Cardinals, Lions could be destinations for Reggie Bush

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With teams and agents keeping their lips zipped regarding the potential destinations of free agents who are currently free to negotiate with other franchises, it’s time to dust off a little speculation from earlier in the week, courtesy of Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network.

To no surprise, Reggie Bush won’t be back with the Dolphins.  So where will he go?

Teams to watch include the Lions and the Cardinals.  Detroit previously has been linked to Bush, a move that would be no surprise in light of the fact that Jahvid Best likely will never play football again.  The Cardinals simply need the talent, and Bush has it.

The fact that the Cardinals have needs makes them even more attractive for Bush, because he wants to be the top dog on the depth chart.  In Detroit, there’s a chance that won’t happen.

40 responses to “Cardinals, Lions could be destinations for Reggie Bush

  1. Yes come to Motown! With Stafford to Megratron, Suh and company taking care of the defense and you out of the backfield this could finally be our year!

  2. Reggie will be a very productive hero in Detroit.

    Reggie Jax almost took one out of the park when he hit the light tower in the ’71 All Star game in old Tiger Stadium.

    Reggie Bush will soon be takin’ it to the house at Ford Field. Can’t wait.

  3. If I were Bush, I’d go to the ‘Cards. It’d be a nice transition from Miami to Glendale.

  4. Not sure Bush fits the mold in AZ the feature back needs to block and block well in Arians O. That said, as a fan I would take him over what we have, Cardinals have needs everywhere but WR and CB.

  5. That’s the problem, that the Lions gamble, and they pay a commission or juice to take those gambles. They don’t make investments, let alone shrewd investments. The ultimate business chaos mess.

    This team is owned by a car manufacturer and yet they can’t figure out how to manage a list of depreciating assets. They consider depreciation liabilities as assets. Of all the teams not to have this stuff figured out and down to a science, it’s most embarrassing for us not to get it.

    Same old Lions doing the exact same thing each and every year; failing off the field with illogical personnel decisions.

  6. Detroit will over pay and Bush ( on the backside of his NFL life) will under perform.

    Mayhew will be fired next off season over this one.

  7. I keep seeing DET listed as a destinations, but I have to vehemently disagree.

    DET is having cap issues this season, and they have bigger needs. They also need a capable #2 WR , CB, S, and DE/pass rusher. The #5 pick will address a CB or DE most likely, but what about all of the other positions?

    I don’t see them outbidding other teams and spending $6M+for a committee-type back when they can get a younger, healthier “pass catching” back in the middle rounds of the draft.

  8. Arians stated he doesn’t want running backs to catch, he wants a full time, carry the load, pass protection RBs. Otherwise, they could have re-signed Hyphen for cheaper and got the same production. No need to dust off the speculation, it’s worthless.

  9. How many RBs are the Cards going to give up on before they fix their terrible OL. Reggie won’t get any yards in Arizona just like everyone else for the past 10 or so years.

  10. Wells well be shopped around on draft day. You might get a 4th or later round pick for him.

    LOL yeah right , u mean a real late 7th rounder for Bennie “glass” Wells

  11. Awful move for the dolphins unless they believe miller is ready for the big time, which he may be. I still think they should keep Bush, he’s our only playmaker and we just gave 35 mil to a wide out who can’t find the end zone. Perhaps this will work out but as it stands the dolphins just released their only true playmaker.

  12. Lets see, a small injury-prone RB going to a team with a history of injured RBs and a questionable O-line. Sure, that oughta work swell.

  13. Put Reggie in Honolulu blue and bring him to the 313. Don’t overpay but he will begin to keep defenses in the box with Calvin working magic as always. With stafford passing to him, come to Detroit Reggie we need a starter!!

  14. As a Saints fan he should have never left New Orleans, but in Detroit he would get cheaper housing and a great team. On the other hand he would like the weather better in Arizona and he would be alot closer to San Diego/ Los Angeles with family and friends. If I were a better man he goes to Arizona

  15. I really thought Reggie had found himself a home with the Dolphins. It would be tough for Reggie to go from saucy Miami to Motown, but what other options does he have?

    The Titans are in the market for a running back…

  16. Given the team’s most pressing needs, Bush is only a fit at the right price but this regime has a hard time with mixing price and priority and they are just foolish enough to overpay if Bush is foolish enough to come here knowing that a regime change is just another offseason away.

    Side note. The team doesn’t have a depth chart at RB, it has a width count with three second stringers.

