Dolphins “lead dog” for Mike Wallace

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There may be a leader in the Mike Wallace Derby.’s Alex Marvez, in a story published Saturday evening, quoted a source that said the Dolphins were currently the “lead dog” for the Steelers’ free-agent wideout.

According to Marvez, the climate in Miami isn’t hurting the franchise’s cause.

“He prefers warm weather,” the source told Marvez.

The 26-year-old Wallace is the top player available in PFT’s Free Agent Top 100. Possessing rare field-stretching speed, Wallace never figured to lack interest in free agency. According to Marvez, Wallace is expected to garner offers averaging $11-12 million annually.

Now, the focus turns to whether the Dolphins’ orange-and-teal silks are ahead at the wire come decision time for Wallace.

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  1. If I had a choice of 12m for Long or 12m for wallace it would be wallace in a heart beat. The phins paid 12m for Long last year. This is a no brainer. Sign the man.

  2. Someone who goes by the handle Incarcerated Bob “reported the Fins and Wallace have reached an agreement in principle for 5 years 60m. I don’t normally trust “breaking news” like this. Can anyone add some validity to this for me?

  3. “Now, the focus turns to whether the Dolphins’ orange-and-teal silks are ahead at the wire come decision time for Wallace.”

    WTF Does that even mean???

  4. I was going to comment about how warm it is in the Bay Area, the enjoyable kind of warmth; the kind that lacks humidity.

    Then I saw the estimated annual price tag; it’s way to cold here for him. That’s the kind of price tag only a struggling franchise will grant to excite fans into buying season tickets. I hope the Dolphins don’t grant him that type of contract or it will cost them in many ways. They are making progress and a contract like that can be very painful.

  5. It’d be a great signing for the Dolphins giving Tannehill a young, talented target. I wish the Panthers weren’t so cap strapped so that we could find Cam Newton another proven target at WR. Steve Smith ain’t gonna last forever, as great as he has been.

  6. Say what you want about Jeff Ireland, but he definitely had a master plan going into free agency. He went 3 for 3 signing his own free agents and now if he can land Mike Wallace whom John Clayton called the “gem of this free agent class” he will certainly draw some more supporters. Come to South Beach Mike, I’m ready for Miami to be a football town again!

  7. At least the Marshall deal shows Ireland knows how to cover his butt on the back end so that the team isn’t hurt in the case of the experiment failing.

  8. Of course Miami would be. Wallace will be considered a free agent bust. Like Robert Meachem, Josh Morgan, Eddie Royal and other assorted names. Will have a big contract not matching the production.

  9. The depth in the draft is making me the only dolphins fan in the USA that doesn’t want us to land him. I don’t care who he goes to, as long as he doesn’t end up in N.E. I would rather have a chance at Tavon Austin really, and now that Bolden is available, he would be better for us. I’m thinking Bolden, Austin, Hartline, and Marquese Wheaton, Marquise Goodwin, or Da’Rick Rodgers. Bolden might sign for 40 or 45 mil for four to five, so we could grab the Bennett bros., a CB or two and a RT in FA. Thats a better plan than 14 mil on one player to me.

  10. Mike Wallace would be a nice addition to our team and would make other players around him better like Bess and Hartline. Although they better not over pay him, the fins need to grab a top receiver in the deaft also.

  11. I cant wait till they FINALLY sign Santonio Holmes… Oh i mean Mike Wallace… sorry got my money hungry EX-Steeler receivers mixed up… !!

  12. Rare field streching speed means nothing if you can’t catch or fight for the ball.

    Mike Wallace’s attitude and on-field performance in 2012 was the most disappointing performance I’ve seen in a Pittsburgh Steeler in watching this team for over four decades.

    To see all the progress and skill washed away by an over blown ego that this player has astounding. It was laughable that his bargaining position was equal money to Larry Fitzgerald. It was insulting to see a Randy Moss give-a-crap attitude take over at mid-season. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  13. Pro Football Focus only gave Wallace a Performance Based Value of $1 million for his 2012 effort. Their scouting report for free agency indicates that he is the 3rd most valuable receiver, behind Welker and Jennings, due to his inability to run a full route tree.

