Interest rising in Levitre

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The Bills have been unable to finalize a deal with offensive lineman Andy Levitre.  And while the legal non-tampering tampering period has resulted in a more restrained land rush than expected, several teams are interested.

The compilation of interest comes from the Bills’ official website.

The teams believed to be interested in the four-year veteran include the Titans, Chargers, Bears, and Colts.

The Chargers make sense, as Chris Brown of points out, because Levitre hails from Santa Cruz, California and the Chargers now employ former Bills offensive line coach Joe D’Alessandris.

14 responses to “Interest rising in Levitre

  1. No guard should get the kind of money he will command. The Bills have too many holes to put too many eggs in to one basket. You’ll handicap the teams ability to sign more important players to future contracts. Not to mention cheaper just as capable players like Brandon Moore can do the same thing. Money is what keeps players on teams. There is a cap limit. Put too much in the wrong spots you will not have any! Just ask Oakland and Washington how well they’ve done with that kind of thinking.

  2. As a Bills fan, i’m so torn on this subject.

    On one hand, they have SO many holes that need to be filled and while they aren’t cash strapped – they don’t have the money they had last year. And the amount of money he’s going to command would seriously handicap them when it comes to other positions of need. It’s hard to justify for someone who plays Guard.

    On the other hand, he’s probably the most valuable piece of their offensive line. Although, he’s a Guard, he’s played literally every position on their line at different points. He’s probably the most versatile offensive lineman i’ve ever seen. He’s worth what he’ll garner and i’d hate to see him go.

  3. Nice, durable guard. Not worth the money he’s going to get. Especially on a team that has more holes to plug than I care to count. 100 million on Mario and 10 million on Fitz isn’t helping either. Perhaps if they didn’t fail on Maybin you wouldn’t have to overspend on guys like Mario 2-3 years down the road. Poor drafting will eventually get you at some point.

  4. NEWS FLASH!! “Per a source with knowledge” there is interest in one of the best guards in free agency. Stay tuned for other possible news that that those drafting in the top 10 would trade a 4 th round pick for Tim Brady!!

  5. @brassknuckles47:
    Because A.J. “My way or the highway” Smith is gone and Telesco is trying to build a football team, not a kingdom to rule over. $8 mil is too much, but if that’s what the market bears, than the Bolts may pick him up.

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