Broncos had last chance at Dunta Robinson before Chiefs deal


The Chiefs had some competition for cornerback Dunta Robinson, as the division rivals Broncos actually had the last crack at him.

According to Mike Klis of the Denver Post, Robinson actually visited the Chiefs Thursday and the Broncos Friday, before deciding to head back to KC’s three-year deal.

The 30-year-old Robinson isn’t the same kind of cover player he used to be, but having Champ Bailey on the other side gives the Broncos a little leeway as they look for an upgrade.

With a deep group of free agent corners augmented by a crop of guys getting released, the Broncos will have plenty to choose from.

But unlike last year, when they talked Peyton Manning into coming to the mountains, their recruiting pitch isn’t foolproof.

23 responses to “Broncos had last chance at Dunta Robinson before Chiefs deal

  1. Actually the Denver Broncos didn’t have any interest in Dunta Robinson

    Its kinda funny when you never read nothing on the the Denver Broncos being interested in a player till the player actually signs with a team. Then All teams come out and say that they was interested when they wasn’t

  2. The Kansas City Chiefs never had Interest in Peyton Manning. Scott Poili never made the phone call. Then to found out 2 days later Peyton Manning said he would never play under Scott Poili

    Peyton Manning said if the Chiefs had new leadership like they do this year. then he said he would probably have went to Kansas City over Denver.

  3. Dunta knew, along with everyone else that has football knowledge, that the Broncos were a one hit, feel good story last year. The league needed Manning to bounce back and have a dream season.

    But everyone knows that it will not happen again. Mr. Andy Reid and Mr. John Dorsey have put the league on notice……………the AFC West belongs to the KANSAS CITY CHIEFS. Period.

    Future draft eligible players and all free agents are desperately trying to become a part of the Chiefs dynasty in the making.
    They all know a dominant, perennial Super Bowl contender is being assembled. Every team is going to try and emulate the “Chiefs Way”. Everyone finally realizes the Patriots Way was a sham. A farce that was accomplished thru cheating.

  4. Glad this piece of crap player isn’t going to Denver. The last time he wasn’t crap was in 2004.

  5. Hey Iknoweverything, I’m not sure if you watch football or not, but the Broncos won 11 more games than your Chiefs last year. 11. You’re claiming that the entire division “belongs” to your 2-win team. Hehe. Hehehehahaha. HahahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Ahhhh. Whooooo! That S$!t is funny.

  6. Somehow I think we’ll be able to survive this devastating news…… The Chiefs will be great just like they were predicted to be last season. Now go figure out which defensive lineman is going to be the most overrated and draft him K.C. We’ll trade back, get criticized for it, and draft the best one (see Wolfe, Derek). In Elway We (always) Trust!

  7. Champ Bailey is no longer a cover corner, he might have a few years as either a safety or a nickel back but age has caught up with him.

  8. @Iknoweverything…. Seriously bro, the chin strap on your nerf helmet is too tight.
    @riseabovecancer …. Love how you log in with 2 names to make up your fantasy post. Throttle back on the ritalin but pound the lithium bro.

  9. The funniest line in this post was “having Champ Bailey on the other side gives the Broncos a little leeway as they look for an upgrade.” What???!!! I suggest you review the AFC playoff game between Baltimore and Denver. There you’ll see the “champ” has become the “toast” of the town! Old corners don’t just fade away. They put their lack of speed and diminishing skills on display for the whole world to see as Bailey did against Baltimore.

  10. The donkeys had better get chimp some help back there because he’s no longer close to being “elite”.

    And those safeties they have, sheesh.

  11. I’ll take my chances with Champ. Torrey Smith has flat out straight-line speed that NO corner can cover man-to-man. Once we changed the coverage on him and gave champ safety help Smith wasn’t heard from again. Not sure why we didn’t do it sooner though. Oh wait, because nobody did that to Champ all year. Every other team in the playoffs played coverage against Smith the same way. Champ was fine the other 16 games and he’ll be fine next year. Still a top corner and he doesn’t even need a twitter account.

  12. Hey oldbrowndawg,

    It wasn’t his best day, but washed up? Hah, one bad game and he’s washed up. Watch the other 16 games and tell me that’s true. Oh wait, you didn’t and won’t. Still better than any Browns corner.

    Shouldn’t you be excited that your two main rivals (I use that term loosely b/c a rivalry must have the other team actually win once in awhile) are rebuilding (Steelers) and overspending on mediocre talent (Ravens) and that you might actually have a chance this year. Of course you’ll have to hope that you can win the division with 6 wins, but hey, anything is possible.

  13. People saying champ is washed up should buy some ‘football for beginners’ books. Champ had the worst game of his career in the playoff loss. Before that, he finished the season as a top 5 CB. Chris Harris is going to have a pro bowl year. Tony Carter is way above average, and Omar Bolden flashed a lot of promise. Denver is in good shape at CB.

  14. Getting real tired hearing that the Broncs are interested in a CB. Have they not learned that you can have Revis and Bailey back there and still lose if a QB has forever to throw the ball. Give Vonny Football some legit help and quit chasing CBs! Signed, still pissed over the brain freeze.

  15. Iknoweverything: actually knows nothing. Tebow and Denver was a feel good story, Manning and a top 5 defense is real. You guys get Andy Reid and all of a sudden you’re the AFC West champs. You guys are going to get an over rated QB in Alex Smith and good job you stole one of the worst cover corners in the league. Manning is going to pick him apart. Kansas City needs to stay calm and just be happy that your the favorite to be the favorite to take second in the West ok.

  16. I absolutely love when dumb fans give Denver no credit for how good they are. It’s ok KC keep thinking you’re on the rise. Denver and Manning need no credit, they just get it done! In Elway we trust! I’m sure he has a plan and it’s A LOT bigger then Robinson!

  17. I’m glad the Chiefs got to beat the Broncos in at least one way, even if it was in a rush to overpay a corner. Denver will get a corner and probably keep Carter off the field, but Robinson would have been a bad fit. And yes, the Ravens found a way to exploit Champ’s slight loss of speed which won them the game – but notice when Denver finally switched assignments and put Harris on James, dude all but disappeared. It’s about depth and options, not a lack of starting talent.

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