Revis doesn’t want trade, hasn’t negotiated with Jets

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Our most recent item regarding the Darrelle Revis situation springs from the apparent report by Rich Cimini of that Revis wants to be traded by the Jets as soon as possible.

Per a source close to Revis, that’s not the case.

(Given that Cimini has since added the words “I think” at the outset of his article, Cimini apparently has gotten that same message.)

The source insists Revis doesn’t wanted to be traded, hasn’t asked to be traded, and has never at any time during his career in New York intimated directly or indirectly a desire to be sent to a new team.

This doesn’t change the fact that the Jets are trying to move him.  So if Revis doesn’t want to be traded, the question becomes why do the Jets want to trade him?

Multiple schools of thought currently are making their way through the NFL grapevine on this point.  First, the Jets have grown tired of the Revis routine, and they have chosen to not even try to negotiate a new deal with him.  Second, they prefer trading him to seeing him sign in 2014 with the Patriots, Giants, Dolphins, or Bills.  Third, they don’t want to pay him quarterback money.  Fourth, owner Woody Johnson doesn’t want to pay Revis or anyone significant money, quarterback or otherwise.

The second and third options are undermined by the reality that, per the source, there have been no negotiations on a new contract for Revis — at any time.  Last year, when Revis was contemplating another holdout, there were no talks.  Before that, there we no talks.  Since then, there have been no talks.

While the two sides disagree on whether Johnson and the Jets agreed to give Revis a long-term deal two or three seasons after Revis signed his four-year deal in 2010, the fact remains that there have been no discussions aimed at making Revis the NFL equivalent of Derek Jeter in New York.  Per the source, that’s something Johnson specifically promised to Revis.

With no attempt to negotiate Darrelle’s Derek Jeter deal, it can’t be that the player’s demands scared Johnson away.  Sure, there’s a chance that Johnson assumes Revis will want too much.  But how can anyone know that without asking?

Thus, if the Jets ultimately trade Revis without negotiating with him, the reasonable interpretation will be that Johnson decided that he no longer wanted Revis on the team, or that Johnson doesn’t want to pay significant money to any player.

Either of those explanations aren’t likely to make the Personal Seat License holders happy, or to persuade others to buy any of the remaining unsold PSLs.

38 responses to “Revis doesn’t want trade, hasn’t negotiated with Jets

  1. Woody has finally had enough of MEvis selfishness and greed.
    Woody is basically telling MEvis and his “camp” to Eff off.

    I wish more owners would finally see the light and do the same. It would send a strong signal and end the antics of those such as MEvis, Chris Johnson, T.O. , Harvin, etc.

  2. Johnson has never been shy to open up his checkbook, that’s definitely not the reason.

    I think it’s obvious that they don’t want to pay a CB coming off a serious injury 16 million per year when you can get multiple draft picks for him during a rebuilding year. Simple as that, no need to speculate further.

  3. Why does Woody have a hot blonde wife is a more interesting story than this one……..

  4. Revis is a great player, but.

    Teams can’t be competitive paying out to one player an enormus sum of money. This factor is going to be evident from this years free agency. A lot of players are going to be disappointed.

    I hardly ever agree with the Jets management. However this time i believe they are correct. He will just be another side show to the circus if they try to retain him.

    Trade him and move on.

  5. I would be pissed if my team traded for him. It’s all about him… he will Hi-Jack his new team for a new contract even if he’s just in his 2nd year of a 4 year contract. No thank you.

  6. Im a Giants fan and we no to a certain extent what Jets fans are going through with Revis. Since we had our own Prima Donna that threatened to hold out every other year for a new contract….. “Here’s looking at you OSI”…(although he is not on Revis level talent wise)

    I think its better to cut the cord and get some compensation(draft picks) for Revis who’s been holding the team hostage almost every year with potential holdouts.

    BUT with that said the Jets will NEVER win anything with Woody Johnson as there owner…HE is the Fred Wilpon of the NFL.

  7. I don’t know if a corner like Revis is needed in a cover 2 scheme like the Vikings run, but he certainly can’t hurt. Harvin for Revis and conditional draft picks based on how he comes back from a torn ACL. Both teams need help at those positions and both have players that need a change of scenery.

  8. It’s the Jets. Does anyone really care what they do with their players or what happens to their team?

  9. It is amazing how the media has portrayed Revis.

    Revis never talks and never said anything. But the media implys and suggest and guesses and all those things get tagged to Revis. Unlike most players he does not trash talk and brag or seek out publicity. he spends his off season not only working on his game but helping the other Jets DBs with their game. He has Helped Wilson work at least 2 off seasons and has helped Cromartie tremendously.

