Door slams on Reggie Bush in Miami, opens elsewhere

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It’s clear at this point the Dolphins are going to aggressively pursue a playmaker on offense.

But it’s equally clear that they’re willing to let one walk out the door.

According to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, three teams have expressed a willingness to pay Bush “significant” money, but that the Dolphins are none of them.

In fact, Salguero’s source said Bush “categorically will not be back in Miami.”

The are teams with a glaring need for a player such as Bush (cough, Lions, cough), but the Dolphins appear ready to hand the ball to Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas and proceed.

Bush was a productive runner and receiver for the Dolphins, but he’s going to have to take his show on the road next year, and wait until Tuesday to do it.

24 responses to “Door slams on Reggie Bush in Miami, opens elsewhere

  1. I’d like to see Reggie in Chicago or Seattle as a compliment to their existing run games. Could be explosive.

  2. Reggie has a few bullets left in his gun but not many…he.was a good teammates and I hope he does well elsewhere. If signed to a significant contract, dolphins will be awarded another pick. This is good player mgmnt by Ireland.

  3. Detroit is his #1 destination according to multiple sources. The Lions had a Reggie Bush in Jahvid Best but he won’t play again so signing Reggie Bush will do for us what Marshall Faulk did for St. Louis- Give a 4-12 team with a potent passing attack that extra dimension that they didn’t have the year prior and puts them into the playoffs and beyond.

  4. Thanks for the hard work and effort Reggie,A true shame that the front Office doesn’t see your value to the team.

  5. Can’t think of too many ways that would piss me off more than for the Lions to use up a giant chunk of money on yet again another veteran castoff of another team. Same old Lions if they do it yet again.

  6. Reggie will be a very productive hero in Detroit.

    Reggie Jax almost took one out of the park when he hit the light tower in the ’71 All Star game in old Tiger Stadium.

    Reggie Bush will soon be takin’ it to the house at Ford Field. Can’t wait.

  7. Good luck Reggie, you were nothing but a performer in Mia we appreciated your time here but as we all know and as you figured out in college this is a business, glad to see Mia realize this and move on instead of holding on too long to guys like ricky and ronnie

  8. He really surprised me with his production in Miami. A bit of a head scratcher as to why they are letting him walk, but they probably don’t want him to be the lead back. He, of course, wants to be the lead back and also be compensated accordingly.

  9. Typical Jeff Ireland move. He lets talented players leave and then replaces them with less talented, back-up quality players (see Vontae & Brandon). I wasn’t a big Bush fan, but he was at least a home-run threat. The downgrade continues.

  10. Reggie would be too expensive for a Detroit team that has many needs elsewhere. I’d rather see us draft a speed back that can catch who would be a younger, cheaper alternative to Bush.

  11. Mistake. Big Mistake…Bush has the talent he just wasn’t utilized right. Thomas wont make 700 yards this year, and Miller better step up real quick. Our running game is gonna suck. Tannerhill better pass for 5000 yards this year

  12. Reggie thank you for your time in Miami, you were great on and off the field as a professional. All the best.

    I hope you choose a team that will feature you similar to how the Saints and Eagles featured Sproles and McCoy in the passing game.

    I truly hope you go into a situation that you can be the guy!

  13. Time and history (actual or revisionist) will tell whether Bush was misused in his time in Miami, or whether he has no big-play bullets left in his armament.

    Personally, I suspect the latter. He never really produced as much as was expected in New Orleans, but that may have been a case of overly heightened expectations, which in turn may have been a product of where he went to school and how much hype he got there. He never produced the big plays expected in Miami, period.

  14. “I love Reggie but I question his durability especially as he gets older. Miami made the right move.”

    This is ignorant and just paroting what people remember from NO.
    Bush hasnt been injury prone in miami.

    Hes averaged 1300 yards and 8 td’s. He had more receiving td’s then any of our wr’s…as a HB.

    Wre silly to let a 27 yo RB go in his prime with little wear on his tires as a RB

  15. smh he accounted for over 60 % of the offensive production. if Ireland messes up this year he is a goner. i can see the FIRELAND signs waving already!!!!

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