Report: Harvin wants out of Minnesota

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The Vikings may have “no intent” of trading receiver Percy Harvin, but that doesn’t mean Harvin has “no intent” of being traded.

A day after one writer at the Minneapolis Star Tribune openly bemoaned the extent to which blogs have advanced a story that the Twin Cities print media hasn’t been able to crack, another Star Tribune scribe has dropped a whopper when it comes to the lingering Cold War between the Vikings and receiver Percy Harvin.

Writes the venerable Sid Hartman, “[T]he latest word from some good sources around the NFL is that Harvin, who missed the final seven regular-season games as well as the playoff game because of a serious ankle injury, has told the Vikings that he doesn’t want to play for them and wants to be traded.”

As Dan Wiederer of the Star Tribune dismissively wrote (after six paragraphs of blog-style snark) in response to an item from Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports regarding Harvin’s reaction to Aaron Hernandez’s August 2012 contract with the Patriots, “So what we have now is a story that’s difficult to verify yet can’t really be disproven.”

We wonder whether Wiederer will use the same language when dismissing Hartman’s report as the product of “a hub for all the truth mixed with rumor mixed with gossip mixed with analysis that keeps people energized.”

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  1. He’s no #1, but he IS one of the most versatile players in the league, and seems to give everything he has, every down.

    A 2nd rounder this year + a 2nd next year would be steal for a playoff team that can tolerate the risk of Percy’s migraines/immaturity.

  2. Just trade the guy. Its over. Great player poor teammate and you knew he was a risk at draft day. Move on and
    get some big body targets that can win a one on one jump ball while the safety’s load the box for Adrian.

  3. Good thing Al Davis is dead because he’d trade the next 3 number one picks for this clown.

  4. Off Topic but it’s occurred to me that there’s nothing stopping a player from announcing where he plans to sign.

    Goodell can threaten the teams with action but if a player knows where he wants to go and likes the numbers that his agent and that team have discussed then what’s to stop him aside from the team asking him not to.

  5. Congrats Minny. One of your 2nd tier talented players is dead set on taking too much money. He doesn’t even care about playing with the MVP. Good Luck on getting things on track.

  6. As a Packers fan, I’m glad that we’re apparently the only NFC North team who hasn’t had to deal with a diva wr. At least not since Javon Walker.

  7. Best case scenario for Minnesota is that a couple teams get in a bidding war for Percy and they actually get a decent return. Most NFL trades are ridiculously one-sided.

  8. I don’t see anything wrong with what Wiederer wrote. He’s right, nobody knows what’s true and what’s not with the Harvin drama.

  9. If you can get a high second round pick, then trade him and be done! He will never stay healthy enough to justify a huge contract.

  10. But is Wiederer wrong? Can the “report” of Harvin threatening to walk out be either be proved or disproved? No, it can’t and he’s not wrong.

    The point Wiederer was trying to make was that there’s no clarity in this situation. Nothing but unnamed sources, quotes from Viking officials taken out of context, and silence on Harvin’s side.

    So leave this story alone until these two parties handle their business.

  11. tannethrill says: Mar 9, 2013 11:59 PM

    “Off Topic but it’s occurred to me that there’s nothing stopping a player from announcing where he plans to sign.

    Goodell can threaten the teams with action but if a player knows where he wants to go and likes the numbers that his agent and that team have discussed then what’s to stop him aside from the team asking him not to.”

    There’s nothing stopping the player, except for the fact that getting your brand new employer in trouble is generally considered to be a stupid thing to do, especially if you do it before you officially sign a contract.

  12. If I were the Dolphins, I would offer the Vikings one of my second round picks for him.

    He’s whacky, but I would take him in a heartbeat.

  13. It sucks that the Vikings are trying to build something on offense and have a poor teammate like this….especially with how big of a piece of the offense he is to build around.

    Very talented guy…..terrible attitude.

