Chiefs apparently in contact with Sean Smith


Despite reaching a deal with cornerback Dunta Robinson late Friday, the Chiefs apparently are still in the market for more secondary help, reaching out to Dolphins cornerback Sean Smith early Saturday.

According to Albert Breer of the NFL Network, the Chiefs “have shown an interest in CB Sean Smith early on in the contact period.”

Translated, they were on the phone a half hour ago, negotiating but not agreeing or anything.

Of course, long before the days of legal tampering, Smith was trying to cram the toothpaste back in the tube at the suggestion of old-fashioned tampering.

Adding Smith would legitimize a secondary that needs the help opposite Brandon Flowers.

Depending on the money in the Robinson deal, the Chiefs could easily justify using him as a nickel corner or even at safety if they landed Smith. Robinson’s a good tackler, and even if he’s not the same cover player he was, he adds value.

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  1. Can someone explain how a deal with Dunta Robinson can be announced after the NFL memo said that no pre-arranged deals can be agreed upon in sending notices to teams about ‘tampering’ during this 72 hour pre free agency period window?

  2. I find it extremely interesting that one of the contacts being reported is Sean Smith with the Chiefs. Considering Robinson was signed just yesterday and the immediate assumption by mostly everyone was that took them out of the Smith sweepstakes.

  3. …So what’s sadder?

    1. The fact that the Chiefs are potentially vulnerable to tampering charges because Smith’s former teammate Vontae Davis blabbed that Smith said he had talked to the Chiefs before the ‘legal’ tampering period?


    2. The fact that the Chiefs are risking tampering charges to try to sign the cornerback ranked 74th in the NFL (out of 113) by ProFootball Focus last season (2012)?

    For what it’s worth, Smith was ranked 105 out of 109 the year before (2011).

  4. @AlinNJ . . . Robinson was cut by the Falcons. He was free and clear to be signed by anyone else.

  5. Hmmm…why does an Andy Reid team acquiring two big name free agent cornerbacks sound familiar? Surprised there hasn’t been about 40 dream team comments thus far.

  6. Al in NJ says;
    “Can someone explain how a deal with Dunta Robinson can be announced after the NFL memo said that no pre-arranged deals can be agreed upon in sending notices to teams about ‘tampering’ during this 72 hour pre free agency period window?”

    Robinson was cut. He was no longer anyone’s property when KC signed him.

  7. Trust me people. As a Dolfan, I would hardly lose sleep over Sean Smith signing elsewhere. I hold Jake Long in higher regard than Smith. At least Jake performed for a sustainable period at a high level before injuries crept up on him. So far, I am pleased with what Miami has done in resigning Hartline and Moore. No complains. KC I wish you and Sean Smith all the best.

  8. Correction: I should have read Florio’s post just before this one.

    Still, I get the idea that the Chiefs could have waited until day 3 or 4 of free agency and signed this guy much cheaper.

  9. The Chiefs are obviously not “scared to death” of tampering charges but this could put them in danger, grave danger you ask, and I reply, is there any other kind?

  10. Sean Smith gets beat like he stole something constantly. He has never lived up to hype and is not worth 6 million plus to inconsistent. So KC is risking tampering for a corner who can only cover bigger slower WR, so someone sign Mike Williams so Sean Smith can actually stop someone, bum!!!

  11. The Chiefs can have him gladly! Sean Smith is a bum and he makes more mistakes and gets burned a lot.. Please sign him today.. In 4 yrs with the Dolphins he was not a difference maker what so ever and out of 16 games last yr he probably had 4 good games.. Not worth big $$ at all.. If the Chiefs get him good luck to u guys!

  12. Somehow Andy Reid didn’t learn in his last job that signing all the big names in free agency doesn’t work out.

    Hey Andy, why don’t you take a look at the good teams in the NFL?(Raven’s, 49ers, Packers, Patiots, Falcons) The majority of their rosters were acquired through the draft…take a hint.

  13. So much for the idiots in the previous Chiefs story that made coments such as “so much for signing Sean Smith”

  14. ravenmuscle says: Mar 9, 2013 6:31 AM

    “What’s a pentally?”

    A count of how many pens you have.

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