Report: Anquan Boldin will take a pay cut or get cut before Tuesday


Anquan Boldin has a decision to make in the next three days: Take a pay cut or get cut.

That’s the word from Alex Marvez of, who reports that the Ravens want Boldin to renegotiate the $6 million base salary he is set to earn in 2013, and that if he declines, he will be released before Tuesday’s start of the free-agent signing period.

The Ravens freed up some cap space for 2013 when they were able to sign Joe Flacco to a long-term extension instead of putting the franchise tag on him, but the defending Super Bowl champions are still in perilous cap shape and won’t be able to keep everyone they want to keep. Now that the Flacco deal is done, linebacker Dannell Ellerbe is viewed as the next-highest priority, and Boldin may have to go if the Ravens are going to have enough cap space to re-sign Ellerbe.

Boldin said on Pro Football Talk shortly after the Super Bowl that he’d retire if the Ravens cut him, but he is apparently re-thinking that.

The 32-year-old Boldin led the Ravens in both catches and receiving yards, both in the regular season and the postseason. If he goes, he’d be a significant loss in Baltimore.

91 responses to “Report: Anquan Boldin will take a pay cut or get cut before Tuesday

  1. Sure hope Ozzie can get this deal done. It it hadn’t been for Q the 9ers likely would have been hoisting the Lombardi. I’m understanding how important it will be to sign Ellerbee but the Ravens are going to lose some very valuable pieces it Ozzie can’t figure out his “new math”. Sure didn’t realize Q was 32, wherever he lands that team will be richer…C’meon Ravens….GitRDone!

  2. What a dumb front office. Cut everybody that helped Flaaco become “Mr. It” ONE AND DONE. Bolden you DESERVE your money.

  3. Joe Flaccid doesn’t get his money without the incredible play of Boldin, Smith, & Jones in the playoffs. Hate to see Boldin lose money so Falco gets more.

  4. He is “apparently rethinking that?”

    Ummm… how about you give some reasoning? Was there something he said that makes it apparent he is “rethinking that?” If so, it would be awesome for you to share this information with us!

    The Ravens haven’t cut him, yet… so he hasn’t retired. That’s the only thing that seems apparent to me right now.

  5. When the Cardinals lost him and traded him for who (?) we did not know how much he would be missed. The Ravens will also find this out once he is gone. Boldin is a baller. Pay the man.

  6. Would like to see him sign an extension where he would still get paid the same amount this year but it would lower his cap hit this year and give him several more years in Baltimore.

  7. Boldin is the only starting quality FA I can see the Seahawks going after. He will still end up with a pay cut in this FA market with this draft class stocked full of WRs. He should probably just take the cut & stay in the good situation he has in Baltimore.

  8. If Flacco is now worth 20 then Boldin should be worth Megatron money due to all those bailouts that got him there in the first place. Hope he likes looking at himself in the mirror as his team gets ripped apart

  9. People are idiots. This has NOTHING to do with Flacco. Truth? Joe and Q currently have the same 2013 cap hit! The Ravens logic here is to extend Q to 3 years and lower his cap hit in the process. Otherwise we risk losing him in FA next year after paying him a ton this year.

    And please stop hating on Joe. The QB’s job is to put the ball WHERE ONLY THEIR RECEIVER CAN CATCH IT!! Which shocker- is exactly what he did. Get over it.

  10. Flacco got his money now the guys that helped him get it need to pay for it. Ozzie has not made many mistakes as GM but giving a mediocre QB top dollar could be the biggest blunder for him. Flacco is not elite nor is he good enough to carry the team. Good luck Ravens fans you are going to need it. If I were Boldin I would walk on principle and go play somewhere else just to stick it to the Ravens. San Fran you hear me?

    This is the outcome of when you have to feed the ego of a avg QB in Flacco and then succumb to his tantrums. I can see it last year “But I want to be the HIGHEST paid QB – I am THE BEST” (In a whiney kids little voice stomping his feet). Then he plays well in a 3 game playoff stretch and you have to feed his ego. $16 or $17 million wasn’t enough last year Joe? Well you got your wish. No say goodbye to all your weapons.

  11. They’re gonna regret devoting that much of their cap to Unibrow. He’s a good QB, but it’s not worth gutting your team for him.

  12. This situation points out just how ridiculous Flacco’s deal is. Flacco is not an elite talent and therefore needs elite talent around him. Boldin, when healthy like in this SB run, is an elite talent. The Ravens need to keep him because he’s worth more to them than he probably is to other teams. The supposed best rivalry in football is going to be a rebuilding with a franchise QB against a team that messed up the whole QB salary structure that will be missing most of the pieces that got him his money. Rahim Moore says “your welcome” Big Joe!

