Report: Revis camp wants resolution ASAP

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Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis has started running on a treadmill, a big step forward in his recovery from a torn ACL.

His camp would like to see his soap opera with the Jets take a big step forward as well. Rich Cimini of reports that Revis’ camp wants a resolution on Revis’ status, i.e. a resolution on whether or not he’ll be traded, as soon as possible. Revis and company fear that the cornerback market could dry up as free agents like Sean Smith and Aqib Talib land new contracts, so they would like to see something happen sooner rather than later.

Cimini thinks the Jets might see that as an advantage if they still hold out hope of signing him to a new deal on terms friendly to the team, although any course of action that involves holding onto Revis into the summer and/or next season also ratchets up the risk of losing him with no compensation after the 2013 season.

Teams who do wind up spending big money on cornerbacks once free agency opens are going to be unlikely landing spots for Revis in a trade this offseason, although continued progress in his rehabilitation should ensure that there’s enough interest to keep the trade fires burning even after Smith, Talib and others get paid.

38 responses to “Report: Revis camp wants resolution ASAP

  1. He isn’t going anywhere. He is going to play out his contract then hit the open market.

  2. The Jets need to tell Revis: you are under contract, we expect you to show up, we require no management input on how we run the team

  3. The CB market must really be down if Sean Smith is headlining the group. Hes not bad at covering but when it comes to intercepting or tackling rbs you’ll get a good chuckle.

  4. I’m sure the Jets are acting as quickly as possible to appease the representatives of a player they want to trade. Revis needs to come back down to earth anyway and stop acting like it’s two or three years ago when he was probably the best defensive player in the NFL. He’s not in much of a position to dictate anything. If the free agent dollars dry up so be it. Nobody even knows if Revis can run yet. Talib and Smith aren’t exactly chopped liver, and they aren’t coming off of a major injury. A team would be getting a high caliber corner in free agency for no players or draft picks. A better option for the buyer.

    A lot of players are about the money, but Revis is ALL about the money.

  5. It shouldn’t be a difficult concept to understand. Revis is a Jet until he is traded, released or his contract expires. Revis has no market because he is not a free agent; the Jets have the market in a trade. Maybe if he was more of a team player he might enjoy a better atmosphere right now.

  6. In Revis’ defense, it is massive unprofessional for a team to openly shop a player, get called on it, and then pretend nothing is happening. Doing it to one of the best players in the league makes it worse.

  7. the only party who is in trouble here are the jets. revis will hit the jackpot with the jets or with a different team. the jets might gamble toooo much here. because if the let him play one more year they get nothing for him. and the jets need more draft picks.

  8. Considering he’s a guy coming off knee surgery who’s progressed so “far” as to actually being able to run on a treadmill, that’s awfully big talk coming from his “camp”.

    Personally, I don’t care what his agent, handlers, hangers-on, and family think. The real question is what HE thinks.

    Not that it really matters. clarencewhorley is right–he’s under contract, his job is to rehab, get in shape, show up, and play. I won’t comment on how they run the team, though.

  9. Revis island is sinking fast. As long as the Jests have Airbag Rexy and Sanchez as a “pretend” quarterback the Jets are never unseating the Patriots as King’s of the Hill.

  10. The beginning of the end for Darrelle Revis. Man is selling 2010 to a team living in 2013.

    Good luck. Make sure you pat Jerome Harrison on the arse as you pass by.

  11. The price for Revis is going to be driven down the longer it goes, if the Jets really want to move him they better do it before Tuesday.

  12. The jets should trade him for some well established nfl players instead of picks because as we’ve all seen over the years the jets aren’t exactly the best at drafting guys.

  13. Revis can’t dictate anything. He can’t holdout. There is a clause in his contract. If he misses one day, it adds years to his contract. Jets can’t really trade him until he gets back on the field. Teams will not give up a lot, when he hasn’t played. Plus you have to pay the guy. When healthy, Revis is worth a bunch of picks. The Jets might have to wait until the fall. But Revis has no leverage.

  14. The JETS have no choice but to trade Revis. Their cap space situation is so bad and they have zero draft leverage to help rebuild. If someone were willing to put a 2nd and 3rd for him they’ll need to take it. They won’t like it but they have to take it. AND teams know this!

  15. Jets fans shouldn’t worry.

    I’m sure this will all be handled calmly and professionally, without any circus-like atmosphere, because that’s what the Jets are known for.

