Harvin could have a hard time finding a suitor

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Vikings receiver Percy Harvin reportedly wants out of Minnesota.  He also reportedly wants to be paid like Lions receiver Calvin Johnson.

But Harvin is overlooking one important reality.  He’ll have to find a team that wants him, and a team that will pay him what he wants.

As one NFL front-office source explains it, Harvin and his agent forget that a large portion of the league had him off of their draft boards in 2009, due to his reputation for being a pain in the posterior.

In Minnesota, the Vikings have done a nice job of keeping Harvin from being too much of a problem, at least publicly.  Under former coach Brad Childress, then-defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier often was the peacekeeper.  Now that Harvin and Frazier reportedly had a “heated exchange” that preceded Harvin’s placement on injured reserve, Harvin may be out of allies in Minnesota.

That doesn’t mean he’ll have friends elsewhere.  Especially if he gets the kind of money he wants.  If/when (if) he cashes in, Harvin will be largely untouchable, free to do what he wants, how he wants, when he wants.

Even though there are plenty of desperate coaches and General Managers in the NFL, there’s a difference between desperation and stupidity.  For Harvin, the key word could be delusion.

If there’s no team who will both trade for him and pay him, he’ll continue to be the property of the Vikings.  And the manner in which he handles himself during the final year of his contract will go a long way toward shaping the extent to which other teams will, or won’t, be interested in him once he hits the open market.

And if he decides to hold out, the Vikings can fine him hundreds of thousands of dollars and, if he doesn’t show up by Week 10, squat on his rights through 2014.

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  1. Percy is a very good WR – but having the dominant running threat of AP in the backfield helps every aspect of a team’s passing game, I don’t care who the QB is. So I don’t see how he deserves Calvin Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald $, those 2 guys are the AP’s on their teams and have no running game to speak of and are just far better players than this spoiled brat.

  2. If he’s being a pain in the posterior — which apparently is the case but no journalists appear able to confirm for certain — at least he and his agent have the good sense to avoid doing so publicly.

  3. Did Harvin see what just happened with Titus Young in DET/StL?

    Talent isn’t everything in the NFL today. The reason Calvin Johnson makes the kind of money he does is that he’s durable, a superstar player and a first class individual. He’s everything a GM could want as the face of a franchise.

    All Harvin has is the superstar talent, and he can’t even stay on the field long enough to showcase it. If he’s lucky enough to get a fresh start with a new team he needs to shut his mouth about money and prove that he can perform and not be a distraction. His team will have no choice but to pay him and he won’t have made himself look like a fool in the process.

  4. WR’s sure have a high opinion of themselves. Is there another position in football that generate more BS? The king of the egos, Chris Carter thinks Percy is right on man!

  5. Well if he doesn’t get what he wants in another week or so, maybe he’ll get all Titusesque and create an opportunity for even juicier PFT articles.

    I’m smelling a Harvin for Revis trade brewing. Both teams can benefit from removing themselves from a disgruntling situation by deferring that liability into the future when inevitably the next drama situation blooms for each man.

  6. To bad the Jets fired Mike Tannenbaum, or he’d already have a new tent to run his circus under.

  7. Its amazing how much Harvin learned from Randy Moss in the three short weeks he was there. Let’s cover the checklist, fighting with coaches, check, acting like a diva, check, having an inflated sense of your value to the overall team, check, being a cancer in the locker room, check.

    Good luck to the Vikings in dealing with this malcontent all season long because a trade is almost impossible to pull off. The odds are better that the Vikings will win the Superbowl and we all know the last time that happened, as in never.

  8. So much talent that my judgement must be clouded…the 9ers could fix him. Nah, he sounds like a big time headache. Oh yeah, doesn’t he get like 5 of those a year? The Vikings should put out all the good press they can about him, a pic of him kissing babies, and then get as much as they can for him.

  9. It seems that teams who do well build from the draft up – and add certain positive vets from free agency. Signing a “pain in the posterior” is never going to be “positive” for any team.

