Dolphins stadium bill progressing despite opposition

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When it comes to obtaining public funding for an NFL stadium, the best approach is to not approach the voters directly.  In Miami, the plan making its way through the legislature would, if successful, result in a public referendum.

Thus, getting the bills passed has been much easier than the voter-circumvention strategy employed elsewhere, such as Minnesota.

Via the Associated Press, three legislative committees in Florida have approved a bill that would guarantee $3 million per year for 30 years to help pay for an upgrade of SunLife Stadium, which is owned by Dolphins owner Stephen Ross.  If the bill becomes law, the voters will then become involved.

Some lawmakers nevertheless oppose the effort.  “The NFL is conning us, vote against this madness,” Rep. Bill Hager, a Republican representing Delray Beach, told the AP.

Nationwide, the trend among voters is to reject such measures.  In Miami, current polling conducted not by the Dolphins indicates that opposition is significant.

That’s why the Dolphins need to make an extra-big splash in free agency this year.  They need to create the kind of excitement that will increase supporters of the effort and motivate them to show up and cast ballots at the appropriate.

Still, unless and until the Dolphins have the leverage that comes from a potential relocation of the franchise, the locals will remain ambivalent, at best.

12 responses to “Dolphins stadium bill progressing despite opposition

  1. If Stephen Ross owns the stadium, what happens if the taxpayers don’t give him any money? He leaves his OWN stadium empty?

  2. Better subsidize the rich dude or he’ll take his tax write offs and leave. Better give the billionaire a break if you want those $8/hr concession and parking lot jobs. But remember, he gets the money from concessions and parking. The mans gotta eat after all.

  3. I support the renovation 100%. As a season ticket holder, this would benefit in the long run. Especially if we land some big names in the free agent market. What IS comical is the marlins stadium…really? The marlins are going to make big bucks from the 12 people in attendance all year long…if that..smh.

  4. If you are a resident of the Miami area (and you would be if you are voting for this), I do not understand why you would vote against it. The “public” is funding under half of it, and it’s all coming from an increase in hotel tax of 1%, of which you would never pay if you are a resident of the Miami area.

  5. There are other stadiums built totally from tax payers money like the one in New Jersey and the one being built in San Fransico. How Robbie Stadium was totally built with Joe Robbie’s money. The peoe of Miami have been spoilt. Ross is paying over half the renovation costs. If the city and people want to keep the money coming into the area by hosting Superbowls and other huge events then why be opposed to this? The NFL commissioner already stated that if the city of Miami wanted to host any more Superbowls it has to modernise it’s early 90’s era stadium. Its a win win for the stadium and the city. More functions more jobs and more money.

  6. We have become a nation of bailouts. Bailouts for the banks, gm, foreclosures and sports teams.

    Although it’s true the bailout will be funded by the tourists and not the county residents, why should common people make the rich richer?

    They made the big bucks, it’s time to spend them!

  7. This is a no brainer to vote YES on. The dolphins are not the Marlins and unfortunately the Marlins stadium was the wrong one to build and is hurting the dolphins stadium big time. The bigger stadium that can host ANY event in the world, including the biggest event in our country deserves a renovation. While that monstrosity in little Havana can only host concerts and baseball and will bring in very little tourism dollars. Get the deal done, NOW!!!

  8. To add to my other statement I worked at a restaurant in ft Lauderdale when I was young and during the orange or super bowl weeks our profits we’re at least 50% more, the difference is extraordinary and we were 25 miles from the stadium but half our customers came in wearing Oklahoma or Ohio state gear (and tipped very well, thank you Oklahoma for helping pay my tuition). Improve the stadium and keep these events coming to Miami and continue bringing in that tourism money.

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