Anquan Boldin gets his full $6 million salary

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Anquan Boldin’s desire to make every penny of the $6 million he was scheduled to make in 2013 contributed to his departure from Baltimore in Monday’s trade to the 49ers.

Boldin no longer has to worry about taking a pay cut. He’ll be making the full $6 million with the 49ers, which isn’t particularly surprising given the events that led to his acquisition. The Niners weren’t likely to surrender a sixth-round pick for the right to ask Boldin to take the same pay cut that he refused to take from the team he just helped win the Super Bowl.

The trade won’t be official until Boldin returns from a trip to Africa and takes a physical with the 49ers. Assuming it does go through, the 49ers will likely have already completed the deal sending quarterback Alex Smith to Kansas City, leaving them room to move Boldin’s contract under their cap.

The Ravens will have to wait for the deal to become official to get use of the cap space generated by Boldin’s departure, but shouldn’t be hampered to much in other negotiations — especially if they are with returning players like linebacker Dannell Ellerbe and safety Ed Reed — since they know it will be coming soon enough.

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  1. Win-win trade for both sides, giving Ozzie another 6th rd pick and an additional $7.5m in cap space is like giving a tommy gun to Tony Montana – deadly!

  2. So Spielman almost traded Harvin for Boldin, Victor Cruz and a mid-round 2014 pick. Of course, this would assume that Spielman goes after Cruz with the 1st rounder acquired from Seattle.
    If my reading of Rotoworld’s contract details is right, their existing 2013 deals were similar ($2.77M for Harvin vs. $2.88M for Cruz). Harvin would have required a bump to stay and Cruz will require a bump to pursue.

    Harvin is an amazing talent, but his route tree didn’t exactly push the safeties out of the box. Cruz, on the other hand, has those capabilities.

    So Trader Rick, let’s see you get Cruz or Wallace + a Tier 2 like Danario Alexander and a 3rd wideout like Doucet (KC) or Gibson (Stl). Keep Jarius Wright as your slot and maybe Ponder has a chance. And AD’s “punch in the stomach” will instead turn to dreams of open spaces.

  3. I’d still like the 9ers to redo his deal, give him a nice signing bonus (so he gets his money this year) and then push the rest of it to the back-end of the contract. I’d love to have his 2013 cap hit be under $2 mil if possible. That will leave them enough room to focus on a quality CB (no Revis trade please), resigning Goldson, and signing roster fillers. Haralson will help the pass rush, but they need to focus on that in FA too or in the draft. Aldon can’t be the only one getting back there this year.

  4. That’s what I’m talkin bout..I ain’t no 9er fan but I love when teams have good Front offices..and get better during the off season..Colbert and the Steelers needa take note

  5. $6m is not enough to pay this man. He’s worth more. No Boldin, no Super Bowl for the Ravens. Congrats to the 49ers for stealing him.

  6. I hope Anquan can still to the point where he is HOF bound and then we can see how unethical the writers are when they vote.

    If he’s up for the HOF the writers will likely say “teams got rid of him. The Ravens gave him to their Super Bowl runner up for JUST a 6th rounder” and that might cause him to wait unnecessarily.

    Even when they do not want to take his contract dispute with the Ravens into account.

    If he keeps ballin’ for the next 3-5 years he should be inducted into Canton!!!

    Btw, 2 ex-Ravens were cut by Baltimore because of salary and were enshrined, Shannon Sharpe and Rod Woodson!!! They both had a lot less trouble than what Boldin will likely go through if he’s thought of for the HOF!!!

  7. “I won’t play in another uniform,” Boldin said on the network’s Pro Football Talk. “We have a saying, once a Raven, always a Raven, and I’ll always be a Raven.”

  8. Stop the press why is he going to San Fran. He was to be a Raven or nothing as of Boldin Bold statements. Please don’t tell us another player full of wind as well as himself.

  9. @melikefootball says:Mar 12, 2013 9:03 AM

    Stop the press why is he going to San Fran. He was to be a Raven or nothing as of Boldin Bold statements. Please don’t tell us another player full of wind as well as himself……

    He said that if he got cut, he would retire, clearly he didn’t get cut! So now he can be a 9er and if/when the 9ers cut him he can go back to the Ravens and be a Raven forever!
    Just help us to a SB win in 2013

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