Giants land Cullen Jenkins


Cullen Jenkins has found a new home in the same division.

The Giants signed the ex-Eagles defensive tackle to a three-year, $8 million contract, Kim Jones of NFL Network reported Sunday. According to Jones, the deal includes $3 million guaranteed. (Other reports have the Jenkins-Giants pact agreed to but not yet signed.)

The 32-year-old Jenkins is known for his pass-rushing ability. He has recorded 38.5 sacks in nine NFL seasons, including four a season ago for the Eagles, who released him in February. Jenkins ranked No.70 on PFT’s list of the top 100 free agents in the Class of 2013.

When they have been in top form in recent seasons, the Giants have featured a ferocious pass rush, and they can generate significant edge pressure with defensive ends Jason Pierre-Paul and Justin Tuck. Now, Jenkins strengthens their ability to get a push up the middle.

For the record, Jenkins had 1.5 sacks in four games against the Giants with NFC East rival Philadelphia, with both coming in 2011.

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  1. Not impressed at all if he were that great Green Bay and Philly wouldn’t have cut him loose. Often injured and can’t play the run but don’t tell giants that because anything the giants do is a great move

  2. Seems to be no better or worse than Chris Canty.

    A modest move in the clever ways of Jerry Reese.

    The first step on the road back to Superbowl

  3. So he played DT on a team who was bad on defense…on the worst team in the same division…and ranks #70 on the top 100 PFT Free Agent list….but the first few Giants fans posted that they love the move.


  4. paulsmith107,

    Take it easy Spanky….Cullen jenkins is Rotational depth for the DT position behind Linval Joseph, Shaun Rogers(who will be in on running downs),Marvin Austin(If he ever gets it together).

    Its a good signing maybe he chose the Giants due to the history he has with the D-Line coach Robert Nunn whom he played for from 2005-2008….combined with the fact that he has a better opportunity to get more playing time with the G-Men a team that does plays to his strength getting after the QB.

    Its not like Jerry Reese broke the bank to acquire him.

    As far as every move the Giants make is a great move…cant argue with 2 championships….

  5. Let out an audible “woo” on this one. He’ll be in that rotation. And if he can’t be successful with Tuck and JPP, I’d be hard pressed to say he’d be more successful anywhere else.

  6. Dear Mr Reese
    Please sign an outside LB that can cover athletic TE’s & stop the read option, a DB that can cover in man coverage, a safety with ball skills, and a game changing tight end. Also, resign victor Cruz long term and we will b golden.

    Long time fan that can’t afford my PSL

  7. Adds some depth, I suppose. Overall not a huge deal because of his age and declining skill set (can’t play the run very well).

  8. Way to scoop up an overrated DT off of the Eggles scrapheap. Kinda funny. Your best DT is happy with my skins. Thanks for Coefield. We appreciated your generosity.

  9. I think he can still be an effective backup for at least two more seasons. However I highly doubt he finishes out this contract for whatever reason, age, injuries etc. Still an overall good pickup and a steal at that price.

  10. Well…that could not have gone any worse. If this is the new birds idea of addition by subtraction we are screwed. Definitely the last team I would have wanted him to sign with.

  11. “Not impressed at all if he were that great Green Bay and Philly wouldn’t have cut him loose. Often injured and can’t play the run but don’t tell giants that because anything the giants do is a great move”

    Well…Giants have won 2 Super Bowls under Reese’s reign…so he does gets benefit of doubt. And the Eagles’, at least, free agent signings/releases haven’t exactly been stellar lately…so thats no true gauge.

    Plus..we’re not signing Jenkins to be THE guy..just another piece. Totally fair reasonable contract and he’s DL depth at WORST. Really like the move.

  12. All NFC East fans whose team even made it to the Super Bowl in the last 10 years, please raise your hand.

  13. logicalvoicesays says: Mar 10, 2013 8:04 PM

    There go the Giants again…picking up everyones trash/scraps. What a sad joke/mediocre franchise.
    Hey Genius, all the free agents Giants pick up helped win 2 Super Bowls in 4 years. All the FA the skins picked up just did nothing and collect a paycheck. Skins will be forever known as fools signing Haynesworth to hugest contract ever for a DT.

    Giants have 8 championships, Skin have 5, enjoy the basement next season.

  14. Three years and 8 million….WOW….he must have had TONS of offers to get a deal like that.

  15. Redskins and Eagles fans just remember we have two Super Bowls to your zero. These awful moves usually help us win a championship. Redskins fans will have a gimp QB in two years and that will be right around the same time the Eagles will be hiring a new coach. It’s so funny how all you jokers just talk. I guess the giants let their winning do the talking

  16. Cullen Jenkins is a big sign for the Giants. He’s only 1 year removed from having the 4th-highest @PFF pass rush grade of any DT

    Cullen Jenkins has a +26.1 @PFF pass rush grade over the past 2 seasons. The best grade by any Giant in that span is JPP with +13.

    I don’t know why people are hating on the signing. A solid depth pick up 3 yrs/$8 million isn’t that big of an investment for someone who can still be productive in a rotational situation. But hey, what does Jerry Reese know?

