Mike Glennon: I’m not doing any of the new read-option stuff


The read-option has become such an NFL buzzword in the last year that to hear some of its enthusiasts talk about it, you’d think pocket passers had gone the way of dropkicks, single-bar facemasks and barefoot kickers. But former North Carolina State quarterback Mike Glennon would like to remind you that there’s still a place in the NFL for passers like him.

Glennon, who passed for 4,031 yards but had negative rushing yardage during his senior season, said on NFL Network that he’s eager to get in a pro-style offense that will let him set up in the pocket and look to pass, not to run.

“I would describe myself as the classic drop-back quarterback, big arm, not really going to beat anybody with my feet,” Glennon said. “I can move a little better than most people give me credit for, but I’m not going to be doing any of the new read-option stuff.”

The 6-foot-7, 225-pound Glennon says that “NFL pocket passer” is the role he was born to play.

“I’m really driven, I want to be successful in everything I do,” Glennon said. “In my childhood I dreamed of being an NFL quarterback, throwing the ball in the backyard.”

That’s throwing the ball in the backyard. Not running the ball.

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  1. The Cardinals, out of desperation, are going take QBs with their first three picks.

  2. Read option is the current fad/gimmick like the Wildcat, run and shoot, wing-T, Veer, etc. It will be gone just as soon as a couple of high priced QBs get their clocks cleaned and can’t pass the concussion tests.

  3. Dont know why people think the read option is just a fad,, if you know football then you would know why the R/O is so difficult to stop especially how the Skins run it, they leave the end rush man basically unblocked or in a no-mans land type of situation, and forces him to make a decision ,unfortunately when most people make a decision while in the middle of something they stop and think and thats where the problem lies its not with the formations and packages its with the defensive players decision making, in the wildcat you knew what would happen they snap it to a rb playing qb and he’ll run the ball, with the R/O theres so many possibilities and the D has to think about all those possibilities when the ball is snapped. As far as injuries go RG3 got hurt because he was stubborn, other than him Russell Wilson didnt get hurt, Kapernick didnt get hurt, Cam Newton didnt get hurt ,because the later three play smart RG3 will learn how to play smart. also

  4. I like that the kid knows who he is, not some draft pick telling every GM he will do whatever it takes to be drafted higher, than never delivers once they get paid.

    I like this kid without ever seeing him play.

  5. Being a life long NCSU fan, I can tell you that mechanically, Glennon is as sound as they come. His problem is that he is a stationary target panics under duress. I don’t wanna say the classic passer is dead, but the guy looked at as the best today, is very mobile. He is Aaron Rodgers.

    Any guy who has zero mobility is in trouble, as defensive speed increases every year. Who would you take Russell Wilson or Gleenon? Well, Wilson never played spring ball because of baseball. Glennon still couldn’t beat him out.

    I recall when Russell left a baseball game, still in uniform, changed into football gear and won spring red/white game, then went back to play baseball again, in the same day.

    Glennon will play, but I don’t see him starting. He lacks the requisite skill-set for today’s game.

  6. There are very few Peyton Manning’s who can have negative rushing yards in the NCAA and be successful in the NFL.
    Not a long shot to think that this guy isn’t Peyton Manning.

  7. Another sorry college QB who won’t amount to much in the pros. He was inconsistent at NC State, but I’m sure an NFL coach thinks he can fix that. And I’m sure that NFL coach will get himself fired like his college coach did if he hangs his hat on doing that.

  8. Yo bigmike7914 – DCs are already tooling Ds to stop this offense. It usually takes Ds a few years to figure the best ways to stop a new O.

    One way to do it is to stick the QB hard on every read option play – whether he keeps the ball or not. See, that is legal because technically he is a runner on those plays. No “Tom Brady” rule there!

    I give it another year, tops! Just like the Wildcat.

  9. Dude is so thin he has to run around in the shower to get wet. He would break in half like a stick if he gets hit in the NFL. Not to mention he is slow too.

    Tall and a big arm but that’s about it. Is that enough? Maybe or maybe not.

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