    He is one of the 2 best CBs to ever play the game and arguably the best of all time. Because he simply wants to get paid his worth suddenly makes him a bad guy. I guess that makes everyone in the NFL if not on the planet bad people.

    If you want to talk about outspoken bad guys I would start and end with Woody Johnson.

  10. Tuesday can’t get here fast enough. All this speculation is dull. It’ll be nice to see some things actually happen. You know? happen.

  11. you’ve just reported something definitive based on a wisp of air, just as cimini did. it’s funny. i haven’t bothered to keep track of the options or their numbers. but a fundamental assumption is that the jets have assumed revis wants a boatload of money without even asking him. step back. you have to be able to see that that’s bizarre.
    the jets have asuumed he wants a boatload of money because he does. and he DESERVES it. jets do not have it (caproom) so they will try to trade him and get h walkeresque compensation for watching him go. or at least find out how close they can get with a guy in his contract situation and injury uncertainty.

  12. Trade him away. Too much trouble and money for à luxury position. Only Niners, Tampa and Atlanta can benefit from having him on the team and would be worth the drama.

  13. MEvis is like T.O. You can never make them happy. They have a constant need for attention. The only two things MEvis loves is money, and more money.

  14. Why would ANY team give any hgih picks for a guy coming off an ACL with uncertain ability to return to top form AND have to pay a cornerback $16 million a year…just crazy.
    The Jets are just STUCK with a bad decision.

  15. Bull–it. C’mon Woody’s gonna have to pay somebody sometime. He can’t keep getting players, developing them and then letting them walk after they’ve acquired some knowledge and take that talent to a winning team. Woody is going to have to break down at some point, why not start with this guy? I’m not saying give him what he wants, but dayum, at least talk to the dude.

  16. I don’t think you need to talk to Revis to know what he wants and what he’s likely to do. You have his history and his public statements to help you along.

    He’s always going to want every last penny he can squeeze out of a team, which is fine, but I can see where the Jets don’t really need that at this point in time. They need to rebuild.

  17. The Jets need to rebuild and need to stock up on draft picks. They need to get rid of Revis and Butthead (Mark Sanchez)!!

  18. Oh, and a simple question about this “Woody is too cheap to pay anyone” angle. He’s paying the max or close to the max salary permitted under the cap, so it makes no difference to his bottom line whether Revis gets $2 mil or $22 mil.

  19. “The source insists Revis doesn’t wanted to be traded, hasn’t asked to be traded, and has never at any time during his career in New York intimated directly or indirectly a desire to be sent to a new team.”

    Revis was recently quoted as saying that playing for the 49ers would be ‘awesome’ which directly intimates that he would welcome a trade out of NY.

    Revis’ camp is obviously in damage control mode now after realizing NFL teams will be leery of renting a player who’ll seemingly never be satisfied.

  20. No scoop here. This article is more of the same back & forth speculation. Why don’t you wait till you actually have something substantial to report.

    Nothing I’ve read here I can actually sink my teeth into!

  21. Rumor De Jour, brought to you by the whichever way the wind blows and Florio.

    Wake me up in July. This year round NFL season bull is getting old.

  22. Mr. iknoweverything actually mentioned T.O. Uh, in case you didn’t KNOW he’s been gone for a couple years now. This guy is about as overrated as T.O. was though.

  23. Derek Jeter never threw a fit at the Yankees. He negotiated in good faith and kept his end of the deal, and the Yankees paid him.

    I do not think this comparison, whether intended to be meant bad/good is a very accurate one.

    I do not even think Reev is as important to the NYJ as DJ has been to the Yankees. Nor ever will be.

  24. I get the hole: Its just business. But there is a point where you put business so high on your list, that it hurts your reputation, your play and your team. Revis needs to decide if he goes for the money or for the ring.
    I now what I would choice. You can easily lose your money, but newer lose the right to say you are a SB champ (maybe MVP)!
    …and its not like he has to work for free to get on a SB team. If you need money later, you can always go into broadcasting.

  25. Pay the man. He’s the best CB in the game today and Richard Sherman knows it too, or he wouldn’t have brought his name up, so Pay the man. He completely shuts off one half of the field, so Pay the man. Any team in the NFL will cut a guy, regardless of his contract and he’s out of luck unless it’s guaranteed, so Pay the man what he’s owed. I don’t blame Revis one bit. If I were the hands down best CB in the league and I knew I basically have one chance to get paid and any team would cut me when it was advantageous to them, then I would do what is advantageous to me; so Pay the man.

  26. whatnojets says:
    Mar 11, 2013 8:12 AM
    There will never be an athlete in the same class as Derek Jeter!!


    Who is this Derek Jeter and which football team does he play for? Is this Jeter fellow in the upper crust class with greats like Larry Bird, Gary Carter, Mario Lemieux or a Walter Payton?

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