  13. Something is very wrong about this, Flacco doesn’t get the accolades & Baltimore doesn’t even get to the Super Bowl without Boldin’s clutch performance throughout the season & playoffs.

    Great work on that all about me contract there Flacco. Nothing like looking out for the team mates that got you your leverage.

  14. Haters are up early this morning. Ravens FO is the best in the league and know exactly what they are doing. Oz is better than your teams GM, plain and simple. Ravens will be competing for Lombards for years. Get used to it. Cheers!

  15. Overrated?? Why is it Belicheat hasen’t won diddly squat since he got caught taping?

    If Boldin wants to stay he will restructure to a 3 year deal, get his pay up front with some more for the effort.. All you haters need to chill..

    Ozzie didn’t say he wouldn’t restructure any contracts like they did in 2000, but he might consider looking at one or two in order to fit some FA’s back in.

  16. like i said before, the Ravens wont sniff the post season again, let Q walk? he got flacko all that money and u cant afford him but pay the flunkee 120 million, ravenator is probably on suicide watch right now

  17. Yeah cuz teams are lining up to sign 32 year old possession receivers. Bolding is awesome. Essentially an extremely talented tight end at this stage in his career. A one-on-one mismatch nightmare.

    All they’re probably asking him to do is lower his yearly cap number in exchange for an offer of multi-year guaranteed money. You know, something ALL veteran players die for at this stage of their careers.

    Take a chill pill.

  18. I am not a ravens fan so i did not watch them play until the playoff. Boldin was a beast and was a huge factor to them winning. pleanty of teams will pony up the cash for him.

  19. Haters? How about realists or common sense football fans. Look what Brees’ salary has done to his team. The same could be said for Peyton Manning too. He now bumps up to Flacco-like numbers for the upcoming season and we’re feeling the pinch. Going to have to release a starting LB in Williams and need to restructure Elvis so we can have some impact on the free agent market. Hopefully we’ll lock in Clady for a long term contract and lessen his effect on the cap this year. We’ll have 30 mil invested in our QB and LT. That’s a huge chunk of cap space for only two players, albeit elite players. I can handle b/c it’s Peyton Manning and he’s unbelievable and in the conversation as the best QB of all time. Investing this much in a couple players puts a lot of pressure on getting a perfect draft. Fortunately we’re pretty good at that and hope we continue to do that. You’ll be “hating” the results of your team for the next few years. A 23 year old safety won’t be there to bail you guys out.

  20. NFL players get screwed over more than anyone else in sports. Anquan Boldin and Jacoby jones took over the superbowl and they get absolutely no credit, while joe flacco gets a big fat contract. Most of salary caps are gonna go to QBs, But the greedy owners in the nfl arent gonna raise the salary cap, so the obvious solution is for everyone else to take a pay cut or be cut. Its gonna get to the point where if you want a CHANCE to win a championship you better expect to be very underpaid and be cut as soon as you show a HINT of slowing down, or you can get paid well by a cellar dweller.

  21. I’m amazed by the amount of commenters who still spell Anquan Boldin as Anquan “Bolden.”

    The headline has his freakin last name in it. Idiots

  22. ravenator says:
    Mar 9, 2013 9:34 AM
    Haters are up early this morning. Ravens FO is the best in the league and know exactly what they are doing. Oz is better than your teams GM, plain and simple. Ravens will be competing for Lombards for years. Get used to it. Cheers!

    Really? I don’t think so.

    Ted Tompson’s paying a SB winner, SB MVP, and league MVP HALF of what Ozzie’s paying his QB and I don’t think any rational person would say that Flacco is twice the QB Aaron Rodgers is.

    Seems to me that this is “smarter” GM behavior.

  23. is ravenator and logicalvoicesays related? u happy that u got a lombardi? well my team have several, so whats yr point?

  24. How is it that all of you commenting are so clueless? This has NOTHING to do with Flacco’s extremely 2013 cap friendly contract. This is Ozzie saying he doesn’t want to pay Boldin that much for 2013.

  25. @rockthered1286

    This has everything to do with the Flacco deal, the salary cap space needs to be freed some where you have about 10 milion minus 4 for rookies 6 million and two big UFA’s that need signed or replaced. But this season Flacco’s cap hit is still currently 5th highest on team. It will go up dramticly each year of his contract.

