Dannell Ellerbe’s agent got quick interest from others

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The market might be slower than normal, but the agent for linebacker Dannell Ellerbe said the interest in his client was immediate.

Agent Hadley Engelhard told Jim Corbett of USA Today there were a number of calls last night.

“I’ve had dialogue with teams,” Engelhard said. “There were several. One team in particular called me at 12:01.”

Of course, one of those apparently wasn’t the Ravens, as Engelhard said he hadn’t received an offer from Ellerbe’s own team despite a report they were ready to make a “significant offer” to the linebacker before Tuesday’s opening of the free agent signing season.

“There’s nothing to report right now,” Engelhard said Saturday. “I read that, too.

“I expect things to pick up at the beginning of the week as we approach Tuesday. That’s where we are.”

This weekend seems to be working well for the guys who want to squeeze their own team one last time but don’t really want to leave.

But for Ellerbe, it might be a taste of something bigger to come, especially considering the way the Ravens are trying to squeeze their own.

16 responses to “Dannell Ellerbe’s agent got quick interest from others

  1. I don’t care how good you are, if your agent says anything other than “several” teams are interested in your services when you are an impending free agent, FIRE HIM QUICKLY.

  2. Oz is the best GM in the league, obviously well keep who we keep and we’ll lose who we lose but we all we know they’ll be competitive, in the playoffs again and competing for another Lombardi.

  3. I love everyone’s infatuation with Kruger. A guy who took 5 years to earn a starting role, can’t stop the run, and is nothing more than a situational pass rusher. 10.5 sacks. 6 in 3 games against rookie tackles and 4.5 post Sizzle return. He’s a system player at best. I hope someone overpays him. It won’t be here in Titletown.

    As for Ellerbe, Oz is letting him test the waters first. He’s very good. His one red flag? Can’t make a full season with at least one injuries sidelining him a few games. Personally I’d like him to stay BUT I wouldn’t go crazy with money. If the Colts offered him $9+ per year? See ya. Ill
    Take a 3rd rd compensatory instead.

  4. Rock the red:

    Baltimore is not Titletown. Don’t say stupid things like that. 3 Super Bowls and a world series in a 42-year span is something Clevelanders would envy, not something that makes you a Title Town.

    In that same span, Pittsburgh has 2 World Series titles, six super bowl wins and three Stanley Cups and I’m not even willing to claim that we’re “Title Town,” either.

    So, to sum it up: If Pittsburgh is not “Title Town” (and we’re NOT), then you’d better get your sorry-a$$ comparison somewhere towards the back of the line, peanut.

  5. BAL as “Title Town”? Now that’s funny.

    How about SF? 5 Super Bowls, a recent World Series title.

    Dallas? 5 Super Bowls, 1 NHL and 1 NBA title.

    Philly? Oh wait, never mind.

    And how about NY? 27 titles for the Yankees, 4 for the Giants, 1 for the Jets.

    Baltimore? Please, son. Get in line!

  6. With Nick Barnett gone from Buffalo, we need a few upgrades in the LB corps. Ellerbe would fit perfectly next to Kelvin Sheppard, Nigel Bradham and Bryan Scott. Since only Ellerbe is a 3 down Linebacker, Buffalo will have to either take one in the Draft or hope that another decent LB is released before TC is over.

  7. Baltimoron, Titletown really.
    Thats the stupidest comment I have read here in quite some time.

  8. Oz is the best GM in the league, obviously well keep who we keep and we’ll lose who we lose but we all we know they’ll be competitive, in the playoffs again and competing for another Lombardi.

    Isn’t every teams goal at the beginning of the season to be competitive while competing for a Lombardi? Starting to sound less confident without Boldin and maybe ellerbe also…such a fair weather fan. Be strong son all is not lost you still have mom and your dog..no friends no life but you have your steeler envy and raven lust..life is good for a 20 year old in charm city.

  9. Ellerbe is a good backer and would love to have him back but let’s stop acting like he’s the next Ray Lewis or Willis. This guy has never played a full season healthy and gets lost in pass coverage a lot.

    He is an excellent blitzer and quick.

    Lets see what happens.

  10. Yeah that title town thing was kind of foolish but maybe he was referring to us as the recent champs so we’re title town until next years champs?

    Anyway, Baltimore won three per-merger Championships: ’58-’59-’68

    Super Bowl V in ’70

    Balt won SB in ’00 & ’13

    That makes 6 pro football titles.

    Not many cities can say that.

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