Broncos interested in Mendenhall

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It’s hard to determine with any precision the market for running back Rashard Mendenhall.

For starters, veteran tailbacks who aren’t among the best in the business don’t get paid a lot of money.  As to Mendenhall, his value could be impacted by a torn ACL suffered in Week 17 of the 2011 regular season, his Osama bin Laden Twitter misadventure, and his decision to stay home after being informed he’d be deactivated for Pittsburgh’s December 9 game against the Chargers.

Last week, a source with direct knowledge of the 25-year-old Mendenhall’s situation predicted he’ll definitely draw interest in free agency.  According to Mike Klis of the Denver Post, Mendenhall definitely has — with the Broncos.

The unknown at this point is the dollar amount Denver would attach to Mendenhall.  Plenty of teams will be interested in plenty of players, at the right price.  It would still be a surprise if Mendenhall makes a major haul in free agency.

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  1. I liked Mendenhall for one season… then he forgot how to play running back..he fumbled the Super Bowl away and became a hip hop dancer and called it “training”… that was his issue.. he danced to a pile of men instead of hitting the hole with a burst… SEE YA LATER SCRUB!

  2. Good luck with that Denver. He is really good when he has a hole wide open to run through. When its not wide open he will sort of lean on the line of scrimmage and slide around in search of a hole. He doesnt run with any conviction…

  3. Of course” he’ll draw interest in free agency”. He’s a good back when it suits him.

  4. I figured the genius that is Mendenhall, is still hobbling around the Twin Towers former site looking for clues as to how Bush covered up 9/11. That or still mourning Osama’s murder.

  5. I could see this happening. While the Chiefs and Broncos are shopping at the high end stores, my Chargers are looking in the 99 cent discount bin for old Milli Vanilli CDs.

  6. Those Steelers jerseys remind me of the Three Stooges episode where they broke in to prison to get “Pomeroy” out.

    Great for the Stooges, not so great for an NFL team…….

  7. Mendenhall and shonn Greene have to be the worst runing backs in the NFL…mcgahee was beasting before he got hurt and knowshon Moreno showed his potential finally filling in for him after he went down…wih that said ..I HOPE they sign both Greene and mendenhall baahaha..LET’S GO RAIDERS!!

  8. I remember being very upset that Mendenhall didnt fall to The Bears and we ended up with Matt Forte.

    Really just goes to show that I haven’t the slightest idea about the draft.

  9. This could be a great pickup. With all those knuckle heads in the Steelers locker room and that crappy o-line, He might just need a fresh start. He’d be part of a rotation with Willis, Moreno, and Hillman. Denver needs another bigger back and he would get plenty of snaps. He’s only 25 and still got plenty of gas left and hell most likely come cheap. low risk- high reward

  10. Good luck, broncos! Its not a good sign when every fan of the team hes played for his whole career dislikes him and doesnt want him back.

  11. Anyone who has any hard feelings towards his stand on what he said about Osama Bin Laden doesn’t know a single fact about world history. If you understood the real truth behind the connection between american busines interests owned by the bush family and business interests owned by the Bin Laden family you would likely have to applaud Mendenhall for puting himself on the line. You cannot possibly look at the 9.11 scenario and say there was not collusion on a treasonous level. We have a defense system known as NORAD to specifically handle plane hijackings along with numerous other measures. Stop lying to yourselves people. THis country underwent a cout on that day and it has continued into this socialist “revolution” we see before our eyes.

    PS – Socialism was created by the rich, for the rich specifically to benefit the rich. Study it. I suggest googling Bill Coopers expose on socialism titled “The Truth about Socialism”

  12. Please do not let this ” Y bush b noken down dem towerz” moron anywhere near my team.

  13. Why? Talk about regressing, this guy is a joke on and off the field, not to mention that Moreno looked pretty solid the second half of the year and doesn’t fumble in big situations

  14. Mendy has some baggage that, combined with his injury and the soft market for rbs in general, adds up to around the veterans mnimum, give or take. Maybe throw in some benchmark incentive cash. If he’ll quit jitterbugging behind the line of scrimmage and hit fast to where the hole is supposed to be, play hard and stay in good shape, he can be a decent back. If he gets pouty cause he’s not getting enough money or playing time, he can be more trouble than he’s worth. Odds are you’ll get some of both out of him.

  15. It is your duty as an American to question the government that is elected to lead. People forget this and this is why America is in the mess it’s in. Stop listening to the talking heads on Fox News

  16. This had better be a bad Joke! We could have had Doug Martin last year and now we are chasing Mendenhall. There is no way I would cheer for this guy. First it was Freeney now this; are these guys stirring the pot for shock value or what?

  17. what’s with the bizarre truther rants by some of the readers here? let me guess; infowars has a link to this article and/or Mendenhall has learned how to use sockpuppet accounts on PFT. amirite?

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