Some teams cutting it very close on the salary cap

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With just three days to go before the start of the league year, some NFL teams still need to make some moves to get under the $123 million salary cap.

The latest numbers from Mike Garafolo of USA Today show the Cowboys $6.8 million over, the Saints $6.6 million over, the Panthers $3.5 million and the Redskins $2.1 million over.

That means those four teams still need to cut some players or restructure some contracts, although those numbers may already need to be altered after the Cowboys restructured several contracts and the Panthers cut Chris Gamble. Other likely moves include the Redskins cutting or restructuring DeAngelo Hall and the Saints cutting or restructuring Jonathan Vilma and Will Smith.

For the Cowboys and the Redskins, the NFL-imposed salary cap penalties for allegedly overspending during the so-called uncapped year are a significant problem. For the Saints and the Panthers, it’s just a matter of cutting it very close and needing to get some last-minute moves done.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Browns ($47.4 million under the salary cap), Bengals ($42.9 million), Colts ($37.5 million), Eagles ($34.2 million) and Buccaneers ($32.2 million) are in great cap shape. If those teams have some expensive targets in free agency, they can go after them right out of the box, with plenty of cap room available.

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  1. Conner87,

    More accurately, because we (the sports fans) pay SO much for tickets, merchandise, concessions, tv packages, etc., which goes right to the owner. The players could be paid low entry level career salaries, but then the owner would be getting like 99.999 percent of all revenue that the PLAYERS bring in (we dont go to see the owners own, we see the players play. We dont buy an owners jersey, either).

    So basically, because of basic economics, and the fact the players are the reason the nfl is bringing in about 9 bil a year…thas why.

  2. If the redskins and cowboys weren’t playing a dirty capanomics game of cowboys and indians, they wouldn’t be “paying the piper” for their crimes.

  3. Right so the Cowboys and Panthers are OVER the cap except for the annoying little fact that they made moves that put them under the Cap

    Though, I will give you that as of now each of them are definitely “cutting it close.” No doubt more moves will take place.

  4. Why do we have to read about the Cowboys.
    They stink, Jones stinks, Romo stinks and their fans stink

  5. The article says the Cowboys are over the cap, then says the Cowboys got under the cap.

  6. Stiller43, actually the owners and player’s salary go hand in hand raising all the prices for the fans. If players were paid like they use to be paid, then ticket prices would still be 10-15 bucks instead of 100$. Plus all the revenue from tv contracts and such would be a lot less. The fanatical fans have no else to blame.

  7. I dont get it why espn and the cowboys website has been saying they already are under the cap by re-doing contracts of Ware..ETC but your saying they are still 6.8 over???

  8. Isn’t there some way the Redskins and Cowboys could cheat the cap? Maybe if they get called on it they could always sue to have the cheating not count.

  9. The reason why players get paid so much is not Econ 101. It’s far more complicated than that.

    Also why is it said that these numbers may need to be adjusted for the other recent moves? This article is from today, it’s fresh, and it doesn’t even mention those players. It’s clearly factored in according to the writer. He better not be writing stories about salary cap calculations if he isn’t on top of things and actually knows what he is talking about and is blatantly ignoring pending moves without a disclaimer. So the numbers should be trusted as valid and precise otherwise he should just lose his job.

  10. If it wasn’t for A “Cap” teams like NE,NYJ or the NYG would try and buy championships,Of course I have no room to talk I’m a fan of a team that’s a billionaire for an owner(Dolphins).

  11. Too bad all these good players whose contacts are up end up playing and or retiring on crappy teams because they are all about the money opposed to playing for a winning organization.. I’d rather take somewhat a pay cut with the chance of winning a ring.

  12. rg3andthensome says:

    Regarding the picture: Jerry-Don’t ever lay a hand on Dan again…Dan, take a shower after that guy touched you.


    Yeah we don’t want Dan to know what a Superbowl ring feels like.

  13. Two things about the absurd penalties against Washington and Dallas:

    1) They are losing cap space. In essence, the NFL is forcing them to increase their profits by the amount of the cap penalty. So, yeah, sabre rattle all you like, it’s probably more for show than anything.

    2) Assuming the financial incentive is not reason enough to avoid seriously challenging the NFL, there must be something else in it for Snyder and Jones. If there wasn’t, there is no reason at all this wouldn’t have been litigated from the get-go.

  14. conner87 says: Mar 9, 2013 12:26 PM

    I’ve never understood why people make so much to play a sport.

    It’s called collective bargaining. They get their 52% share of the revenue that they generate for playing. It is premium entertainment, while you are one of hundreds of thousands in whatever field you work (if you even have a job). What you do is not a premium, and any number of a couple million people can do it. Just like anything else, there is supply and demand. There are only a few spots in professional sports to generate billions of dollars. There are millions of spots to generate what drop in the bucket you personally help generate for whatever company/industry you work.

    Even kids in junior high school understand this simple fact. Stop trying to equate your $31,000/year job to professional sports.

  15. Giants will be watching Dallas and Washington very closely, they better not slip or we will have to give them up again. Don’t you do it!

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