Broncos likely shopping Dumervil’s offer

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The Broncos want to persuade defensive end Elvis Dumervil to take less money.  If he doesn’t, there’s a chance he’ll be cut.

For now, it looks like the Broncos are trying to find out how much it would cost to replace him.

According to Mike Klis of the Denver Post, the two sides haven’t communicated since the Broncos and Dumervil’s agent traded proposals on Friday.

“Elvis has been working out, he’s healthy, he feels great,” agent Marty Magid told Klis.  “He wants to stay with the Broncos.  Right now, we’re waiting to hear back from them.”

What Dumervil and Magid may hear is, “Thanks for the memories.”  Now that they know what Dumervil will take, the Broncos have been able to spend the last two days finding out whether they can sign Dwight Freeney or John Abraham or Cliff Avril or Osi Umenyiora or any other available pass rushers for substantially less that Dumervil is willing to take.

If so, it would be an easy swap.  And it needs to happen before Saturday, at which time Dumervil’s $12 million becomes fully guaranteed.

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  1. They have cap space even with Manning’s contract and Clady using the franchise tag. They must be clearing as much space to go after Avril.

  2. the salary cap is a son of a b!tch, to me it seems that cap space is not growing with what blue chip players are asking to be paid, 20 mil for a qb, 10-15 mil for a de, 10 for top wr,dt,ot you can have half of your cap room tied up in 5 players.

  3. Hey atthemurph,
    Manning didnt lead his team on a game winning TD drive before his safety made one of the biggest blunders in playoff history. Mannings fault, Definitely!

  4. The salary cap is great, but it needs to go up if players like Flacco can get 20 mil a year. Their team won’t win another title now, after Rodgers gets paid, the Packers won’t win another title either. Ill take a great qb every time, but rest of the team will be lacking because of it

  5. yet another example of king pay a ton manning contributing to the demise of his team with his massive overblown salary affecting everybody else. how will this go over in the broncos locker room? there has to be some resentment over the extreme greed that manning is showing by not even opening up the possibility of taking a minor pay cut to keep key members of the team together. instead of wanting to win, it seems obvious that king pay a ton only cares about money and that will never change. he would rather recruit washed up hasbeens like freeney instead of keeping his team intact. pay a ton has to be one of the most selfish players in the history of football yet nobody dares to talk about that in the media

  6. Denver needs to find a way to keep Doom. The guy has excelled at his position, over come injury, and is a major contributor on a top five defense that has not had the same d coord for the 2 consecutive years for what, a decade? The only way this is a improvement is if there is a DE on the market that can pressure and stop the run (dooms small size made running at him a good option.)

  7. midwestwarrior- compare Pay a Ton’s actions to those of the great Tom Brady who reduced his cap hit from $21 mill to $9 mill.

  8. midwestwarrior
    This is another example of some idiot spouting off about stuff he doesn’t know about. I’m talking about you idiot. Denver has the space but want to scale the pay back from the top3 money that the last staff negotiated. Maybe if you spent some time studying the issues instead of tipping cows you wouldn’t come off as so stupid.

  9. Before everyone gets on Peyton for his salary and that’s he all about the money even though he turned down a kings ransom from the titans lets look as early as last week. Flacco couldn’t take less to keep boldin around? Is Brees doing any restructuring? Manning will take his cut next year when decker and DT are due for raises. Mark it down that manning will restructure his deal sometime down the road

  10. moeman79 says:Mar 10, 2013 6:01 PM

    the salary cap is a son of a b!tch, to me it seems that cap space is not growing with what blue chip players are asking to be paid, 20 mil for a qb, 10-15 mil for a de, 10 for top wr,dt,ot you can have half of your cap room tied up in 5 players.

    Just ask the Detroit Lions.

  11. I think this move is in order to take runs at Greg Jennings, Dwight Freeney, and Reshard Medenhall. Doom is scheduled to make 12 mil. Its not insane to think with Freeneys history with Petting and the Broncos being the #1 seed last year, he would settle for $6 mil. Jennings said a teams QB situation will influence his decision, and he could go for $6-8 mil and would compliment Thomas and Decker. He would fit in the slot, an upgrade for Stokely, or on the outside. This would put Decker in the slot, whose more quick than fast and at 6’3″ he’d be a physical inside pressence. The Broncos have also been Shopping D.J. Williams, whose scheduled to make $8 mil. I wouldn’t be surprised if they pair them in a trade freeing up $20 mil in space for at least a second, mid to late first. Doom was at his best as 3-4 passrusher, still good in a 4-3. Williams is best at Lolb in a 4-3 but can play MLB or ROLB. In a 3-4 I could see him playing MLB so that opens the market. With the draft being deep at both lines and CB and the Broncos having needs in those areas, it makes sense

  12. Horseface and the rest of you donkey fans are absolutely crazy if y’all think your lame donkey team will win a Super Bowl with Martian Head! Hahaha dream on!

  13. That’s the price of Payton. Flacco’s “respect” is going to cut down the Raven’s roster.

    These guys want to have their cake, the cake of several others players, and then they want to eat it all. If what they want is to win, they need to not force teams to play every available penny to keep them.

    Make your choice: money, or a good team around you.

  14. I do not understand this at all. Why on earth would they want to lose an nil defensive stalwart? Can anyone explain?

  15. Get outta Malibus most wanted raider fan. I’d take Petting Martian head over Pryor Palmer or any other WB you guys can trick into getting sucked into the black hole joke of a franchise that is Chokeland. Just al died and that Rvnd Sharpton guy is running things doesn’t mean yall getting any better. Shoot, least we made the playoffs, with tebow no less. Oh yeah Martian head?? only 2nd in MVP vote and were the #1 seed and won the division by a landslide while y’all were fighting the queefs for the basement…as usual. Dat Mile High swag really is too damn high haha Take a seat!

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