  26. I can remember last year when the Ravens signed Jacoby Jones and a bunch of idiots got on this site to rag the Ravens and the front office. A year later and Jones could make an argument for MVP in the Superbowl. Bottom line is that this front office knows what they are doing. I hope Boldin stays as well. Great player but this is a salary cap business.

  27. I would say the over/under for the cap strapped Ravens is 7 wins.

    How come the troll ravenator has no comment on this article?

  28. maybe if you didn’t way overpay Flacco, you wouldn’t need to cut the wr that carried you in the playoffs

  29. Seriously as a Pats fan, I remember some ducks Flacco threw up in the AFCCG (on third downs none the less) that Boldin went up and got.

    Let’s also not forget, the Ravens were a “Hey Diddle Diddle, Ray Rice Up the Middle” play from being eliminated from the playoffs.

    Pay Boldin and give credit where it’s due.

  30. This isn’t really shocking news…Baltimore wants to extend Boldin, reducing his 2013 cap number.

    Is that a pay cut? Technically, yes…but if they add two more years onto Boldin’s deal (essentially making it a new 3-year contract) he will be getting paid better than the vast majority of receivers who will be 33 years old during the coming season.

  31. To all Raven Nation haters, besides Flacco’s SIGNING BONUS, his CAP HIT THIS YEAR IS ONLY 6.5 MILLION! That’s exactly what the WIZARD OF OZ is gonna do with BOLDIN, restructure to give him more in a SIGNING BONUS, but his CAP # won’t be so hard! Idiots say what?

  32. Flaco’s cap hit under new contract is actually less then last season. New contract HELPS ravens with the cap this year. Get your facts strait Flaco haters.

  33. I don’t know why players are loyal to certain teams. It’s always the loyal players that get treated like dirt by those teams. Not all teams, but certain ones.

  34. You can’t just restructure and “kick the can down the road”. Joe Flacco’s cap hits get way larger in a couple years and you’d pile up a huge dead money hit if you have to cut a Bolden then. Flacco should have woke up from the fantasy world where he is the best player in the NFL and come back to reality where he is just an average Joe and where its his teammates that make him look good. I wonder what people will think when Flacco hands the Ravens a bunch of inconsistent performances and some head scratching losses because of his average play. Flacco made the Ravens pay and boy are they gonna pay alright.

  35. i love it…everyone of you guys posting is on the ravens tip…how’s it taste?
    ravens will be alright, don’t worry bout the black birds, be back in the playoffs AGAIN, next year…who in the afc north is gonn knock ’em off?? pitt, give me a break, they are toast, cincy, get real, dalton hasn’t beat the ravens(unless you count week 17 v. tyrod taylor)…so keep hatin on…SUPERBOWL CHAMPS

  36. Boldin would look absolutely fantastic in bengals orange and black, unfortunately we have the most cap space but we wont do dilitly squat in FA. come to cincy anquan and instantly become the best recieving core in the NFL.

  37. It’ll be fun to watch ravenator slide into his mommies lap with a whimper next year when the Ravens burn. He’ll be suckin’ his binky like Maggie Simpson.

  38. yeah joe flacid cap numbers may be low this year, but the next years they are higher than snoop dogg

  39. Who is going to make ridiculous catches for those poorly thrown balls coming their way?

    Boldin and Jones were the mvp of that Super Bowl. Without them, Flacco is captain checkdown.

  40. Tom Brady and the Manning brothers are intensely interested and rooting for Boldin to refuse to take a cut. All three QBs are rapt in anticipation of picking up the best clutch receiver over the past 7 years.

    Come on Ravens, cut the man so he can earn his deserved money with another team where they will appreciate the real MVP of the last Super Bowl.

  41. Priceless how blind all Ravens fans seem to be. They sit there and witness Pittsburgh the entire DECADE and THEN SOME mix and match their salary cap to get under and compete because of the sallies a Super Bowl caliber team gets you. The greatest man in sports entertainment (to Ravens fans, Ozzie Newsome) has NEVER been in this situation before and will find out very quickly that contracts as big as Flacco’s will begin an era of serious chops and restructuring. The Steelers have been the best at it and have been dealing with it for YEARS. The Ravens? Good luck, it’s only just begun. Enjoy having the target on your backs. Baltimore wasn’t very good to begin with so there’s no reason to believe they’ll continue the trend of the usual Johnny-Come-Lately champions.

  42. Can we just get it straight that it’s a ‘corps’ and not a ‘core’? Thanks, and carry on.

  43. @moeman79

    We actually have $13M to date, and likely another $3M once Leach goes. And assuming you have never followed the Ravens ill clue ya in on something: the Ravens had planned on asking Q to cut pay a loooong time before Joe got paid. They want an extension out of him to reduce cap. Again. Has nothing to do with Joe and everything to do with a 32 year old possession receiver who prior to this post season is a number 2 guy AT BEST on any other team.

