For Revis, the past could complicate the immediate future

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As Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis and his agents continue to attempt to push their way out of New York, some teams are becoming increasingly concerned about the prospect of doing business with Revis in the future.

As one league source has explained the situation, many teams love Revis the player but some are growing weary of Revis, Inc.  The leveraging and the bullying and the posturing, which seem to have contributed to Jets owner Woody Johnson’s unwillingness to pay Revis again, is causing some teams to view him as high maintenance, selfish, and chronically unsatisfied.

The problem is that, through two contracts with the Jets, the leveraging and the bullying and the posturing have worked.  Revis held out in 2007, scoring a slot-busting deal that teams and agents alike thereafter viewed as an aberration.  Then, in 2010, another holdout resulted in Revis landing a contract that ties him to the team for four years and lets him walk away, free and clear, after the 2013 season.

Now, Revis wants another contract, from the Jets or from a team that will trade for him.  But what happens when a new team signs Revis and he decides in two years that he wants yet another new deal?

It’s easy to say that won’t happen, that Revis and his agents are surely smart enough to know that, once he gets his next deal with a new team, they’ll need to behave differently.  That if he finally scores quarterback money, he’ll have no plausible reason to complain.

But if the best deal he can get while recovering from a torn ACL doesn’t pay quarterback money, there’s a chance Revis will take what he can get for now and then, after re-establishing himself as the best corner in the game, try once again to get more.

If that’s what Revis does, his next team won’t be able to claim that it was a surprise.

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  1. Maybe Revis banged heads once to often with the receivers he covers, because I swear it’s like a WR’s diva brain jumped inside his skull.

  2. I want him in SF but I think it’s going to cause problems with team unity having this guy demanding so much money. Also cap issues in a year or two. Maybe we should move up and draft Trufaunt. Also there is some other good corners available in FA without torn ACLs and the demand for QB money. I hope he goes to Jax so we don’t have to hear from him anymore. Sorry Jags. Love ya MJD

  3. Me Me Me factor aside Mevis value will only go up the closer to training camp we get as he showcases his recovery and ability to be & move on the field. Time and leverage is on the Jets side right now if they are planning on playing this out till then, but once the season starts the table will slowly turn if a deal hasn’t been done one way or the other. If they are going to deal him probably best to do it before the draft.

    Very tough call for management on which way to play it!

  4. “high maintenance, selfish, and chronically unsatisfied.”

    I am trying to think of a better way to express that point.

    Nope, can’t come up with a better way.

    Revis can stay in NY, and I wish him well. His value isn’t simply tied to his physical ability … I would think a lot of teams view his non monetary cost as too high.

  5. The article is in error.

    Revis did not hold out in 2007 as he was not under contract. When Revis was drafted in 2007 the Jets tried to change what was expected of a contract for the 14th pick. The Jets demanded a 6 year contract Revis wanted what was normal for a 14th pick of 5 years. Eventually the Jets caved and gave Revis a 4 year deal with a 2 year team option to extend the contract 2 years at a very high price. No one expected that Revis would play well enough foe the Jest to exercise the option. But in fact Revis played so well that last 2 years became a bargain for the Jets.

    Hence Revis’ holdout in 2010. By all accounts the 2010 holdout was Revis fault unlike the 2007 as Revis demands seemed to be out of line demanding a contract in excess of the $16 million a year Davis gave Aso. Eventually the Jets and Revis settled for a 4 year band aid contract with the first 2 years paying Revis $16.1 million.

    Revis said when he signed the contrast there was an understanding that the contract would be redone in 2012 after 2 years. The Jets never disputed this until 2012 when they said they thought 2013 was when they expected to redo it.

    Because the terms of the contact does not allow the Jets to franchise or restrict Revis it made sense it was a 2 year band aid as it would be a great risk to wait until 2013 to redo it.

    Both Revis and the Jets are at fault here. Revis for his holdout in 2010 and his large demands and the Jets for poisoning future negotiations in 2007 with unreasonable demands and for a failure to treat Revis with respect this offseason, engage him in any talks this year, failing to redo his contract last year and for giving away all their leverage this year by signing a contract that does not allow them to restrict Revis,

    Negotiations are an ongoing relationship. A relationship that has been hurt by mistakes by both sides.

  6. Any new contract with Revis will undoubtedly remove any and all leverage he or his agent(s) have to get a new deal.

    Huge penalties for hold-outs, and a lot of performance incentives- all conditional on his returning to pre-knee injury form- should be a part of any Revis deal.

