit. Seeing as he is one year older than Nate and possibly going to hit the decline very soon, he might have to reevaluate the amount that he thinks he’s worth. Nobody is going to match that contract and the Ravens are not going to keep him if he won’t budge.

  10. Like I said before things in Baltimore r falling apart, now flacco’s going to be under pressure to win, but he’s not going to b abke to because he’s not going to have a team around him (carson palmer pressure)

  11. He was a huge reason Flacco got his payday. Even when covered Boldin was open. Joe sure is going to miss throwing to a guy who made him look good.

  12. I love all of these clueless people comparing Flacco to Boldin. Boldin came up huge in the playoffs, but hasn’t even had a 1000 yard season since becoming a raven. He is a 32 year old possession receiver that is tough as nails, but can no longer get separation. He can be replaced. Now if the Ravens didn’t play Flacco, they’d be welcome to try their luck with Jason Campbell or David Garrard, the two best FA QBs available. Get over it haters, Flacco has earned every dime.

  13. He’s as good as it gets catching balls in traffic…but he catches balls in traffic because he doesn’t get separation.

    If they let him go, they should have a plan B…Torrey is great for what he does, but I don’t see him as a 100 catch a year guy.

  14. Miami should have waited on Hartline and signed Boldin instead.

    ………and then go and waste their money on Wallace.

  15. Smart move by Boldin. 6 mil per year is a bargin
    for a reciever like Boldin. If the Ravens won’t pay it other teams will probably pay more.

  16. To borrow from ravenator ….

    This team is so washed up. Going to be a bottom-dweller in the AFCN along with Cleveland for years to come. One-and-done team, dropped a huge amount of money on their QB and will regret it for years to come. Welcome to the depths of despair and mediocrity. Don’t hate, cheers!!!

  17. Considering his postseason performance, 6 mil is a bargain. Since they just committed 20+ mil a year to a guy whos deep ball is best described as dying duck, they need to keep these physical receivers around him. Bad move Baltimore.

  18. While I agree it’s somewhat perplexing that the Ravens may or may not be signing Bolden and I too am kind of wondering what is the mindset of Ozzie and Co on that one.

    HOWEVER (best Stephen A. Smith voice), while Ozzie learned under BB while assisting with the Browns, I’d say his track record is far and away much superior to that of Belichick. There’s not many FA guys or picks that Newsome completely whiffs on. He always puts the Ravens in a good position year in and year out. If I were a Ravens fan, I’d be fairly secure in the fact that Newsome and his crew of front office folks will do a fine job this offseason.

    As for Bolden…My Pats, Brady in particular could really use a guy who can grab not so accurate passes in big spots. COME ON UP!!!

  19. I did see what everyone else had seen, an excellent we bailing out his QB multiple times in the season and especially in playoffs and to higher extent, the playoffs. Why you make comments in the media about retiring with a team or retiring when they are facing cap issues just set this whole thing up. Boldin with get more than that 6 million elsewhere and be a top tier number 2. Flacco will miss him

  20. Love it!!!! The erosion of the Ravens has already started. Boldin made Flacco look good. With that security blanket gone, we’ll see a lot more picks from Flacco this coming season.

    And Love the way that 120 mil contract of Flacco will keep their hands tied. Love it!!

  21. 49ersandshivabowl says:
    Mar 9, 2013 2:18 PM
    He won’t get paid because aside from his playoff performance, which was stellar, his regular season output was pedestrian (and that’s being VERY generous).
    Does that remind you of someone else? Like perhaps Flacco? He certainly got paid.

  22. I have a lot of respect for Q but what happened to the “I am not playing for money” line he threw not so long ago? You say that crap and when it comes time to back it up you don’t.

    I also have to say I don’t like the Ravens strong arm tactic here. They did the same thing to Bryant McKinnie before the season. The NFL is a business but come on. You don’t want to gain the reputation of disrespecting your veteran players.

  23. The whole thing is odd – odd what Boldin said about retirement, odd Ravens offered him so low a new contract, odd Ravens would bother dealing with this now when they have time to deal with him later. Odd Ravens feel they dont need him when he was such a major factor in thier SB run. Odd odd odd..

