Flacco says Boldin should “stick to his guns”

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Less than a week after receving a six-year, $120.6 million contract from the Ravens, quarterback Joe Flacco isn’t showing a lot of gratitude to his employer when it comes to receiver Anquan Boldin.

Flacco says that Boldin should “stick to his guns” when it comes to the Ravens’ effort to shrink his $6 million base salary for 2013.

“Without him, we don’t win the Super Bowl,” Flacco tells USA Today.  “He’s a huge part of this team and someone I want to see back.  Obviously, when you’re a player of his caliber, you believe you’re worth a number and that’s what you should get.  He’s going to stick to his guns, and that’s the way it should be.”

What else can Flacco say?  He wanted top dollar, and he got top dollar.  How could Flacco cajole any of his teammates into doing anything other than the same?

“This league is about going out and performing and playing well and having fun doing so,” Flacco said. “But it’s also our livelihood and it’s about getting paid.  So teams are going to let go of you as soon as they can.  So when you’re playing, you have to make sure you can get as much money as you can because that’s what’s going to take care of your family down the road.”

It’s also about winning games, which tends to help guys get paid.  And it will be harder for Flacco to convert his $29 million cap number for 2016 into yet another high-water-mark deal if he doesn’t have good players like Boldin around him.

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  1. Gotta give Flacco credit for sticking up for the man that almost single handedly got him his big contract.

  2. Lost in all the motivational hum drum of “our house” and “our team” and “our family” is the fact that it’s a business. The reason football is so much more wildly popular than baseball or basketball is because of things like salary caps which ensure competition and a healthy rotation of champions. Small market, big market, everyone plays by the same rules and restrictions. Will we always like all that that entails? No. But true competetiveness is the greater good.

  3. I hope he walks so everyone can see just how good Flacco is without a WR willing to go up and get the ball.

  4. At least Flacco was honest and forthright regarding his contractual theory. Unlike, say, Tom Brady.

  5. What are Flacco’s choices? Say what he said OR advise Boldin to take a paycut which makes him look like a hypocrite?

    Neither option is good. Which is why he needs to learn the value of “no comment”

  6. He should stick to his guns…too bad Baltimore has no bullets with Flacco’s contract.

  7. I think all this demonstrates is that telling the truth and showing good leadership don’t always go hand in hand. He’s dead on in what he said, but it’s probably not the kind of thing you want the face of the franchise to be saying publicly. It’s a fine line to walk.

  8. Boldin was nearly unstoppable the last maybe 6 or 5 games of the season. He obviously figured something out with his qb. To brake that up after they were a huge part of your superbowl run, and no replacement? HUGE huge huge mistake.

  9. Thanks to you Flacco and your insistence on being the highest paid player you will lose a lot of the players who helped make that him. Take a little less and help the team be more competitive. I hate Tom Brady as a player but what he did with the restructure was about winning and other guys see that too. Now the Pats can sign a couple big name FA’s again this off-season. Hope you like the 1Super Bowl you won Joe because now you gotta play out of your mind to ever do it again.

  10. For every player he encourages to go “get theirs”, thats less money available for other guys behind him to “get theirs” too and can ultimately lead to a team full of over-age/ over-paid players

  11. Boldin is a huge talent that is mostly wasted on that team. Guy is uncoverable and comes down with a huge percentage of the balls thrown to him…and they still barely include him in the game plan.

  12. I love how everyone assumes Boldin is the only reason Flacco has succeeded. Where was Boldin last postseason when the Ravens were a drop away from the Super Bowl? Where was Boldin in 2008 when the Ravens were in the AFC championship?Ravens were getting it done with Mason and Clayton. Sure Boldin played a pivotal role this post season, but you’re delusional if you think Flacco won’t succeed without him. His regular season was subpar at best. Also, I’m pretty sure Manning has always had great receivers and Brady has Gronkowski, who probably catches a tougher ball than Boldin. Rodgers has plently of great receivers. Brees has Jimmy Graham etc. Every good quarterback has good receivers. You guys act like Boldin was an allpro receiver. I don’t think Flacco has had even 1 pro bowl receiver since he’s been in the league. Bunch of haters.

  13. Flacco’s cap hit is only $6.8 million. The Ravens can afford Boldin if he’s a priority. However, they’re probably more interested in retaining Ellerbe and Kruger.

  14. Man, am I tired of the “I have to take are of my family” BS. A few years in the league and your family is taken care of. Period.