    Just go ahead and trade him. Get some value while you can.

    Go sign Greg Jennings to be the big body WR, keep Jerome Simpson outside, and find a speedy slot guy in the draft (Tavon?)

  14. Funny but I seem to recall a pre-draft scouting report that said he had a “major sense of entitlement”. Looks like that was accurate.

    He often suffered from migraines and he often GAVE them. Bye Percy, don’t let the door hit you on the arse on the way out!

  15. no team is gonna give up high value for him, he seems to be a locker room cancer and wants huge money, and with his injury history and migrains, its a big risk for a team to take, dont get me wrong, when he plays hes a big factor in the passing,running and kick return game, but that price tag of wanting to be a top paid reciever will turn teams off, hope my colts stay away from him!!

  16. I really hope things can be worked out and he stays. It would be good for the team and one would have to think it would have to be good for him. But if he really can’t get along with the staff up here or if he really doesn’t see the big picture in everything the Vikings are trying to accomplish. I wish the man well in everything he does.

  17. GM’s should just get together and not sign these guys (The Dwight Howard’s of the NFL). Just let them whine their way out of town and leave them as free agents. You make millions and play in the NFL. I don’t feel bad for you.

  18. Vikings GM is on the hot seat to receive something in return for Percy to placate his boss, head coach, and the fans. Oh, and by the way, sign another FA wide-out, sign your own guys, and get ready for the draft. Nice to see him him earn his money…

  19. Wouldn’t blame him if he wants to be on a team that throws the ball more. It is clear that Peterson is the focus of the Vikes offense

  20. You can not give into this clown. Offer him a similar contract to Aaron Hernedez, if he turns it down let him know his options. Option one, you sign the new contract, Option two, play out your rookie deal, we franchise you, then franchise you again. So you are here for 3 years more minimum. That’s it, no trade unless your agent finds two number 1’s.

  21. I would love to see him go to the Lions to be the replacement for Jahvid Best. I’d much rather have him instead of Reggie Bush.

  22. Percy Harvin’s pro career has been pretty unsatisfying for everyone.

    Can’t imagine why it would get better anywhere else he goes.

    He has a great role model up in Minny in A.P. — but that has led to nowhere for him.

    This guy may find the free agent market disappointing. And with his tiresome diva-act and health issues, his value in trade has to be very low.

  23. I dont think ponder is the problem before percy went down he was in the mix for mvp because ponder delivered the ball to percy. Jarius wright will beable to do exactly what percy has done for the vikes add a few receivers and this team will be dangerous.

  24. Pay this guy & he’ll disappear….write it down. Wallace is the much better option b/c he cares about the team he’s on

  25. It will be hard to get value for a guy who is off the field more than he is on it. Just like my Lions and Louis Delmas – great player….never plays.

  26. This guy is the best and most valuable wr to his franchise, not named Calvin Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald. It reflects poorly on the team when they don’t take care of the most dynamic playmaker in the league. A smart GM would’ve extended him for less last yr instead of waiting for it to get to this point, where u have a disgruntled player because management expects him to play for less and no long term security. For all you idiots who thinks Harvin is being difficult, take a look around the league at all the players teams are asking to take pay cuts. If teams are gonna give players ultimatums when their skills are declining, then they need to pony-up when players have out-performed their respective contracts; teams can’t have it both ways!

  27. The “leaking” of this information is bad news for the Vikings because all their leverage in seeking a trade just went out the window.

    You can debate his relative value (trade for a first or second rounder) but what is become very clear is that Vikings will be lucky to get half of that.

    If the Viking brain trust were smart, and there is no real evidence of that, they would trade him to Seattle for Flynn or to Miami for Moore and end the Ponder experiment right now. That way, they don’t waste any more time and just move on from the wasting of their overall #12 pick.

  28. Obviously, I’m changing my username (Purplehaze12). This guy is a priss. I thought he was tough as nails. He is physically, but you also need to be mentally tough. They call him a min-AP, but in reality, they are WORLDS apart.