  7. If Revis’ past behaviours are not indications for what he potentially could do in the future, I can’t imagine anything else. He is great CB but also great cannibal of salary cap. If I were a GM, I wouldn’t touch him unless the contract he will sign protects the franchise as in back-loading the contract.

  8. One of the best and most accurate articles yet. No doubt he is a talent, but with injuries, holdouts and quite frankly if the Refs would flag him according to the rules and not his perceived reputation he is not all that. The Jets are going nowhere for years to come… might as well get what you can to aid the rebuilding efforts and ditch this lockerroom wrecking “superstar”.

  9. It sucks for fans when it happens but I don’t blame the players. The teams do it all the time. They sign players to deals and after two years force them to take less $ or cut them. What’s good for the goose……

  10. This can’t be a shock for anyone.
    There were huge concerns when trying to work out his rookie deal because his demands reminded many of his uncle Sean Gilbert who was a pain to deal with.
    Looks like being a money grabbing diva is a family trait.

  11. Revis is the best cb by far, but no cb deserves qb money!!! Flacco didn’t deserve his money, but will make more impact than any cb in the league. I wouldn’t pay any cb more than 10 mill a year

  12. After watching teams demand dozens of players restructure or take pay cuts in the middle of contracts you guys can honestly sit back and throw stones at Revis for playing the same game? Dumervil is being asked to take a pay cut after an 11 sack season, Boldin is being asked to take a 33% pay cut after a superb play off run that won the Ravens a Super bowl.

    That’s just how the NFL contract game is played. Who ever holds the leverage dictates when and how much a contract is renegotiated. I don’t blame either party for using that leverage. It is what it is.

  13. Revis is worth the pain in the ass that his negotiations and off season hold out causes. Just make the contract conditional on his performance on the field and all will be fine for the next team.

  14. Makes you curious if a guy with this much baggage would carry his baggage with him to a team like the Pats, where loud mouth behavior and prima donna attitudes are not considered acceptable. Not a Pats fan at all, but I respect how you never see any b.s. like the kind Reevis or Percy Harvin spew out in NE. If hypothetically Reevis were to sign there would he be like that? Would he shut his mouth and buy in? Would he be a huge problem? would they not waste their time based on his past? just speculation, but i for one and curious.

  15. A lot of trouble for a cornerback. Even a good one.
    If a cornerback makes two or even three Sportscenter highlight plays in a game, that’s usually all they are.
    And it’s only two or three plays out of 55 or 60.
    How is that worth quarterback money?
    I see the cornerback position as being over-valued lately and due for a correction.

  16. “The leveraging and the bullying and the posturing, which seem to have contributed to Jets owner Woody Johnson’s unwillingness to pay Revis again, is causing some teams to view him as high maintenance, selfish, and chronically unsatisfied.”

    View him as ? That’s the core or what’s in Revis’ heart.

    Has there ever been a sentence out of his mouth that didn’t include the words “I, me, and want’?

  17. Wow, how surprising, a player treats the game like a business and mouthbreathing fans hope for him to fail.

  18. For a Super Bowl, it should be worth it for a contender to use him and cut him once they get the ring.

    Jets don’t have that luxury right now, great move by Jets to cut this cancer.

  19. He’s the best DB in the NFL. His character and the drama he brings is nothing compared to his on-field contributions. You don’t win games with nice upstanding guys. You win games with players who can play and Revis can play.

  20. It’s amazing how many ignorant people there are pontificating about Revis. Yes, he has a chronic history of contractual dissatisfaction, but people who say he’s a prima Donna and a locker room cancer like Harvin have no clue at all. I’m a Jets fan. I follow my team. I follow Revis. As a player and a teammate he is pure class, leader, all star in every way. His teammates respect him, his coaches love him, the fans love him. This is why the two sides need to work it out. NY is the only place where he is appreciated.

  21. Revis should bear in mind that just because the Jets let the inmates run the asylum, that doesn’t mean other teams will.

    He knows he can manipulate the Jets – perhaps even into a new extension. He’s done it before and knows they will cave.

    Other coaches/GMs won’t be so easy for him to manipulate

  22. Givin the fact his contract & lingering future contract is there, I wouldn’t give anything more than a 2nd round pick for this guy! With that said, people are forgetting he’s the best cb in league. If I’m running a team & wanted to make moves, Im interested

  23. Not sure the headache is worth it…surely his past is a reflection of what his future will bring…more contract demands & threats. I’d pass!

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