  17. Lions fans on this site are the absolutely most clueless fans that post on this site. You really think Reggie Bush is going to give you more production then what Mikel LeShoure gave you last year? You’re nuts. Your offensive line is worse then what he had in Miami. You have SOOOOOOOO many holes on the defensive side of the ball you better pray to god they sink all their money into stopping teams from scoring 60 pts a game. And if they do invest on offense, how about some offensive line to help keep Stafford, who is also injury prone, healthy? But you know what, go ahead and keep banging your drums for Reggie, the rest of the NFC North doesn’t mind him coming to Detroit. Detroit is the worst of the NFC North for a reason. And I don’t even dislike the lions and their fans, I pity them for all they went through and I applaud their loyalty. Kudos to you. But Reggie isn’t an answer. The only thing consistent about Bush is that he’ll consistently miss 3+ games a year.

  18. As a Phins Fan, I wish Bush the best. He is a talent, but we have 4 RBs under age 26 and 2 are faster and Miller had a higher YPC. Shed the Veterans is the way to go or Cap Hell forever (why we sucked for years).

    Detriot won’ use him right, but has the need and Arizona is a great place and he could be the every down back, but he will get pummeled dancing around waiting for the holes to open and based on that OLine, they won’t. He will wind up in SanDiego (best fit) or Cincy (got the money).

  19. 1uniquename says:Mar 9, 2013 2:48 PM

    “we just gave 35 mil to a wide out who can’t find the end zone.”

    Correction… it’s $12.5M guaranteed. Until we see the contract we don’t know how he’s paid other than the guarantee. It’s street value. Butch up and wait to see what will happen.

  20. Unless he wants to get paid in pesos, he better pass on the Cards. They don’t have the money and even if they could scrape it together this year, they would no doubt want to renegotiate next year or cut him in favor of a younger draft choice.

  21. bush on the colts would seem to be the perfect fit here, im not sure why that hasnt been mentioned.

  22. As much as I would love to see Bush in Cardinal Red next season let me quote a famous movie on the chances of thathappening. ….zero point zero. The Cardinals don’t added big name free agents.

  23. thingamajig says:
    How many RBs are the Cards going to give up on before they fix their terrible OL.

    Couldn’t agree more
    The same goes for the Lions
    Fix your OL
    That does wonders for RBs

  24. South Beach/Detroit I don’t think so. At least with the Cardinals he’s in the same hemisphere as where he comes from. Reggie likes South Beach, Detroit won’t fit the bill at all. I wish the Dolphins would keep him, but I guess he’s on his way out which is too bad.

  25. packerbackernj… You’re the classic case of someone opening their mouth and ceasing all doubt that they’re cluessless. The Lions are in the market for a scat-back; you know, someone who has the capability of being a pass-catcher coming out of the back-field. Reggie Bush has that capability. Mikael Leshoure isn’t a scat-back, therefore he doesn’t have the skill-set to do what were looking for in third and long situation.

  26. Sure, one could say they need to fix this or that, but the truth is that the Lions have holes everywhere. Front office, coaching staff, defense, offense, special teams, trainers, guy who washes the jock straps, etc. Every single area outside of CJ, Stafford, Suh and Fairley needs an upgrade or even a body. No one not named Ford should have faith that the Lions will do the right things, but anyone is better at this point. Reggie Bush? Upgrade. Bean Bag chair? Upgrade on OL. Anyone with the ability to walk? Upgrade at safety. Whatever the Lions do, it’s going to be an upgrade over what they presented last year. This is coming from a looooooong suffering die hard. Most people on this site would be an upgrade in the front office and coaching staff.

  27. Go to Detroit! We need ya! Our offense could be back to its old form if we keep defenses honest with the run and swing passes. Leshoure is good for grinding out a few yards but he showed that he cannot break the big one…this probably changed the way defenses covered our receivers…they could overplay the pass and not concern themselves with the run. With Bush in the backfield that could help the entire offense a great deal much like Best did.

  28. why not green bay? I feel like with teams focusing strictly on rodger’s passing attack he could make some noise out of the backfield, esp by taking some catches too

  29. When I first heard my Lions were interested in Bush, I did Not like the idea. But when remembering how explosive our offense was the first 5 games of 2011 (when Best last played a whole game). That year the Lions never looked better offensively. When Best got hurt in the 6th game against the Niners, the game and the Lions have not been the same since. The Lions need an explosive speedy back to keep teams honest. Bush would do great in our offense, and would become a star IMO. Skeptical in could happen, but I can dream.

  30. I never thought I would stick up for Reggie Bush but, this guy is gonna get at least 1100 rushing and receiving yards combined. He will score some tds, too. He may not be the player a lot thought he would be but he is a solid pro. A lot of teams could use him. Can the Falcons afford him after letting Turner go?

  31. How could Bush NOT be the top dog in Detroit? As long as he’s still good anyways. LeShoure is nothing special, Bell is as good as Mikel. Neither one of those guys is as shifty and experienced as Bush, and relatively speaking Reggie has low miles.

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