  24. This couldn’t be a bigger sign of worst things to come. The word implosion doesn’t begin to describe their downward spiral. It’s really a shame it really is. A franchise such as this making catastrophic mistakes its unbelievable.

  25. Yea these teams in our division just keep getting weaker and weaker bengals 2013 afc north division champs hek we might even pay boldin the 6 mil haha Not but yea its our division this year

  26. mmmpierogi says:
    Mar 9, 2013 2:21 PM

    To borrow from ravenator ….

    This team is so washed up. Going to be a bottom-dweller in the AFCN along with Cleveland for years to come. One-and-done team, dropped a huge amount of money on their QB and will regret it for years to come. Welcome to the depths of despair and mediocrity. Don’t hate, cheers!!!

    TOUCHE!!!! TOUCHE!!!!!

  27. Boldin is a valuable asset, but a team’s biggest asset is its franchise quarterback. Since they were already up against the cap, the Ravens knew when they signed Flacco’s contract that it would mean making sacrifices. But the truth is that it’s much easier to replace a receiver–even one as good as Boldin–than it is to find a quarterback of Flacco’s caliber. It will be unfortunate if they can’t keep both, but signing Flacco was the priority.

  28. Birk retired, cut boldin, signed Flacco to a cap crippling figure, might as well cut ray rice and call it a day.

  29. If the Ravens can’t make it work would love to see Q join the 9ers or the Pats. The Cards made the same $6M mistake and have lived to regret it already so hate to see the Ravens find out only too late that would have been the best $6M they ever spent! Belicheck was slobbering over Fitz and Boldin is his bookend! Best of Luck to Anquan Boldin a class guy and phenomenal player!

  30. Where in the article does anyone say “he’s prepared to go elsewhere”. He may in fact, retire.

  31. He would look good in green and silver. A perfect fit for Vick or whomever is throwing for them. I like chip a lot (Oregon native) and am excited to see his offense in the NFL. They have lots of cap room and a need for an elite receiver.

  32. This is the most insightful post I’ve ever seen regarding the ratbirds attempts to reach a new contract agreement with joe flaccid! You are RIGHT on the money sir!!

    49ersandshivabowl says:
    Mar 9, 2013 2:18 PM
    He won’t get paid because aside from his playoff performance, which was stellar, his regular season output was pedestrian (and that’s being VERY generous).


  33. I’ve never seen such a low-key guy generate so much dislike. Every catch was a “bailout” by his WR core,every win was “in spite of him”,every playoff birth was due to “his defense and running game”. Boldin played well in 3 of the 4 playoff games(Denver being the exception,it was by far Smith’s best game of the postseason). Flacco played flawlessly the whole way through. Boldin does well in the postseason,fans say he should get paid;Flacco has an all-time great performance,fans say he’s not worth the money. Fans would prefer to spend on an old WR but not on a young QB. Fantasy football has made fans stupid.

  34. Let’s face it…it’s a salary cap issues. The Raven’s owner would gladly pay him $6 million dollars then slap him on the ass and say “let’s go to Ruth’s Chris, get a steak, and celebrate.” It’s actually a good dilemma for the Ravens…they could have and owner that hates to spend and has plenty of salary cap space..*ahem…Cincinnati, Cleveland, Jacksonville….

  35. This entire game of hardball made zero sense from the get go. As good as Flacco was in the 6 games after Cameron got the ax, Boldin was the one who truly carried the entire offense, Rice and Pierce in the run game included. The Ravens have no one on their roster who can immediately fill Boldin’s role as a chain mover other than Pitta and as much as I love him, he is nowhere near the physical prescence Boldin is and he is a freakin’ tight end. There is no one the Ravens can get in the draft who can come immediately in and fill Boldin’s role and any free agent who they look at to do the same will likely. want more than Boldin’s salary. Not to mention that the Ravens unlike other teams are actually under the cap even with Flacco’s deal. Why not ask the guys who really underperformed last year to take a cut (as much as I support you, I’m looking right at you Ngata).