    When you start pulling this excuse as the reason you’re asking for 6 million instead of 4 million (or 20 million instead of 18 million), you are seriously insulting the fans, most of whom are taking care of their families on something in the neighborhood of 50k per year.

  15. ohnnytubetop says: Mar 10, 2013 1:59 PM

    Man, am I tired of the “I have to take are of my family” BS. A few years in the league and your family is taken care of. Period.

    When you start pulling this excuse as the reason you’re asking for 6 million instead of 4 million (or 20 million instead of 18 million), you are seriously insulting the fans, most of whom are taking care of their families on something in the neighborhood of 50k per year.


    I cant stand this argument. Are you one of the best in the world at what you do Johnny??? Are you elite???

    The reason most fans earn around 50k is because almost EVERYONE else in the world can do these jobs.

  16. It’s amusing to me how you guys – even Raven fans hate Flacco. Give me a strong armed, intelligent, pocket QB anyday, over this new age “pistol” QB just waiting for the next knee injury.

  17. Flacco is an incredible communicator, he has incredible leadership skills, off the charts. His level of integrity is tremendous for any human being. It’s sad how little respect he gets around the sports community.

    The guy is a flat out winner in every aspect of life and if you dont recognize that then I will say you must not have the traits he possesses. His ability to call himself the best in the game last year and put on the greatest post season in NFL history, then demand to be paid as such-then receive it is a lesson. All of you detractors do damage to your own psychology by not recognizing the immense intangibles this man possess. Go take your regular season numbers and shove them. Joe Flacco-is flat out the best leader in the NFL. Why because he just wins and all you blabbermouths will be eating dirt next year when the Ravens go back to the Superbowl….with Anquan.

  18. What Flacco *really* means is that Boldin should go in front of the media and spout off about how he’s the best WR in all the land, even if it’s clear to everyone outside of Baltimore metro area that this isn’t really the case, and perhaps never will be.

    Or, perhaps Flacco might suggest that Boldin go to the media and lobby/complain about how the Ravens still don’t get enough respect outside Baltimore metro area. Let’s bust out the kleenex and violins.

    Or, perhaps Flacco will suggest that Boldin should go in front of the cameras and talk about how, even when the Ravens win, nobody will care about his contributions, anyhow, because he’s just the poor guy in the corner and nobody pays him enough attention.

    Combined with a little luck, it worked for Joe — why not Anquan?

  19. give me a break. If these guys weren’t so obsessed with living like a freaking king, they could save enough money in 2-3 years to support a family in the style that most “working class”people live in for the rest of their lives. If you want to be greedy, don’t come crying to the guy that pays rediculous $$$$ to watch a game. Sure your life span in sports is short. You just have to suck it up and come back to the real world when your playing days are over. For every $1 million you make. some poor shlub has to work 20 years, or more.

  20. Flacco should stay out of any conversation regarding contracts for other players. He received his money and should focus on his job. As far as I know he does work in the Front Office. The owner Steve Biscotti was very generous to him and deserves some respect for the way he brought this team to the top of the league. Many players around the league would love to have an owner like him.

  21. Maybe Flacco could get Goodell to raise the Raven’s cap number to $153 million to accomodate all of his buddies. Or maybe Joe should pull a Brady and lower his pay about $13 mil so his guys can make more money. Yeah, door #2.

  22. You would think Flacco would put his money where his mouth is, and renegotiate his cap-busting contract and spread the wealth around to his teammates who helped him win the trophy, and the contract in the first place…

  23. Flaccos cap hit is the same as boldins this year…

    And boldin has had his share of big time drops over the years, as well (see divisional round against pitt where flacco hit him squarely in the chest, uncovered, go ahead score…and drop)

    The flacco haters – no real objective insight – want to believe boldin snapped the ball to himself, dropped back before blocking the entire d line, then threw a perfect spiral to himself

    Q is the man, but y’all will be super butthurt when flacco takes his regular season game to another level, just like drew brees and Phil rivers did after cam Cameron left

    Get used to it. Before y’all couldn’t trash boldin enough, never the same numbers without Fitzgerald on the other side, now he’s a one man team

    SB champs – feel the burn

  24. These guys play a KIDS game. They need to get it together and understand that. Take the money quietly. That’s the problem. You can’t win when you make what they make. And then make a scene in the media to boot.