    Id like to see Harvin be forced, as in no other team wants the headache, to stay in Minnesota. After all, any other team will have to deal with:

    1. High salary.
    2. Value draft/player swap.
    3. Bad attidude – this is the type of player who gets paid, and then stops playing.

  10. As a Viking 4life since 1968 this article is most accurate and articulate. There is no reason to add to this as this has said it all and very self explanatory-now what do we do with this immature f#<*!!!

  11. property of the vikings? really mike…he is human…u should change that statement to employee of the vikings

  12. Vikes deserve fair value for him and his attitude has dropped their likely compensation drastically. If they can’t find a deal they like or consider fair, squat on his rights and fine him for conduct detrimental. Send a message to the other players/future players that being a malcontent will not be rewarded.

    This kid needs to wake up soon and realize how good he has it. He gets many opportunities for highlight plays, is their #1 receiver, he’s not counted on to lead his team (megatron), and he has the luxury of single coverage with defenses having to count for the human wrecking ball in the backfield (#28).

  13. As a Vikings fan, I hope this doesn’t get as ugly as the Vincent Jackson-AJ Smith/Chargers situation a couple years ago.

  14. I suppose the Vikings could play hard-ball with him and try to arrange a shotgun wedding of sorts, until he can make the divorce final when his contract is up…

  15. So Harvin allows the Vikes to pay him while he has “migraines” on game days. He has the leverage. I would’t offer more than a 7th rounder for him. It’s not necessary to offer more.

  16. The Vikings have most of the leverage here. The draft is deep in WR, so he can be replaced. And like the article says, the Vikings can keep him around through 2014 if they so choose. Percy was having an MVP-like season until he got injured, and that was with a QB who, hopefully, has his best games ahead of him. He is no CJ, so asking that kind of money tells me Percy is smoking something.

  17. If he’s willing to make around $8MM/yr for the next 3 years, he can come a play with the Pats. There he can put up the kind of production that might get him that mega-deal from his next team.

  18. Comparisons to Titus Young are really more than ignorant, have you even watched Harvin play? Super tough, way above after the catch yardage. Many say the best slot receiver in the NFL. Deadly kick-off returner. You want issues, look up Brandon Marshall’s long rap sheet of violence. Any drug or alcohol issues even once, on or off the field in his NFL tenure? No. Violence? No. The kid wants more dough, going about it the wrong way…Titus Young, not. How much should he get paid now with Brian Hartline getting 30 million?

  19. Damn you Urban Meyer…..I hope you’re happy in helping create this egomaniac! There are countless stories that have come out in the last year or two about how big of a P-I-T-A Percy was at Florida…..and that you, Urban, just allowed it to fester…..thanks a lot!

  20. “You want to be paid like Calvin Johnson, play like Calvin Johnson. It’s that simple…’

    Also, be as good a person and teammate as Johnson. Work as hard as Johnson. Be as friendly to the media as Johnson.

  21. Paid like Johnson? Really? Harvin is pretty good, but he is not at Johnsons level. I think those migraines have affected his reasoning processes. He should maybe get half what Johnson gets.

  22. I find it ironic that I have not heard one word come from Percy’s mouth. Day after day yet another journalist is putting their own words in Harvin’s mouth. It has become such a practice of the media that people are starting to really get sick and tired of Percy Harvin even though he has not demanded or even asked to be traded or have Calvin Johnson money…

  23. Harvin wants cash.

    That’s cool. He works hard, shows immense ability, attacks the opponents fearlessly, and makes the Vikings a better team.

    When the likes of Moss, TO or any of many other sports divas, think the team needs them more than they need the team, they become a weight in the locker room. They complain about the qb, the assistants, the blocking, the coordinators, ownership, stupid NFL rules, and the head coach. For a chronically unsatisfied player, the complaints are as common as drunken fans hollering at refs. People call it a cancer, but it’s more like a loose thread in a knitted sweater — unless clipped or mended, everything falls apart. (Remember TO in Philadelphia?)

    If I were the Vikes, I’d find a way to hold a suspension over his head and demand he behaves himself. (Insubordination or pot use come to mind.) If he doesn’t behave, he doesn’t get cut, he also doesn’t get paid.

