Teams get a positive medical report on Jarvis Jones


Teams interested in drafting Georgia linebacker Jarvis Jones have likely been looking into his medical condition for some time and now they have a new, positive report to consider.

Jones left USC after getting diagnosed with spinal stenosis, a narrowing of the spine that makes sufferers more susceptible to injury, and several teams had reportedly dropped him from their draft boards for the same reason. Jones has said he was misdiagnosed by doctors for the Trojans and that he has had no issues after transferring to Georgia.

It’s a position that got some support from orthopedist Craig Brigham, who examined Jones and issued a report to NFL teams refuting the notion that Jones has ever had a serious condition. According to Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune, Brigham “concluded that Jones either had a very mild incident of spinal cord concussion or merely a stinger that has long since resolved” and that Jones should be “cleared to play without restriction.”

That doesn’t mean that all the red flags around Jones will just disappear. Doctors disagree about their diagnoses all the time so teams are going to still have to delve into Jones’ health between now and April. Chances are that someone will feel his talent is worth the risk, but the big question will be at what point they decide that the risk/reward ratio swings in their favor when it comes to selecting Jones.

7 responses to “Teams get a positive medical report on Jarvis Jones

  1. I hadn’t heard the misdiagnosis angle before. That is potentially huge. He’s easily a top 5 talent, maybe #1 overall in this draft, if he doesn’t have stenosis.

  2. I don’t understand why this is being touted as a ‘new’ positive medical report. Dr Craig Brigham is the same doctor who already gave Jones a clean bill of health at the time of the Combine.

    Here is Chris Mortensen’s Twitter post from Feb 24: ‘Georgia’s Jarvis Jones did get favorable review on neck (stenosis) from Dr. Craig Brigham (neck, spine specialist), per various teams.’

    Basically the same ‘leading orthopedist’ who said weeks ago that Jones is cleared to play is being referenced again. No-one else has been publicly consulted and nothing whatsoever has changed. It’s still up to NFL teams to make their own individual medical assessments.

  3. Good news, easily the most dominant player on the defensive side of the football that I saw in college this year, even more than Clowney. Not saying he’ll be as good as Clowney overall but he seems like a Von Miller like player in the NFL.

  4. Anyone can suffer neck and spinal issues playing football, with or without spinal stenosis. If it were a serious case of the stenosis, he would not have been cleared at all this past season.

  5. Over-reacting to past injuries is how Gronk dropped all the way to the second round. If this dude has serious talent, he’s worth the risk.

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