    Pittsburgh fans (like me) were disappointed by his lack of effort in some games this past season. His inability to develop the kind of full, all-around game like Antonio Brown has been frustrating.

  14. Of course his drops before were because it was too cold…now his drops will be because his hands were too sweaty.

    However…nobody will be in the stands to see the games anyway except when the Ravens come in to play their game.

    Except for the Miami Heat…does ANYBODY care about baseball or football in Florida.

    Even the Tampa Bay Rays have very good teams their games are usually played in the stadium half full.

  15. Just like they were “lead dog” for Jim Harbaugh? Or Matt Flynn? Or Jeff Fisher? Or Antrel Rolle? Or…

  16. Well, playoffs or not, this will be one of the most fun teams to watch. I’m excited about the idea of wallace, Hartline, bess, bins and Mathews for the receiving core, Tannehill making plays and I’m anxious to see what miller can do out of the backfield. With a solid d, should be very good for the next 5-10 yrs. exciting times for dolphin fans

  17. Before the one trick pony comments start…

    For someone who can’t catch (not true) and can only run go routes (again not true) it’s amazing that he is able to average over 1000 receiving yards and 8-10 receiving touchdowns each season before the age of 26.

    Essentially what people like you are saying is that his ceiling is rediculously high because once he learns to run routes and catch (eye rolls) then he will essentially be one of the greatest receivers in the league.

    Wallace will get his $11 million per season and fans…especially Steelers fans will continue to hate.

  18. oh ok..sure Wallace is a fast deep threat, but he isn’t a game changer and if he was steelers would have signed him to a long term deal, but unfortunately Wallace dreams big thinking he’s worth 11-12M annually which he isn’t and hope there is that 1 “Sucker” team who will overpay him…hmmm, dolphins are the lead “SUCKERS” for Wallace..let the drama begin on tue.

  19. Mike Wallace is an overrated turd. I can’t wait for the rest of the league to find out. He’s all about himself and until he matures he’ll never help a team.

  20. Anyone else watch wallace play? Why would anyone be excited to overpay him. He is not big which means he isnt a redzone threat. He has alligator arms over the middle, and cant figure out what the definition of running a route is. The guy is nothing but fast. So what. Hope he does go to the dolphins and you idiots find out why he sucks so bad first hand

  21. Can everyone please stop talking about Brian Hartline like he is more than just A GUY? Take the time to rank him along with other nfl wide outs. He doesn’t crack the top 50 on anyone’s list that isn’t a dolphins fan.

    He brings nothing that Early Ducett does not bring, that’s his level, case closed

  22. Mike Wallace has so-so hands, runs very limited routes, is a bit of headache off the field and will earn at least $12 million per season from Miami in the next three days. He isn’t as good as Brandon Marshall, but the Dolphins need another player to stretch the field. They’ll also need a RB and a LT in the next week, but one move at a time.

    The top three wideouts in free agency all will likely be overpaid, so Miami can’t really be knocked for the signing if it happens. But one has to question why Pittsburgh let the guy walk away without even attempting to work out a deal or to rework existing contracts. Miami fans better hope Wallace doesn’t count his money and live in the clubs, because this signing will result in the loss of both Jake Long and Reggie Bush.

  23. Way too much money. When will people understand that wide receivers don’t win games for you? Calvin Johnson just broke Jerry Rice’s record, and the Lions won four games. Besides, Wallace isn’t even that good.

  24. Good. Vikings should resign Harvin, sign Brandon Gibson and pick up Justin Hunter in the draft (assuming, of course, Keenan Allen isn’t available @ #23).

    Harvin, Gibson, Hunter/Allen, Rudolph and AP in the backfield. Not bad. Ponder will have no excuses in 2013 and we’ll know for sure by the end of this season if he can win in this league.

    Thank you, Miami. I almost forgot you guys still had a team..

  25. Phins are a Joke and Walkace ain’t going to help..Thinking Pats lure hardline away and make him the next Welker..Ho hum another Div Tirle for Da Pats!