  25. I call bs. Flacco takes, quite fairly, a big chunk of a pie that has a defined size and then tells his star wide receiver that he should take a big piece as well. Mr. Florio implies this will help the Ravens win games while juxtaposing in other posts that Tom Brady taking a smaller piece of the Patriots’ pie will pressure others to also take a smaller piece of the pie, thus hurting the ability of his co-workers to make money. The flaw in that logic is self evident. Anybody that has shared a pizza can figure that one out.

  26. Whats Brady got to do with this? The big three Brady, Brees, and Manning have already made there millions. Plus Brady landed a woman who will make more than all 3 put together. If he wants to treat football like a hobby and play for peanuts… I say let him.

  27. downslide, they play a kids game. Sure they are the best at it. The best ball throwers and catchers in the world..With the help of steroids… Very important to society apparantly.
    My job is harder, and more dangerous. I make 50k a year.
    Why do people put these clowns on such a high pedestal? Half these guys never even learned how to speak. Yet they are somehow heroes?

  28. It may not just be about cap numbers.

    Everyone on that team might have a 1 dollar cap number, doesn’t mean they can pay everyone 20 million a year.

    From a strictly profit/loss/revenue to expenses perspective, it might just be that Baltimore doesn’t want to spend that much money – irrespective of who what what cap number.

  29. Well, since Flacco is the one who pushed the cap limit with his contract, and he wants to stand up for Boldin not taking a pay cut for him, perhaps he can come out and tell us who SHOULD take the pay cut. Come on, Joe, whose piece of the pie do you want to take from?

  30. You can’t say Flacco’s $6.8M cap number is going to gut the Ravens, then say Boldin’s $7.5 cap number is warranted and his playoff performance is what is to be expected in 2014. Stop arguing with yourselves.

  31. Well lets hope Joe doesn’t follow the advice of some of the posters. If he were to do as they say (i.e. follow Brady’s lead), he would be make $3M more than any one else on the team with a $13.8M cap hit and account for roughly 10% of the cap space. As it stands, Joe accounts for about 5% with a $6.8M. Joe is 5th with Suggs, Ngata, Boldin, and Yanda in front of him from a cap hit perspective.

  32. Excellent! Yes, the Ravens should “keep the core together” at any price! Big money for Reed, too. By all means, make one more run at this thing! I bet they can convince Ray to come out of retirement for enough money, especially if they give him a per-dance bonus.

    That approach is always good business! Pay the man!

  33. Pay up says flacco, boldin makes me looks good. Getting nervous joe? Just let these things play out. Let the business folks do their job so they can justify yours. If you’re really that good and really worth that much money then you can make excellent plays. Relax. No need to cause a stir in your team. It makes good reading but it might a show teenie crack in your teams image.

  34. Ohhhh Ted, Ted Thompson, get the checkbook out and sign this man with velcro hands. Right after you cut Jermichael Finley. Aaron throws way more accurately than Flacco. Boldin would be All Pro in GB along with Cobb, Jones, and Nelson. WOW, That would be unstoppable.

  35. Flacco’s cap hit is only $6.8 million. The Ravens can afford Boldin if he’s a priority.

    Flacc’o’s cap hit goes up significantly year to year……it is by no means fixed at 6.8 year to year. His contract is why key guys are going to be playing for rivals. It’s pretty hilarious actually. Nice to see the Flacco’s contract is having the desired effect for a team already in Cap Hell.

  36. Joe Flacco was paid his 120 million based on “HIS BODY OF WORK!” From the time Flacco came into the league, he has won a playoff game “EVERY YEAR!” That speaks volumes…not to mention he beat Luck,Manning, and Brady to get to the SuperBowl! Kapernick was gonna get beaten so I never understood why a qb with only nine games under his belt was expected to beat the Ravens….REALLY?

  37. yes 2jivecrew..next year its 14.8 million. whats your point. these next two years are very cap friendly. as it stands now the ravens are 12 million under. believe me they are not in cap hell. stand back and watch the champs do their thing

  38. As a Patriots fan I agree with Flacco 100%. He should actually demand more money now… just to make a point. STICK TO YOUR GUNS BOLDIN! I’m behind you.

  39. You can’t deny the facts.

    1) Flacco’s cap number is very low. Just because he signed a big contract doesn’t mean Ravens can’t afford anyone else. If you are going to comment about it, understand it.

    2) No Brady didn’t restructure his for the good of the team. Truth finally came out he makes $3M more under the new contract. It was good for Brady and good for the team. Stop with this stupid comparison.

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