Roach drawing interest as middle linebacker

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Thanks to a four-game stint during which Bears linebacker Nick Roach replaced Brian Urlacher, Roach reportedly is drawing interest from other teams as a middle linebacker.

Roach’s agent, Josh Wright, tells the Chicago Tribune that a half-dozen teams are interested in Roach.  But Wright won’t identify any of the teams.

Which could cause some to wonder whether that many — or any — teams are interested.

“I’m not going to comment on the status of any negotiations,” Wright said.

Join the club, Josh.  Join the club.

12 responses to “Roach drawing interest as middle linebacker

  1. Great decision!

    In his first start at ILB last season…on his first play. AP ran for 51 of his 154 yards.

    There’s a reason why he isn’t re-signed.


    if that was the case, a lot of inside linebackers wouldn’t be resigned because AP does it a lot. Thank god the cupboard is bare besides AP in Minn

  2. logicalvoicesays
    Mar 9, 2013, 2:41 PM CST
    Come play for the greatest NFL team in history, the Washington Redskins.
    Yeah, he’ll join that other former Bears LB who left & had HOF careers for the Skins…Warrick Holdman.

  3. I’ll give you Wilbur Marshall, that truly was a bone headed move by the Bears….

  4. Is he an every down LBer? If so, why are the Bears letting him walk? Urlacher is only gonna last so long.

  5. Roach was just a guy who could help hold the defense together IN
    A PINCH. No loss if he leave. the draft will be full of guys with more up side

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