  44. How ironic that the guy who was most responsible for Jacco’s pay raise did so at his own expense! That contract is the beginning of the end for the Ravens!

  45. i was going to post but my friend rockthered said it all. people who clearly have no clue what they are talking about in regards to joe’s cap number should just shhhhh and sit back and watch the champs do their thing. i truly hope q comes back but if he doesnt it wont be because of joe’s cap number for this year or next. keep up the good work rockthered

  46. Flacco should give him a million to stay. Boldin was his security blanket. Boldin i think is worth the 6 mil and for him to take a pay cut would be generous on his part.

  47. don’t worry nfl fans.we (Baltimore) do have the best frontoffice in da game Bolden is not going any where ever heard the song (brothers gonna work it out.sure they gonna work it out) WE WILL CONTEND AGAIN THIS YEAR RAVENNATION ON 3. 123 RAVENNATION IN MY RAY LEWIS VOICE LOL

  48. The ravens won’t be in contention long with moves like paying a barely top 10 quarterback the most ever and cutting the pay or cutting their best receiver.

  49. for a team that brags about all its championships yet hasnt won one in 5 years yet still thinks it good even though it barely made it to 8 and 8 playing a very easy schedule, steeler fans should be quiet. as far as oz never being in this situation he was the gm when the ravens won the sb..learn what you are talking about before you post…the champs will be just fine. cant wait to hear what you say if q stays…should be great

  50. This is why the Ravens have become one of the best franchises in the league. Boldin would be smart to take the pay cut and stay with an offense he knows and a QB he can trust. For what the Ravens want to restructure for, is probably more than he will get elsewhere. I applaud the Ravens for negotiating in this manner.

  51. Find a way to pay this man. He is the big reason the Ravens had success in the postseason. Flacco just realized he had a huge weapon in Boldin. Pay him and keep him or be prepared to have an embarrassing season, SB Champs

  52. Hope Q restructures his contract. 7.5 mil cap hit is a lot. I don’t think another team will pay him 6 mil. or more than the Ravens.

  53. As a Lions fan, I certainly appreciate Megatron. That said, Boldin is a baller.

    When asked what type of pain medication he was taking after the Jets rearranged his face a few years ago, he said, “None”.

    Dude showed up for the Ravens when it counted, even in his senior years. This is one example quite opposite of players who disappear after getting huge coin.

    Ravens should let him retire to enjoy life and slip a 5M check under the table as a “wink-wink” thank you. Without him, I really don’t think they would have hoisted Lombardi.

  54. He is in the last year of his contract. Maybe they can convert some of that base salary into a signing bonus for next year and extend him a year or two.

    How much do they seriously need for Ellerbe? I was sure the 4 million or so saved from Ray would be enough to secure him for this year. Ellerbe is good but he’s not a 50 million dollar LB like Bowman or Willis.

  55. ravenator says:
    Mar 9, 2013 9:34 AM
    Haters are up early this morning. Ravens FO is the best in the league and know exactly what they are doing. Oz is better than your teams GM, plain and simple. Ravens will be competing for Lombards for years. Get used to it. Cheers!

    This is not a joke…but I really think this guy needs to be banned. He is dangerous. While this post does not contain a threat prior ones have. He often makes threats that seem to be tolerated. You should I.D.his computer. Ban him and if continues contact the Law before he makes due on one of his prior threats against others. God Bless and good day.

  56. He said he wont be putting on another uniform if he gets cut by the Ravens. After reading some of the stuff he said,there’s no way he’s taking a pay cut because gosh, he has earned his money and he knows it. He made a lot of tough catches in in the clutch. The ravens are dumb to play hardball with this man..good luck RAVENS!

  57. one last time. joe’s contract has nothing to do with this. his cap number for 2013 is 6.8. he isnt even the highest paid raven this year cap wise. know what you are talking about before posting. go ravens!!

  58. Joe’s contract has a lot to do with why they can’t restructure Boldin’s contract. Joe’s cap numbers increase significantly in the next couple years. If you extend his contract and turn a portion of his base salary into a signing bonus to be paid to him in the next couple years it will cost them a ton to release him when their cap gets even tighter then than it is now. If Joe would have realized that he isn’t worth his contract his cap numbers in the future would be much lower making it easier to extend Boldin rather than asking him to take a pay cut when he has more than earned what is due to him. He was the best player on the team in the playoffs and Superbowl.

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