Jared Gaither staying in San Diego for the moment

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A couple of weeks ago, new Chargers General Manager Tom Telesco said that he wanted to speak to T Jared Gaither himself before making any decisions about Gaither’s role on the team in 2013.

Telesco didn’t get a chance to speak to Gaither face-to-face, but he was able to have a phone conversation with the tackle who played just four games in San Diego last season because of injury. While that wasn’t his preferred way of chatting with Gaither, Telesco said that there’s no imminent change in Gaither’s status with the team.

“At least I got a chance to talk to him at length and get a feel for him,” Gaither said, via the San Diego Union-Tribune. “I wasn’t here last year, so kind of get his side of what happened last year. Nothing new with him right now. Nothing imminent right now.”

Gaither is set to count $6.5 million against the cap in 2013, but cutting him wouldn’t provide much savings to the Chargers. He’ll count $6 million against the cap if he does get a pink slip, something that helps his chances of sticking around since it would likely cost the Chargers more than $500,000 to find someone who can play left tackle without risking quarterback Philip Rivers’ health.

10 responses to “Jared Gaither staying in San Diego for the moment

  1. The Ravens let this guy go because he was always hurt. He plays 1/2 a good season in SD and gets paid. Then there he is hurt again….

  2. This guy has the talent to be the best T in football,,,of course he prefers not to play & only get paid. Not even John Harbaugh’s could motivate him

  3. Of course he’s staying in San Diego, his injury keeps him from traveling.

    Amazing how San Diego chose to ignore Gaither’s history when they signed him.

  4. The Chargers shouldn’t have signed Gaither in the first place.

    When the GM/HC are on the hot seat, that is when stupid risky moves are made. They have nothing to lose, because if things don’t work out, the idiotic moves that are made become the new GM’s/HC”s problem.

  5. MTLighthouse69 says: Mar 10, 2013 10:23 AM

    The Chargers shouldn’t have signed Gaither in the first place.
    They have the same problem with Meachem. 14M guaranteed, 6.875M cap hit this year, 10.625M in dead money. That one looks like an Al Davis deal.

  6. Telesco is under the microscope. If he keeps Gaither around – whatever the cost – he loses the front office (who hates Jared), the lockroom and the fans. Let’s see how smart a guy he really is…..

  7. I’m sure Telesco will be talking to Rivers, Hardwick, Weddle and obviously D’Alessandris about this. Money says bring him back, when he’s on the field there’s not many better. Having said that, if the players have lost respect, then he’s gotta go.

  8. Telesco doesn’t really have a choice but to keep him around this season…cutting him is just too much of a cap hit. You might as well keep him around as a backup, or hope he can get back on the right trip.

    But if Gaither keeps this up for another season, you can bet he’s gone (same goes for Meachem too, both of their contracts are very front-loaded).

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