Cardinals will cut Early Doucet


Early Doucet’s days in Arizona are coming to an end.

The Cardinals plan to release Doucet to save $1.7 million on their salary cap, Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic reports.

A third-round draft pick of the Cardinals in 2008, Doucet had a breakout season in 2011, catching 54 passes for 689 yards and five touchdowns, good for second on the team behind Larry Fitzgerald in all three categories. But in 2012 his role in the offense diminished, catching just 28 passes for 207 yards and no touchdowns.

Now Doucet will hit free agency and try to convince some team that he’s more like the player we saw in 2011 than the player we saw in 2012.

12 responses to “Cardinals will cut Early Doucet

  1. Doucet drops way too many passes, especially on 3rd down. He is routinely near or at the top of list for dropped passes per target.

    If he hadn’t stumble while being wide opened vs the Bengals in 2011, the Cardinals would have tied and possibly won that game & made the playoffs.

  2. They are letting him go because of his 2012 numbers? who did he have throwing the ball to him again?

  3. d0minate

    They are letting him go because of his 2012 numbers? who did he have throwing the ball to him again?

    They are letting him go because he is the 4th best WR on the team & drops way too passes. Fitz, Roberts, & Floyd are all better than him. He is injury prone as well.

  4. This guy can’t catch a cold, I’ve seen every game the JAMF has played in the league. I’ll be shocked if he makes another team.

  5. He had lots of opportunities to catch lots of balls over the last 2 years and squandered many of them. I’m shocked it took this long to let him go.

  6. The entire team has been in free fall for the last couple of years and that has to do a lot with the front office. Now they have nobody to blame but themselves when the team chokes this year. Doucet has had some good plays in other years and is fast. With the right coach and team he could be an upgrade to what some have now.

  7. The only thing I think I’ll remember him for is taking a cheap shot to the back of Dashon Goldson’s dome while he was getting up off the turf, then seeing Goldson lay the most devastating (legal) hit on him the next time they played.

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