  17. armchairqb says: Mar 10, 2013 9:16 PM

    They’ve basically replaced Chris Canty with … another Chris Canty.

    At 1/3 of the cap price..

  18. cullen jenkins was supposed to be defensive leader for the eagles. they signed him after GB won the SB and subsequently traded broderick bunkley. he was spotty at best and overall a disappointment. not as big a bust as nmamdi but showed zero leadership and marginal performance. probably a waste of time and money by giants. highly doubtful jenkins regains his GB form.

  19. the cullen jenkins era in philly is best summed up by reid screaming at him on bench during pre-season gm. a very rare display of emotion by reid and jenkins was the recipient. totally sums up jenkin’s performance.

  20. BIG WAYNE 75: Gets the “JENKINS” signing AWARD, stats football fans, never ever lie!
    JR is just getting ready, the be gulls & skins will finish in the same order, ha, Vick & rg2, he comes back with a brace or gets whacked again, damaged goods, BUT hey, they won the division?
    Too funny! Sorry for the kid, but Shanny’s job might be a little shaky come December!
    Next up, Bennett! Reese’s Piece’s

  21. I said it was a good idea over a week ago when he came for his initial visit, GREAT PICK UP BIG BLUE!!!! Packers team changed drastically when Jenkins wasn’t there to anchor that D-Line!!! Can’t really judge Jenkins having to play outta position in that ridiculous Wide 9 scheme that Philly attempted!! But UNLIKE Canty, Jenkins started 32 outta 32 games for the Eagles!!!! We couldn’t amass 32 starts collectively in the past 2 seasons outta “Can’tHe”, Rogers, Austin, Etc…..He was given big $$ by Philly, Love Reese for getting 3 years @ 8 Mill, he will definitely end up being considered a free agency steal!!

  22. and once again the jets drop the ball on another desperately needed pass rusher.. actually the same guy just the second time. they should have gotten him a few years ago instead of chasing after “asum-what?”. and now again they missed a golden opportunity to get a veteran pass rusher to lead the charge. A Mike T. fail then. An Idzik fail now. FAIL!
    (side note, good pickup by the giants)

  23. As an eagles fan I was sad to see Cullen go. Very classy guy that fits well in any d. We’re going to miss you Cullen I wish you the best in your future endeavors.

  24. bigbosscrispy says: Mar 10, 2013 8:09 PM

    Dear Mr Reese
    Please sign an outside LB that can cover athletic TE’s & stop the read option, a DB that can cover in man coverage, a safety with ball skills, and a game changing tight end. Also, resign victor Cruz long term and we will b golden.

    Long time fan that can’t afford my PSL


    How about taking the best OLB in this year’s FA class, arguably the most under-appreciated player in the NFL, OLB Daryl Smith from the Jags.
    Although I’d hate to see him go, I’d much rather him go to a contender. The G-Men men better jump at the opportunity while he’s still on the market after a day or 2, if that. He is coming off a knee injury, but he suited the final 2 games last year & I honestly couldn’t see a difference in his play, dead serious. This guy is a beast, he can cover TE’s & has the experience to play any LB position. He can affect the QB’s easily, & with Big Blue’s current rotation, he can do it ALL.

    Sources: My eyes! I’ve followed his success story ever since being picked in the 2nd round of the 2004 draft out of Georgia Tech. A hardworking, true professional, not to mention a CLASS-ACT!

  25. Wow, awful pick-up here for G-women. Well past his prime & was a bust in Philly. Love watching “elite” teams tank like this…also say goodbye to Cruz &/or Nicks — it’s over for Big Blew — even Goodell & Mara taking money from Dallas & Wash cap even though GMEN did same thing in 2010 won’t help this year

  26. Giants fans are so funny. Keep talking about the past. This is an awful signing, this guy is well past his prime—have fun with no OLINE again & an aging slow DLINE — no secondary and haven’t had any LBs in years

  27. Giants are going to win the NFC East next season. A near lock. I will bet any Skins, eagles or cowboys fan that they do.

  28. I remember when people had the same opinions about Chris Canty. Then he showed up in some of the biggest games of his life and dominated. That was after the Cowboys fans said he sucked?

    Your hatred comes across as jealousy, and it’s funny to me.

  29. Chris canty wasn’t 32 a locker room cancer and canty was actually a good run stuffer. Jenkins is old injury prone has no heart which fits right into the giants team he is a locker room cancer which also seems status quo for the new giants locker room and can’t stop the run which ironically is why the giants brought him in to help the run d lol. Also keep pounding your chest giants fans about the past but theoretical recent past your elite qb was beaten out by a rookie with a scrub wr core a subpar d and a cap robbery for the NFC least division. Least because its the worst division in the NFC but you keep proud you jobless overweight beer drinking idiots big blue is the new mating call for water buffalo in jersey

  30. Paulsmith you are clueless. If Jenkins is anything he is a great locker room presence. When he was with the Pack his teammates loved him.

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