Pat White working to make the most of second chance


It’s easy to suggest that former Dolphins draft bust Pat White was simply ahead of his time.

But as he prepares to take advantage of the success of other smaller, mobile quarterbacks by working out at West Virginia’s pro day in hopes of an NFL return, White knows it’s not as simple as having bad timing.

“I wouldn’t say I was a little ahead of my time. I just wasn’t prepared for my time,” White told Sports Illustrated’s Andy Staples.

While White has every bit of the running ability of Robert Griffin III or Russell Wilson or Colin Kaepernick, the reality is that’s not what kept him from succeeding in the NFL the first time through. He also admitted he might not have put in the requisite work when he was stuck behind Chad Pennington and Chad Henne in Miami.

“I was in there watching the same amount of tape as the other quarterbacks, but I wasn’t as knowledgeable as those guys,” White said. “When they left, I should have stayed another hour.”

Toward that end, he’s now working with quarterback tutor George Whitfield to try to become a better thrower of the football, which is the only thing that will get him back in the league. He’ll work out for NFL scouts, hoping to attract some attention and a second chance in a more favorable climate.

“More coaches are being more and more open to [the zone read],” White said. “Maybe I was a couple of years early. But I have an opportunity now, so I need to make the most of it.”

The success of others is buying that chance for him, but whether he does anything with that chance will depend on his ability to refine his game.

20 responses to “Pat White working to make the most of second chance

  1. I remember being excited when the Fins drafted him… fast forward to that Steelers game when he died on the field and my excitement turned horror. Rest in peace Patrick Bartholomew White III.

  2. He has the right attitude, at least. Getting into the NFL is incredibly difficult. Getting a second chance after being cast away is near impossible. I hope he keeps working hard gets is chance. Good luck to him.

  3. Hey man I wish him the best. He’s putting in the time and hard work. Hopefully it pays off for him.

    At least he didn’t give up, get a regular job and then wonder his whole life “what if”

  4. Actually you can coach reading defenses. I think you have that mixed up with ” You can’t coach speed”. If a coach said he couldn’t teach a player to read the other teams formations, that coach would be sh**canned first thing Monday morning. Whether a players chooses to learn that’s on him but the help is there.

  5. People like to hate on the read-option and call it a gimmick. But the reason Wilson & Kaep had so much sucess last year was because they read defenses well and are good passers–things Pat White did poorly. So while those two will never be ‘figured out’ by defensive coordinators because if their skill as passers, White will have to prove he is a functional QB and not just a fast guy.

  6. Someone should give this guy another chance, maybe he’s learned something finally. I just watched a bunch of his highlights on YouTube and he’s got more moves than Ex-Lax.

  7. What to say about Pat white. His problem was not ability it was fear. So I doubt seriously after being knocked out. That he will bounce back from that. He’s a petite football player and what many refer to as soft. Survival in college is possible but not in the NFL. Real players will draw to fear like a heat seeking missile as evidenced by the KO he endured

  8. As a Dolphin fan I think I have every right to say something snarky about Pat…but that level of maturity, humility and honesty is commendable.

    Ryan Leaf and JaMarcus Russell could learn a lesson from Pat White.

    Still…I think he’s a minor league baseball player, not an NFL QB.

  9. To admit you had a chance and screwed up is very important…to be down and have to scratch your way up shows much character…now he has to work twice as hard to prove to everyone he belongs…wait and see.

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