    This is what Childress should have done with Moss.

  24. Harvin is an amazing talent, but he’s forgetting one enormous difference between himself and Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald: Both Johnson and Fitzgerald are good guys and by all accounts, good teammates. Part of what you get paid for at a job is not being a menace to your teammates.

  25. Brett made him a star…. But has been a pain in the behind every since his departure. Not sure how many teams want to put up with him and his serious headaches which keeps him out of games. He needs to grow up….

  26. Cleveland should land this guy and unload some draft picks from the Julio Jones trade. With Cribbs gone, they could use Harvin as PR/KR and get extra value.

  27. “He also reportedly wants to be paid like Lions receiver Calvin Johnson.”

    I have a hard time believing the credibility of who ever said this.

  28. It’s good for Percy Harvin and his agent to see these kinds of stories.

    Percy Harvin is under contract for just under $3m this year. He can be franchised tagged for 2 years after that. That’s a lot of time to Percy to get his head right and get on-board with the Vikings.

    Rick Speilman has said the Vikings “have no intent” to trade Percy Harvin.

    Translation: The only way Percy Harvin is going anywhere, anytime soon, is for a very rich offer. I’d say a 1st and a 2nd minimum.

  29. Harvin is a very talented player, but his whining will keep him from ever being paid equal to his physical abilities. He will make a lot of money, just not as much money that he could make if more teams coveted his skills without having to accept the head case that comes with those skills.

    Calvin Johnson gets paid what he gets paid because his football skill value is enhanced by his team, and teammate friendly personality. As skilled as Harvin is (and he is all pro skilled), I honestly would rather my team looks elsewhere for WR help.

    It sucks to feel that way, because Harvin would be a huge addition to any NFL team, physically, but pay scale isn’t solely based on physical ability.

  30. Great player all around. WR, KR, RB and wherever else you want to put him but damn he is a pain in the ass! He just wants to get away from Ponder and AP so he can be the featured weapon by a real QB.

  31. At least mediasloppy and oldlineman get it.

    Look at the 2nd post with ALL those thumbs up:

    “Percy is a very good WR – but having the dominant running threat of AP in the backfield helps every aspect of a team’s passing game, I don’t care who the QB is.”

    lol…It helps so much just look at the numbers all receivers not named Harvin put up! Heck, he still led in a couple of categories sitting out a huge chuck of the season.

  32. larry Fitzgerald on a bum cardnials team and he dont act like dat…calvin johnson was on an 0-16 lions team and people still couldnt stop and and he dont act ike dat…p. harvin can play his ass off and not gon get paid like them all cuz of his mouth..SMH

  33. ‘Reportedly’ Harbin could fix his entire NFL career just by reading / understanding and doing what is said in in these comments. Stats may lie, but what about 98.99% out of 200 comments. Truth be told.

  34. The most ironic thing about all of this is that he’s actually put up the best stats of his career with Christian Ponder at QB and not Favre.

  35. Percy– I find it strange that the Vikings actually made the playoffs WITHOUT you and your end of season ankle problem.

    Now you want Calvin Johnson-like money? GET REAL!

    The Vikings are probably the only reason you were drafted in the first round– Remember all those teams that passed on you?.. And like this article says, several had you off their draft board completely.

    You’re more comparable to Jeff George than Calvin Johnson!

  36. Wow… I see that alot (if any) of you people live in Minnesota. While Percy “may” be a pain, he has also been carrying a huge share of the load for this team offensively BECAUSE they have now WR’s and the QB situation here is… “crap” at best. This guy, plays WR… RB… some TE… PR and KR… name one other player in the league who does all that… maybe Devin Hester.

    Sure I think he could and should handle things differently, but all I see here is people reacting to Florio and his “bash the player” style of BS writing. Typically I wouldn’t care one way or another about these player, much less the Minnesota Vikings, but I think in this case the player does have a case… but not for Calvin Johnson type dollars… he knows he won’t get that type of money… that’s just posturing, someplace to start.

    Florio is a hit man for the league… show me one positive article he’s done.

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