Greg Jennings sheds light on his decision process


In seven NFL seasons, Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings has primarily caught passes from Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre.

Yes, Jennings has experienced the joys of stellar quarterback play. And as he told USA Today‘s Robert Klemko in a story published Sunday, a team’s quarterback situation is one of his decision-making factors in free agency.

Said Jennings, per USA Today: “Coaching means a lot, the dynamic of the team. To me, the quarterback means a lot, if they have one or not, and I have to make sure my family is comfortable.”

The 29-year-old Jennings ranks No. 4 among all free agents in PFT’s Hot 100, with only fellow potential unrestricted free agent Mike Wallace and Victor Cruz (a restricted free agent) ahead of him.

The Packers have a solid wide receiver corps with or without Jennings, with James Jones, Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb all capable performers. Whether the Packers move on without Jennings remains to be seen, but this seems clear — should he sign elsewhere, he likely will have given the subject of quarterback play some thought.

29 responses to “Greg Jennings sheds light on his decision process

  1. I understand how Wallace might have a tad more value based on speed but I’d rank Jennings a spot above Victor Cruz.

  2. I think RFA is a joke of collusion. There is no way a half dozen teams wouldnt try to make a move on Victor Cruz if collusion wasn’t involved. Ever since the Vikings poison pilled the seahawks for Hutchinson RFA changed for the worst.

  3. At 29 years old with a Super Bowl on his ring finger makes the decision making process very simple. Sign the biggest contract available for the most money possible considering this will most likely be his last oppurtunity to do so in the NFL.

  4. If QB play is that important to him then going to Seattle is a no brainer.
    The Seahawks have the best QB in the NFC in Russell Wilson.
    They have the best defense in the league. They have by far, the best scouting department and head coach in the league.

    Greg knows Seattle is the supreme team in the NFC(witnessed the beatdown firsthand this past season).
    You want championships? You will get MULTIPLE in Seattle.

  5. Maybe he should play for the lingerie league. That way he can have a smooth transition from one whiny, PMS-y quarterback to another. Except in the lingerie league the quarterback would be tougher and cry less.

  6. Come on out to San Fran, Greg. Coaching? Check. Team dynamic? Check. Quarterback? Check. Family comfortable? Money should be pretty good, and although the weather isn’t as nice as Miami, it’s a heck of a lot better than GB…

  7. My number one receiving choice for the Patriots. More diverse skills, less me attitude than most receivers. If they can sign him and their own players, I will be one happy Pats fan.

  8. I know a team in the Bay Area that could use him. He just can’t be doing the Lambeau Leap at Candlestick. Some of the fans can get a little stabby at times.

  9. I know everything says Seattle has the best of everything. One thing they don’t have is the best coach, and they didn’t win the Super bowl either.Not sure what they have the best of???

  10. Hope he’s successful wherever he goes – he’s an awesome dude and an awesome player…

    Thanks for the clutch catches during Superbowl 45 and bringing the Lombardi home.

  11. Like he has a choice. The only teams interested are the Vikes, Dolphins and maybe Cleveland caliber teams. I can’t wait til he signs and says “Playing with a stellar QB like Kolb, Ponder, Tannehill, Weeden made my choice obvious. I’m honored to play with such an elite QB”. bwahahahahhahahahahahhahahahah.

  12. Come to DC and work a contract out that pays you big money down the road plus multiple SB trophies. Everyone knows Shanny and Griffin will win at least 2 SB rings. HTTR!!!!!

  13. I think people will be surprised because they are obviously underestimating what Christian Ponder might be able to do when he actually has more than just Percy to throw to. I’d like to see how Rodgers would do as the Vikings QB with no real weapons besides Percy.

  14. Jennings is going after a payday plain and simple. he dont care who
    the QB is GET REAL… Jennings has his Superbowl ring. NOW hes looking to get PAID. whom ever put the most money on the table thats where he will sign

  15. Iknoweverything says: Mar 10, 2013 8:43 PM

    “If QB play is that important to him then going to Seattle is a no brainer.
    The Seahawks have the best QB in the NFC in Russell Wilson.
    They have the best defense in the league. They have by far, the best scouting department and head coach in the league.”

    Iknoweverything must be logicalvoice’s equally delusional twin brother, separated at birth and shipped off to live in Seattle.

  16. bearsoxass says: Mar 11, 2013 10:21 AM

    “Bears and vikings forget it, Jennings is not a low life pathetic looser, he never play for both of you.”

    Learn how to spell, looser.

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