On cap penalties, union already threw Redskins under the bus

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It was surprising, to say the least, to see the Washington Post report regarding the willingness of the NFL Players Association to support the efforts of the Redskins to recover via the legal system $36 million in salary-cap space that was stripped of the franchise for treating the uncapped year as, well, uncapped.

Lost in the lengthy Post article is one undeniable reality that will make it difficult, if not impossible, for the NFLPA to do anything:  Last year, the union agreed to $46 million in penalties against the Redskins and Cowboys as part of the quid pro quo that bumped the salary cap from $120 million to $120.6 million.

Though it was in the league’s interests to find a way to prevent the cap from contracting (which it would have done but for a measure of mathematical magic), NFLPA leadership had a much more urgent reason to prevent a shrinkage of the cap only seven months after the new labor deal had been signed.  Executive director DeMaurice Smith was up for re-election later that month, and an ouster would have been far more likely if the team-by-team spending limit had shrunk.

The union, then, would have agreed to pretty much anything to get the cap to go up — and it’s mildly surprising that the NFL didn’t push for even more.  Talking now about joining the Redskins in a possible legal challenge against the NFL serves only to stir a dog that is better left sleeping.

Put simply, the Redskins are in the mess because the NFLPA’s agreed they would be.  With friends like that, the Redskins would never again need another enemy.

29 responses to “On cap penalties, union already threw Redskins under the bus

  1. The Redskins are hated because we win and have a great owner who marches to his own beat. Mr. Snyder please continue being the guy you have been and don’t change for anyone. Weather the league crooks return the money or not, we’ll still win and dominate on the field period. #SnyderRules

  2. So what you’re saying is, DeSmith sacrificed his integrity for a short-term fix…? SHOCKER!!

  3. Of course, a $0.6M/team cap bump only equals $19.2M in total new spending. The NFLPA agreed to have their players make nearly $27M less than they could have, all for perception.

    Assuming the Cowboys & Redskins would have used all of that stripped cap space, but I don’t think that is a stretch.

  4. For the hundredth time.. its not a penalty. The Redskins just had to count the Haynesworth contract money against their cap. Same as every other team would have had to do. They tried to cheat .. got caught .. and we’re told to play by the rules No sanctions .. no fines .. no loss of cap money. Just applying the same rules all teams have to follow.

  5. If anyone out there is really paying attention and not just hating on Skins/Danny, the entire thing is absurd. It’s collusion defined

  6. logicalvoicesays says: Mar 9, 2013 9:07 PM

    The Redskins are hated because we win and have a great owner who marches to his own beat. Mr. Snyder please continue being the guy you have been and don’t change for anyone. Weather the league crooks return the money or not, we’ll still win and dominate on the field period. #SnyderRules

    What exactly have they won? It’s been 20 plus years since they have won a Super Bowl. Not only that but Dan Snyder has not been a good owner. Since he bought the team the Redskins are 101-123. So please don’t act like the Skins are some sort of model franchise and that people hate them because they win. Those are false statements.

  7. The Redskins win? Really? When was their last Superbowl? They were told not to do it and they did. So they are getting what they had coming to them. Doesn’t matter who you are?

  8. This guy above me is a moron. One year in the last 20 you have accomplished anything and all of a sudden the skins are the greatest. Well have fun with no cap space no draft picks and a qb with one good knee

  9. Can we get a listing of all renegotiated contracts during the “uncapped” year (team-by-team)? I’d like to see if only the Redskins, Cowboys, Saints, and Raiders took advantage….my thinking is that they were not.

  10. This helps the Redskins if it does go to court. They will have the cooperation of the NFLPA so they can explain to the world how the owners and Goodell strong armed them into agreeing to this.

  11. How dumb are the NFL Players? They re-hired DeMaurice Smith who just cost them $3BILLION smackeroos in triple damages. They must have had way too many concussions lately.

  12. Logicalvoicesays the same crap over and over.We win we dominate blah blah blah. What have you won in the last 2 decades. Win a playoff game first then another then a superbowl . But please stop because you are pathetic with your posts, if I didn’t know any better I would think you are a ten year old that has been dropped on his head to often as an infant. I have read so many articles and responses from not only real fans but truly logical people and you don’t fit the logical part, hence you should change your user name.

  13. What was the last thing the Redskins won? Do we really have to go back 30 years for this discussion or would you like to slink back into the woodwork now?

  14. Ced Benson and the 7 other guys that DeCeitful Smith sold down the river in 2011 are not surprised.

  15. Every team in the league was warned not to do exactly what the Redskins did. If it was no big deal, all the teams would have done it.

  16. Regardless of what they have or have not won, I still don’t understand why the ‘skins and Cowboys were penalized for an uncapped year. Uncapped means only one thing, so they did nothing wrong. You can try to explain it, but in the end, uncapped means only one thing.

  17. I wish I knew why the Bears weren’t charged. Go look at Julius Peppers contract, mainly the cap hit for that year and tell me this wasn’t an inside job led by Mara. That troll.

  18. Why not hit the league with a lawsuit tomorrow morning. Everyone forgets the Redskins were wacked with this nutroll the day before free agency last year and still one the division. Thanks John Marra. Uncapped means uncapped. Which also means no bottom. Ask Tampa and Cleveland about spending lower than the bottom. And the following year TB goes on an absolute spending spree. If this isin’t collusion I dont know what is.

  19. I understand teams were warned but an uncapped year is an uncapped year. Secondly if in fact that anything done known or unknown before the cba was signed is null and void but the cowboys and redskins get punished after the new cba was signed for something that happened before it was signed. Isn’t that how the nfl says the nflpa can’t seek a collusion case hmmmmm doesn’t this rule work both ways. Finally if it were such a big deal how come the saints raiders and bears suffer no penalties for breaking rules that weren’t really rules and the skins and cowboys do. I guess it wouldn’t have anything to do with marra being on the committee that handed down said punishment and also being an owner of a team in the same division. Nah couldn’t be tht though

  20. Both the Cowboys and Redskins were caught taking advantage of the situation and the NFL is very determined to create a level playing field. Funny thing is neither the Cowboys or Redskins have much to show for their efforts to spend more than others.

  21. Skins will win in court if they decide to go. A gentlemens bet is not the same as all owners signing an agreement not to take advantage of an uncapped year, then violating!….People are just hating because Snyder is a baller and has the money to spend!….instead of hating on the Skins…donate money to your broke @$$ teams!….HAIL TO THE REDSKINS JACK!

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