Sammie Hill likely leaving, Lions to lose defensive line depth


Depth on the defensive line has been a strength of the Lions in recent years, but that may no longer be the case when free agency begins.

Lions defensive tackle Sammie Lee Hill has at least four teams interested in him but hasn’t heard from the Lions, Anwar S. Richardson of reports.

The 6-foot-4, 329-pound Hill has been an important part of the Lions’ defensive tackle rotation, but with the Lions having spent first-round draft picks on starters Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley, it’s not surprising that the Lions don’t think they can devote major resources to a backup at the position. And if Hill already has four suitors, it probably wouldn’t be cheap to keep him.

Hill is one of five Lions defensive linemen who are unrestricted free agents this year: The Lions could also lose defensive end Cliff Avril, defensive tackle Andre Fluellen, defensive end Lawrence Jackson and defensive tackle Corey Williams.

16 responses to “Sammie Hill likely leaving, Lions to lose defensive line depth

  1. Very good player. This guy will be missed possibly more than Avril. Hope the Lions can work something out with him.

  2. best of luck to him, in my opinion a very underrated player. He was easily the Lions best run stopper. He can play in a 4-3 and likely would be a very good 3-4 NT

  3. As a Lions fan, it stinks that they might lose him. He’s a solid DT and could end up being really good on another team. But we have to ask ourselves two questions: Is he better than Suh or Fairley? Probably not. And is he irreplaceable? Probably not.

  4. This could be the exact right guy for The Eagles. I would bet a lot that Chip and Howie make him an offer he can’t refuse. That would free up The Birds to go after The guard or Def end from Chip’s Ducks.

  5. Somebodys gonna get a stud of a tackle, esspecially if he goes to a 3-4 def and lines up at NT. Was very raw coming in but reminds me a little bit of big Vinnie Wilfork. Sucks that Schwartz/Cunningham finally developed him and the finished product will benefit another team…

  6. Raiders should get him and plop him in the middle of the d-line alongside Desmond Bryant (who they also need to re-sign).

    Run = stuffed.

  7. I like SLH a lot and had hoped we’d retain him. He’s not a starter for us but is a very good rotational player and if we trade Suh next year (since I doubt we can re-sign him with the amount of money we have tied up in Stafford and CJ) he could have stepped in to that starting role. Best of luck out there Sammie but I hope you come back.

  8. Nooooo, I want us to trade suh, sign SLH to play besides fairly. He has developed into a solid rotation player and developing into a starter. Would suck to loose him

  9. I’m a Lions fan but I still have to shake my head at Lions fans. Trade Suh!? You do realize he is one of the best DTs in the entire league and our defense is predicated on pressure from our front four (and in particular from the DTs)? When you have a player like Suh you hang onto him.

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