Revis trade bogged down by disconnect between Jets, agents

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The Jets want to trade cornerback Darrelle Revis.  Revis doesn’t want to be traded.

And that’s enough to keep a trade from happening.

Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports fills in the obvious blanks created by the broad philosophical divide, reporting that the lack of cooperation between the Jets and the player’s agents is making it harder to make something happen.

“If I’m making this deal, there’s a lot of stuff I need to know,” an unnamed NFC team executive told Cole.  “I need to know if he’s healthy.  I need to know if he wants to play for us.  I need to know if I’m going to get a long-term deal or is this one year and we’ll see.

“But I talk to the Jets and they’re like, ‘OK, what are you offering?’ I can’t begin to figure it out.”

That’s why, as Cole explains, the Jets won’t get anywhere until they authorize interested teams to talk to the agents about a new contract.  Otherwise, the Jets will be able to move Revis only with a deal that would entail conditional picks based on whether Revis eventually is signed to a new contract.

But the Jets should want Revis to be signed to a new contract.  If his new team treats it as a one-year rental, the chances of Revis resurfacing in 2014 with the Patriots, Giants, Bills, or Dolphins will be the same as it would be if the Jets kept Revis for 2013.

Complicating matters is the torn ACL from which Revis is recovering.  How can a team make a major investment without knowing whether and to what extent Revis will be the same player he was before the knee injury?

Of course, there’s a chance that the Jets will eventually move the process to a different phase, allowing contact on a new contract after trimming the truly interested teams from the window shoppers.  And that phase could come after next week’s league meetings, when all of the owners and General Managers and coaches will be in the same place at the same time.

12 responses to “Revis trade bogged down by disconnect between Jets, agents

  1. The trade situation is not bogged down by the Jets and Revis agents not talking. It’s bogged down by the Jets cap situation, Revis knee and the fact that he can’t be franchised in 2014.

    After you get by all that stuff *then* you can start thinking that lack of communication might be contributing also.

  2. I’m confident the Jets will handle this well. After all, I can’t think of a more functional, well managed team than the Jets.

    If anyone can handle these sensitive situations well, it’s Rex Ryan and Woody Johnson, without a doubt.

  3. Mike, do you know if there is language in his contract saying “only the jets cannot franchise tag him” or is the language vague in saying any team holding his contractual rights cannot use the franchise tag on him?

    Might be vital information for a team interested in acquiring his services?

  4. Even though he is less talented they would get a lot lot further trying to trade Cromartie instead. Seeing its the jets though the reasons they haven’t figured that out are glaringly obvious

  5. The Jets operate from a position of fear. They can’t even let Tebow go never mind trade Revis. They care more about how they look than how they play, and, in doing so, look like fools.

  6. It’s so funny how an unnamed NFC team executive can make an idiot feel like he’s something more than he is, while the trolls march them down Main St.

  7. Drop the Pats from your list of potential suitors. There’s no way Billy B ties up 20% of his cap money on a cornerback. Any cornerback.

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