  26. LOL @ Dolphins guys gona Learn quick that Wallace is only about his $.. the only reason. he had the numbers he had was because of Ben extending plays..He don’t block..he don’t go over the middle..he don’t catch with his hands and he can’t beat double teams. He’s a pretty boy diva who will never get grass stains on his uniform. Tannehill will under throw him 50% of the time. Some one said that Wallace is gona make the other Dolphin WRs better!? Apparently they don’t know Wallace..I’ve seen every snap since he became a Pro

  27. Wallace would be a good complementary receiver (deep threat) for a team that already has a solid #1 guy. That is not the Dolphins. Wallace is worth $6-7M not $12M. He does not run good routes. He has a diva streak and a case of the dropsies. Jennings is not worth what he wants either but at least that guy can run different routes and catch the ball. Wallace is not helpful in the red zone and that is where Miami struggles. Please pass on Wallace and spend the money more wisely. Wallace just seems like one of those guys that enters the witness protection program after getting paid because nobody hears from them again.

  28. I wish Pittsburgh would make him an offer of 10.5 per year I think he would take it to remain in Pittsburgh .With Wallace our offense is great ,without we are good.For all the haters out there show Wallace some love

  29. Go back and watch the Steelers Packers Super Bowl on the 1st quarter interception Roethlisberger was hit as he threw to Wallace. Wallace just stood and watched the ball float to a Packers corner back…he didn’t even try fighting for the ball. Unless you hit him while wide open he won’t work to catch the ball….not exactly the trait of a $50-60 mil WR, is it? Can’t send him on go routes every play…

  30. He’ll make Miami pay top dollar for him then do NOTHING! He has top speed but average hands at best. That’s why the Steelers chose to sign brown before Wallace.

  31. He’ll be an impact player and will immediate help almost any teams passing attack, even if he isn’t getting the ball. He does have an occasional drop, but they’re usually not big ones and he’ll make big plays when you need them. Everyone knows about the deep routes but he’s also very effective on a short slant + run after the catch.

    All in all, world class speed with hands, route running, and playmaking ability that are just good enough to compliment the speed.

  32. I don’t like the thought of overpaying for a down field stretch receiver when the dolphins don’t throw down the field n have no real threat @ TV

  33. Philbin and Shermans passing offense is all about getting different receivers into favorable matchups and situations that can enable them to make plays. Mike Wallace can stretch the field and create space underneath for the other receivers. His age and skill set makes sense for what the coaches need in Miami. Everyone can look into their crystal ball and make negative comments (remember the Reggie Bush trade?), but Wallace will get paid no matter where he goes, so why not go to a team where he will fit in perfectly with what the coaching staff is trying to accomplish?

  34. Problem is he is not a #1 guy. He is a compliment. All those steeler receivers are complimentary guys. Miami already has a complimentary guy in hartline. Wallace will grab the money but the reality Is he should be begging that the Lions or Bengals would sign him. He would put up crazy numbers at either place with megaton or green opposite.

  35. Slim pickings at WR. Jennings is getting old, maybe a year away from slow. Wallace has attitude and so-so hands, but some youth and speed. There were reasons he was a third rounder. Looks like a huge pay day anyway.

  36. Signing Wallace or overpaying is a good thing. No such thing as overpaying ( except for the guaranteed money). It they dont perform they never see the rest of the contract. Wallace makes the Dolphins better if he never catches a single ball. It makes Teams play 1o on 11 every down with a Safety over top. Personally, i hope he does catch a few nonetheless. He will sign for about what D.Bowe got. Case Closed it is what it is. Every Team wants him… Only one gets him. The fans that dont write sour grapes.

  37. A guy who in 4yrs in the league has averaged over 1k yards and 8 tds a season has no hands and can’t run routes…. Just imagine what he could do if he actually applied himself, then steelers fans would find something else to be bitter about.

  38. This article’s title should read “lead pony” since Wallace is nothing more than a one trick pony.

  39. Run after catch?? I think some of y’all only seen Wallace’s highlights..not the rest of the plays

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