  16. Here is a simple statement of fact all you readers should think about.
    Boldin undoubtedly played a large part in finishing off the Patriots on the road and sealing the deal in the Super Bowl. He signed a contract to pay him $6 million this year. His team is threatening him with being CUT for his reward.
    Revis has a signed contract for this year. The only reason he may not make $5o million dollars in the next 3 years is HE TORE UP HIS KNEE.
    These people have a finite time to make money with a skill that diminishes rapidly.
    The people making the financial landscape for them, have as their job, HOW DO I MAKE MONEY.
    By using up human resources to make money, how on earth can anyone who is not suffering from Stockholm Syndrome or a billionaire themself siding with the owners on anything?
    Do any of you wonder what it’s like to have a billion dollars and still have people stick up for your lying and cheating ways, EVEN THOUGH THEY HAVE NO MONEY THEMSELVES?
    I just don’t get people sometimes, but I’ll just go out for a ride in my new Tesla while I stick up for the players.

  17. I keep hearing how players have a limited window to make money, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

    The limitation they have is to make obscene amounts of money. Even if they play until they’re 40, they still have plenty of time to earn a living before retirement age for most people.

    You’ll never find me feeling sorry for guys who think it’s a right to make enough money by the time they’re 30 to be able to maintain a lavish lifestyle for the remainig 40-50 years of their lives while most of the rest of us have to work 50+ hours a week to enjoy luxuries like food, shelter and education for our kids.

    I don’t feel sorry for the financial woes of billionaire owners either, but we need to stop portraying the players as representatives of the Third Estate rising up against their economic oppressors.

  18. I hope Revis is running backwards on the treadmill. It’s really hard to rehab a torn ACL if you are a defensive back.

  19. Oh so now that the Jets have all the cards he wants to know what’s up RIGHT NOW. I say tell him to go screw himself and they have until the trade deadline during the season to make a decision. He’s an awesome talent but the BS is just too much.

  20. As a jets fan who was once smitten with revis, I’m tired of his bs, acting like he gets to call all the shots. Hey buddy, you’re under contract. You signed it yourself. The jets can do whatever they please with you. I wouldn’t complain if they traded him, I just hope they get something solid for him in return.

  21. Jets should find a way to keep Revis – as they need to keep some part of their team in tact. Seriously, Jets are headed for some very bad seasons if they don’t keep some of their built-up talent. There is no good reason to get rid of Revis other than contract…and I would take Revis over paying some other guys on the Jets squad who are overpaid.

    The Jets will never get a proper trade at this point. Overall doesn’t it seem this year teams are changing the way they spend money?? Apart from Ravens, this is like the VET dump year.

  22. He’s done. He’s got a busted knee. Let him walk and be a well paid average corner. Hey Darrelle let me know how those cuts work out with the trick knee. Hahahahaha!!!!

  23. Jets hold all the good cards here when it comes to dealing with Revis. If Revis wants a new contract the Jets can say “Go screw” because they know if Revis holds out one day his contract becomes guaranteed for 3 years at a reasonable price. Granted Revis can come to camp and fake injuries to protest, but every fake injury or time off the field only drives down the asking price on his next salary. Revis should have never signed that contract with Mr. T because the Jets know they got him by his balls. The only 2 options for Revis are shut your mouth and get traded or show up for camp. If the Jets decide not to trade him and he gets hurt well we will call you Robert Edwards the II.

    I love it that Revis is getting screwed here. I hope the Jets don’t trade him and he has to play 16 games on a rebuilding team with the threat of injury only a play away. Serves you right.

  24. pats are king of the hill? What hill? best team in October hill, i guess. pats run is done, they just don’t know it yet. As Brady Ages, they will continue to slip into mediocrity. There are no more big plays from the offense.

  25. Jets would not have 1 more game with Revis last year. D was still #2 against the pass following the injury. He will be a great player again, he’s only 28, just not in NY. Jets need to acquire more talent through the draft, like Wilkerson and Coples. Revis is a hangover to a negative lockeroom, time to move on.

  26. “Any player who has a “camp” is trouble. A player’s “camp” should be his team.”

    Ha! Good one.

  27. His value will only go up the closer to training camp we get as he showcases his recovery and ability to be & move on the field. Time and leverage is on the Jets side right now if they are planning on playing this out till then, but once the season starts the table will slowly turn if a deal hasn’t been done one way or the other. If they are going to deal him probably best to do it before the draft.

    Very tough call for management on which way to play it!

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