Harrison’s agent sees plenty of “great fits”

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On Saturday, the Steelers cut linebacker James Harrison, after he refused to take a pay cut of approximately 30 percent, with the opportunity to earn back the difference.

And so Harrison instead took a 100-percent reduction on his $6.57 million compensation.

Now, the challenge for Harrison and his agent, Bill Parise, is to try to rebuild from scratch.  And Parise is working overtime.

Baltimore would be a great fit for James,” Parise told the Baltimore Sun.

The Saints would be a great fit,” Parise separately told the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

The Browns would be a “great fit,” Parise separately told the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Let’s save Bill some effort.  Anyone willing to pay Harrison the $6.57 million the Steelers wouldn’t is a “great fit.”

Failing that, any team that runs a 3-4 defense would be a “great fit.”

Failing that, any team that runs a 4-3 defense would be a “great fit.”

33 responses to “Harrison’s agent sees plenty of “great fits”

  1. What Harrison is trying to say is that since NO ONE is paying him a nickel at the moment he will say ANYTHING to get a paycheck. I guarantee it wont be the $6.75 million he was “supposed” to get.

    Mid to late 30 guys with increasing injury issues are out on the street now in droves.

    You will notice that the Patriots and Steelers don’tkeep these kinds of guys around….and their track record over the years speaks volumes for not overpaying older guys with declining skills.

    What did Joey Porter….Richard Sehmore accomplish after they left the Steelers and Patriots for the big contract….NADA.

    Likewise the Ravens never missed a beat when Adalius Thomas and Bart Scott and Jason Brown and Edgerton Hartwell left for the money.

  2. How hilarious would it be for Baltimore to land JH at the same reduced price steelers offered to take off Bens head. At least then he knows he can win another Lombardi before ending his career.

  3. It would be hilarious to see Harrison fire Parise and then re-sign in Pittsburgh. This is definitely looking like Parise didn’t shop James around before they said no and it was certainly the wrong move to make at this point in his career.

  4. The Saints don’t want Harrison, they have class and will not accept cheap shot artists.
    The same for KC and Seattle.
    Maybe Harrison can find employment with Balco, he should be very familiar with the products?

  5. Florio why are you trying to bash Harrison so bad? He wants to make the most money he can, this is his career. There are teams that will pay him more, can you blame him? If Espn offered you more cash than PFT would you take it?

  6. Parise sure is making the rounds. That suggests to me that interest isn’t all that high in a 34 year old pass rusher coming off a modest 6 sack season. The off the field headaches his client has a tendency to get involved with probably doesn’t make Parise’s job any easier.

  7. I’m a Saints fan and I really would love to have him at anything reasonable. We’ve never had a problem bringing in veterans before(Super Bowl year had guys like Darren Sharper Chris McAlister and Mike McKenzie) and he can still play even if is getting old.

  8. Can you imagine two head, no three headhunters on the same team, Reed, Harrison, and Pollard would have players on the bench rotating their heads to be safe. James if you want your third ring don’t go to charm city because no one repeats anymore in spite of their childish fanboys predictions.

  9. I’m a Saints fan and there’s no way I want the guy…

    One, we don’t have the cap space with so many needs…

    Two, we need youth on defense…

    Three, we can always run the ball more…

  10. Some athletes really need to consider the BS their agents are whispering into their ear. Who in their right mind, whether he is your client or not, thinks that James Harrison is going to get 4+ mill anywhere else in the league.

    Sounds like a 30% paycut would have been the way to go for a guy past his prime and struggling to stay on the field. I’ll honestly be surprised if he signs with anyone before the preseason given what his physical results will look like when teams bring him in for medical evaluation. I see him retiring before the season starts.

  11. The Silverback is 35 and coming off of multiple injury-plagued seasons. While I wouldn’t be opposed to my Ravens bringing him in since they need some major pass rush help, they won’t be offering him much more than a couple million at the very most, and I doubt any other team offers him anything more than that either. In other words, good luck James.

  12. Funny read all the Raven fans talk about how great it would be to have him when for the last year they have been talking how he is over rated and/or washed up.

    Someone is going to offer him more than the reduced amount that the Steelers have offered. It just seems to be the way things go in today’s world

  13. Ravens already have Suggs plus Upshaw in training. Harrison has skills but Ravens can’t afford it given what they already have under contract – its not a position of need. That really isn’t likely.

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