  36. Its funny how People say Boldin made Flacco. But when Receivers make Brady, Peyton etc look good the likes of Brady get the Credit. Boldin made some great Catches in Traffic but The Reason he makes Great Catches in Traffic is because he can’t get Seperation from defenders.

  37. You’d swear that the Ravens just cut Jerry Rice judging from the comments alone.

    But most people also thought that the Ravens would never win with Flacco too, and that was a wildly accurate belief……

  38. Loves seeing all of these Ravens haters talking crap about how Flaccos contract is a burden and that is why they have to let Boldin walk. If you morons knew what you were talking about then you would realize that Joe’s cap hit is minimal for the first three yrs! His number isn’t much different than last season, making it possible to keep Boldin but probably not feasible!

  39. Obviously the Ravens don’t view Boldin as crucial to the team by making such a low contract offer in demanding such a huge reduction in pay. I’ve always respected Boldin but at this point in his career he is not a $6 million dollar receiver. He never was fast to begin with but now he really has problems separating. There arr few teams that would consider him or pay him number one wr money.

  40. Eagles should trade Desean for a pick and sign Boldin for $6Million. It cuts another $3-4Million off their cap, improves their WR group and adds at least a 3rd pick for a team that needs depth.

  41. while Boldin played a big part last year, Could any one name one team that would pay him 6 mill per?
    another point, the reason he had to catch the jump balls because he gets absolutely no separation from a db

  42. “You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone..”

    The Ravens are silly if they don’t think Anquan Boldin is worth $6 million a year. I’d take him on my tam in a heartbeat.

  43. any one on this board who thinks he will get more than 3 mill is clueless. to get big wr money a wr has to be able to create some kind of separation, which he has’t been able to do in Baltimore

  44. If the Falcons got Boldin to play Harry Douglas’ position, they’d score 40+ a game. They wouldn’t need a pass rush. They’d have the outisdes covered and a mack truck in the middle that can catch. If Gonz comes back, too? Could you imagine? Who would stop that?

  45. Bengals can give him 6 mill if he really wants to stick it to the Ravens. Would fit in great with A.J.

  46. So Ravens fans go after Steelers fans and point their fingers and laugh over the James Harrison release but ultimately forget about the upcoming loss of Boldin, Lewis and soon, Reed? Typical.

  47. Flacco should have taken less to sign Boldin, that’s a terrible move for the Ravens. Plenty of takers for his services.

  48. During the playoff run Boldin was Flacco’s security blanket.

    You alway keep guys that play big in big games ( Boldin) and you let go of guys that play small in big games (Rice).

    Pay Boldin, trade or cut Rice, start B. Pierce.

    Problem solved.

  49. Boldin Expects To Play 2013 In Baltimore
    Wide receiver Anquan Boldin was in Arizona today for the Kurt Warner Ultimate Football Experience. While there, ESPN’s Adam Schefter said Boldin told him that he expects to play in Baltimore next season with his existing deal. Boldin said the Ravens have not asked him to restructure his deal, as previous reports suggest.

    It blows me away how reporter are able to get away with saying anything. Just not fair GOT DAM LIARS

  50. I love Boldin to stay but he is not worth the price. Ozzie and Co. know how much a receiver is worth. If Boldin thinks he can get more then by all means go for it. In this salary cap business, it sucks to see talent leave. The Ravens drafted Ben Grubbs and turned him into a pretty good lineman. Then the salary cap came into play and he took the money in NO. Nature of the business Im afraid

  51. Hate to break it to you haters but Boldin said the Ravens have not asked him to restructure and he expects to play in Baltimore. Just another awesome weekend for the Ravens while their rivals continue to suffer the repercussions of restructuring deal after deal after deal. Cheers!

  52. ravenator says: Mar 9, 2013 2:07 PM

    It’s a cat and mouse game right now. Relax people

    Exactly how is this a cat and mouse game? Who’s hiding from who? Explain this. How is this not a slam dunk for “the best front office in the history of sports”? Ozzie knows everything right? Ozzie is God right? Tell us more. Idiot.

  53. Boldin this year..Torrey Smith next year..Damn I hope Rice can catch those hail Marys! I’m just sayin.

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