  29. If these reports are true, then the Vikings need to trade Harvin before the draft, or they won’t get anything for him after next year. However, that’s a big IF.

    However, I wouldn’t trade him for anything less than a first round pick. Malcontent off the field or not, Harvin is a threat to do the distance every time he touches the ball, and unlike he’s supposed mentor Randy Moss, he never takes plays off. You don’t just give players like that away.

    If Harvin is traded, they Vikings are going to have to deal with the WR position in both Free Agency and high up in the draft.

  30. Let’s face it. Percy can’t handle AP being the top dog and that won’t change. His touches and numbers pre-injury had him at a Pro Bowl pace last season and he whines about his use in the O?? If he goes to San Fran it’s just a matter of a few losses before he’s spouting off that Kaepernick runs too much. Oh, and the sun in that open air stadium may suddenly bring his migraines back. Harbaugh wouldn’t stand for this knucklehead. Take two seconds and run Speilman.

  31. First to anyone say’s he deserves to be paid, you are correct he does but not as a top wide reciever and especially one who is constantly complaining about stuff and that’s what he wants. This isn’t just about the money either. Percy has had problems at every level and with multiple coaches. If you are getting into arguements with Les Friazer who appears to be one of the most even feeled coaches, that say’s a lot. It’s not just about Ponder, I mean look at Fitzgerald and what he has gone through with qb’s and he still handles himself like a professional. If the Vikings paid him, I can guarentee in a season or two this same report will be out. Great talent, but a diva.

    Second the Vikings have lost a lot of leverage because of this going public. Teams now know the Vikings must move Harvin and they see what a head case he is, so no team is gonna offer a 1st rounder or some great package deal. The Vikings will move him, but not for the value they had hoped.

    At this point the damage is done and both sides need to move on.

  32. Take two 2s or a 2 and a 3 from a team drafting in the top 5. I think with an attitude like his, he should really see what losing looks and feels like…for the entirety of his next contract.

  33. Percy wants to be traded because he knows Frazier won’t put up with his bs. And Frazier wants to trade him because he won’t tolerate a diva on his team.

    Percy’s a short sighted crybaby. He was one of the two or three (if you count Rudolf) playmakers on the team and got a lot of the focus, and was having a big year. Karma’s a … Hope he ends up with the Jets. Then he’ll look longingly back on his days with Ponder.

  34. I like Percy, I think he’s an incredible athlete, but I have a feeling this is going to be one of those addition by subtraction kinda things.

  35. I can’t imagine why he would want out of Minnesota?? He only needs to learn one play – the fake hand off up the middle and the little flip from Ponder as Percy scoots around the end to a mob of defenders waiting for him because they know it’s coming. Imagine what a coordinator who isn’t as impotent and unimaginative as “mousegrave” is could do with Percy? I can see why he wants out, I just hope they don’t give him away.

  36. Did Mike seriously just support Sid Hartman (who is over 90 and hasn’t done any personal fact finding in 15 years) and Jason Cole (regurgitating a months-old story) over the Vikings beat guy Dan Wiedrerer? If I knew the name of a really good dead sports journalst, I’d now say he was rolling over in his grave.

  37. Why does this site always delete comments critical of Sid Hartman? He’s not the shining example of journalism that you made him out to be, do a little research and figure out who the man really is.

  38. Hartman, And all the other so-called Insiders can say what ever they want about Harvin, But until He says it himself to the media, I don’t bye it!! The man just wants to be paid for what he has done! And what he can do!! I look for the Vikes to sign him, long term! And sign a Free agent wide out!! Loadholt,& Felton should be shown the love too!!

  39. Hartman USED to be an insider like 20-25 years ago. No news here, same ole media hype and grasping at straws………………………..

  40. Hartman being an insider 20-25 years ago is more insider than you or I will ever be, pal.

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