Report: No high tender expected for Danario Alexander


The Chargers are not expected to tender wide receiver Danario Alexander at the first- or second-round level in restricted free agency, Adam Caplan of reported Saturday morning. Instead, it’s likely they will give him the lowest RFA tender, Caplan reported.

The 6-foot-5, 212-pound Alexander was an exceptional in-season addition for San Diego in 2012, catching 37 passes for 658 yards and seven TDs in just 10 games for the Chargers. He ranks No. 57 in PFT’s list of the top 100 free agents in the Class of 2013.

It is unclear why the Chargers apparently won’t give Alexander a higher RFA tender. He has had a history of left knee issues (though, it should be noted, he didn’t miss a game for San Diego in 2012).

An undrafted free agent in 2010, Alexander would have to be tendered at the first- or second-round level for the Chargers to receive any draft-pick compensation were he to sign an offer sheet that they declined to match. A high tender might also have dampened the market for Alexander, considering the value of draft choices. However, that hurdle doesn’t appear to be in place. The question now is whether a team makes Alexander an offer.

18 responses to “Report: No high tender expected for Danario Alexander

  1. Dear danario,

    Do you like me like me? Check yes or no

    Yes ___
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    Tom Brady

  2. Are we sure AJ Smith is gone, I don’t understand the issue here he produced more in 10 games then any if our WRs, including the multi year Meachum. Telesco this is one of the guys I was hoping you’d make the right call on. For God sakes he is 6’5 and can catch. Reminds me of the other 6’5 guy that we let go to Tampa. AJ smith is still leaving his mark on this team.

  3. Vikes should pass on Jennings and Wallace. Go after Alexander, he ll be more affordable and load up on Harvin. We keep one of the most dangerous players in the game and then we can still draft a WR early….I rather have Harvin than Wallace n Jennings n feel like we get one of them and Harvin is gone.

  4. I guess we’ll find out if any collusion exists amongst the owners.

    But they still have right of first refusal. It’s a calculated risk, but chances are still very high that he stays a Charger, depending on their cap situation.

  5. 6’5″ and averages nearly 17 yards per catch in his career. EVERY team should be interested.

  6. It doesn’t mean the Chargers won’t try to re-sign him, but if he wants or gets offered too much they are practically giving him away.

  7. Was Alexander productive for the Chargers last year? Yes. But Telesco and McCoy are still figuring out what they have inherited and what they really need. I don’t know what kind of money Alexander is looking at with a 1st or 2nd tender, but maybe the Chargers are trying to be cautious and not give a big contract to a guy who only played 10 games and has a history of a knee injury. Maybe it’s time to stop awarding big contracts for immediate success and even limited success. AJ Smith gave out extensions to unproven players like they were Pez.

  8. Stl bring him backkkk. He’s healthy. Stl didn’t want to cut him before but they had players that needed a shot

    . Now we only have 3 WRs on the roster. Sam loves the guy

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