Report: Redskins, Nick Sundberg agree on four-year deal


The Redskins made it clear that they held long snapper Nick Sundberg in high regard when they gave him the designation to return from injured reserve after he broke his arm in the season opener last season and they made it even clearer on Sunday.

Rich Campbell of the Washington Times reports that the team and Sundberg have agreed to terms on a four-year contract. Sundberg, who was set to become a restricted free agent, has been with the team since the 2010 season and he wound up returning in time to snap in the final seven regular season games and the playoff loss to the Seahawks.

Sundberg broke his arm during the first half of that Week One game against the Saints, but he earned the respect of many by remaining in the game and snapping despite the snapped bone in his arm. It was a rare moment when a long snapper gained attention for something other than botching an exchange.

The Redskins have spent the last few days keeping their players off the open market. They’ve re-signed guard Kory Lichtensteiger and reached deals with restricted free agents Logan Paulsen, Darrell Young and Rob Jackson.

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  1. Once again, taking care of their own. Last year was no fluke. The REDSKINS will own the division for the next decade.

  2. No draft picks, no cap room, patchwork roster from a impatient and meddling owner…

    Throw in a major injury prone QB…

    Don’t call me a hater

  3. Thank the idiot owner for destroying RGIII. That field killed any chances for the Redskins competing for a championship. Obviously an organization of penny pinching idiots.

  4. Giants will be ready…as will the rest of the league…but so will the Skins. RGIII is a freak to the tune of AP, he likely will be also…the guy is an olympic hurdler. If not, Cousins looks decent and could fill in for a bit pretty well probably. Either way, after this coming season it will be a stout team for a long time with a young roster, young franchise qb, rb, wr, lt, olb, draft licks, and loads of cap room. Given the last two decades, I would take that any day…one more year is something Skins fans are very accustom to.

  5. For the 100th time, RG3 was hurt scrambling against Baltimore. Not due to the field. He was trying to continue to play. He already had a partially torn LCL and ACL before the playoff game. It was not the owner’s fault. Skins are a cheap team? That tells me that some fans are idiots.

  6. Why run so many running plays for your qb just for him to get a ACL and a meniscus tear that’s just stupid when your qb can actually throw

  7. For the folks who keep cracking RG3 jokes, know this: even if RG3 were in a wheelchair, he could still beat your crappy teams with his arm alone. Laugh it up now – it will make the pain of seeing the ‘Skins knock your team out of the playoffs – again – a little easier to take.

    The ‘Skins have been making good, prudent moves so far. All the guys who they’ve signed are blood and guts guys who work their tails off and have great attitudes. The type of guys who make up the foundation of any good football team. Good job!

  8. all right … the Skins have locked-up their long-snapper; time to upgrade those season tickets!

  9. fanz928

    Your comment might hold more water if quarterbacks haven’t been repeatedly getting killed while standing in the pocket for generations. We all know that a QB who can take off and run has a great advantage in escaping danger over those who can’t.

    And as far as running options like the zone-read and the pistol are concerned, well those plays are here to stay for a while; its the wave of the future. Griffin, Wilson & Kaepernick showed the league how difficult those options are to defend.

    Now many teams will think about incorporating them, at least on a limited basis. College guys like Geno Smith are going to be given every chance to succeed by some teams next year, and when Johhny Manzell, who may be the ultimate pass/run QB, enters the league all bets will be off.

    Having a player who can run the zone-read AND pass well gives a team a weapon it would be foolish not to exploit.

  10. I feel this team is finally on the right track…Resigning all these guys who play important roles is keeping the foundation solid for years to come. Hopefully they can keep Lorenzo Alexander too…If they lose Fred Davis, which it sounds like they will, I think they can overcome that fairly easily…Time will tell, but I think when the geniuses come out in August with their predictions, I think they will have the Redskins favored, which hasn’t been the case in a looooooong time

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